A Complete Comparison Between Zone Vs Rough Country Lift Kits

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What is the difference between Zone and rough country lift kits? They are certainly different in terms of the best application. Zone lift kits are best to use in heavy off-road driving, whereas Rough Country lift kits are best for street driving. Wait, there are some more to explore!

So, there are also many other differences that you can find between these two popular lift kit brands. These include lifting ability, functionality, fitting process, etc. To know details about these differentiating factors, check this article where we have elaborately discussed Zone vs rough country.

Comparing Zone Vs Rough Country

Key PointsZoneRough Country
Lifting ability1 inch to 8 inches0.75 inches to 8 inches
Fitting processLess easy to fitEasier to fit
LongevityHas more longevityHas less longevity
Best useGood for off-road drivingGood for street driving

Now, let’s check the head-to-head comparison between Zone and rough country lift kits.

Comparing Lifting Ability Between Zone And Rough Country

The lifting ability of the Zone offroad suspension lift kits is 1 inch to 8 inches. For the leveling kit, the lifting capability is 1 inch to 3 inches. If you look for a body lift kit, then the lifting ability of the zone body lift kit is 1.25 inches to 3 inches.

On the other hand, the lifting ability of the rough country suspension lift kits is 2 inches to 8 inches. For the leveling kit, it is 0.75 inches to 3 inches. So, comparing the lifting ability between Zone vs rough country leveling kit is almost the same. Also, the Rough country body lift kit has a lifting capability of 1 inch to 3 inches.

Differentiating Best Use

When you think about rough country vs zone lift kits dodge ram, or any other vehicle, the first thing that will pop up into your head is its use. The zone lift kits are generally considered a mid-ground between the rough country and other lift kit brands such as BDS. This brand’s lift kits are specifically made for enthusiasts of sports lifts and off-road lovers.

The zone lift kits are suitable for extreme off-road driving. In addition, they are perfect for 4WD Jeep owners, as they have custom Jeep fits. However, according to many zone lift kit reviews, these kits will be overkill if you do not mostly spend your time off the roads.

On the other hand, rough country lift kits are an excellent option for light off-road driving and street driving. These kits are perfect for road pickups and lifting most trucks. You will want them due to their balanced performance, as these kits can provide good outcomes on both light off-road driving and street driving.

Functionality Differences Between These Two Lift Kits

The Rough Country lift kit’s drop bracket is generally around 5 inches. You will obtain a complete 6 inches lift but will not hold the stock geometry with it. On the other hand, the Zone lift kit does have an entire 6 inches drop bracket and keeps the stock suspension geometry.

That is the reason why people could stack a level on the Zone lift kit without over-stretching the front-end components. According to many F150 truck owners, when comparing Zone vs rough country lift kit f150, they consider the Zone lift kit the winner.

They think that the additional leaf provided by the Zone lift kit is better than the added block provided by the Rough Country lift kit. Also, they feel that adding a leaf is a much better option than putting in a block, and it is because the leaf will provide you with a smoother ride compared to the blocks.

Longevity Differences

When you compare Zone vs rough country ram 2500, longevity is crucial. Zone lift kits have more longevity compared to the Rough Country lift kits. There is a particular reason for this, which is the high-quality FOX shocks that come with the zone suspension lift kits.

FOX shocks are an aluminum beast that drives very smoothly and does not rust as well. The materials used for creating the zone lift kits guarantee a sturdy performance. In spite of being regularly used, these lift kits will continuously deliver satisfying results.

Although Rough Country has moved on from their former terrible iron shocks to the enhanced N3 performance shocks, they cannot match the longevity of the FOX shocks. As a result, after comparing rough country vs zone suspension lift kits for longevity, we find out that the zone suspension lift kits win.

Fitting Process Of Zone Lift Kit Vs Rough Country Lift Kit

If you use a 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 truck, then a 6 inches lift kit is the best choice for you. It will give your vehicle a cooler and more aggressive look. When comparing Zone vs rough country silverado, it is vital to look at their fitting process. The zone lift kits are best for off-road driving but will take more time to install than rough country lift kits.

Their installation will take 8 hours. You will find these lift kits easy to install and suitable for every skill level. You would see some alterations to fuel usage after the installation process. The rough country has made their lift kits in such a way that they are easy to install for anybody of every skill level.

You may use a coil spring compressor for the installation process. Installing a rough country lift kit on a 1998 Jeep Wrangler TJ will take around 7 hours. So, when comparing the fitting process between Zone vs rough country 6 inch lift kit, the Rough Country lift kit is easier to fit as it takes less time.

Comparing Maintenance Between These Two Lift Kits

People who own Duramax trucks have complained about the Rough Country lift kits because their springs had started to sag within a couple of months of driving. They also complained that the rough country shocks and bushings were crappy. As a result, they needed to replace them, and the maintenance cost increased.

However, they have owned the Zone lift kits for around 4 years, and they have not had any problem with them. As a result, the maintenance cost of Zone lift kits was lesser.

So, we can say that when differentiating between Zone vs rough country duramax, Rough Country lift kits needed more maintenance than Zone lift kits.

Price Comparison

When you compare zone lift vs rough country lift kits, you will find out that the price of both zone lift kits and Rough Country lift kits is almost the same. However, Rough Country lift kits can be a little costly compared to Zone lift kits. For example, the 6-inch Rough Country suspension lift kits’ price range from 800$-2700$. On the other hand, the 6-inch Zone lift kits’ price range from 520$-2170$.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who makes Zone lift kits?

FOX Factory company makes Zone lift kits. The parent company of Zone is Sport Truck USA, a Fox Factory company division. All the Zone lift kits are manufactured in the United States of America. Zone Offroad company is the sister company of BDS Suspension which is also a company under FOX Factory.

Is zone lift kits any good?

Yes, Zone lift kits are good. They are built of high-quality materials. Every lift kit is made with an emphasis on a perfect fit, durability, and strength to make sure that the performance is excellent. Zone lift kits will give you a smooth ride. They are ideal for off-road driving. With a lifetime limited warranty and affordable prices, they are an excellent choice for your vehicle.

Does Rough Country make good products?

Yes, Rough Country makes good products. They have a broad range of quality products available for every type of vehicle, including leveling kits and body or suspension lift kits. These products come at a cost-effective, affordable price, and they are long-lasting. Although the reputation of Rough Country products had not been good in the past, they have fixed them now.

Are zone lifts adjustable?

No, zone lifts are not adjustable. However, Zone has adjustable front and rear track bras. These track bars can provide a lift of 1 inch to 4 inches and are available for many vehicle models like Cherokee XJ, Ford F250 Super Duty, and Jeep Wrangler JK. Zone also has adjustable control arms, coil spacer, coil spring spacers, bump stop extensions, and the rear adjustable sway bar link.

Does BDS make Zone lift kits?

No, BDS does not make zone lift kits. BDSSuspension is the sister company of Zone Offroad, and it makes some excellent lift kits. Sport Truck USA, which is a division of Fox Factory company, is the parent company of both Zone Offroad and BDS Suspension. The Fox Factory company makes both Zone lift kits and BDS lift kits.

Final Verdict

Finally, we have come to a conclusion about the differentiation between Zone offroad vs rough country lift kits. Both of them are good. Although Zone lift kits have more positive reviews, the Rough Country lift kits are excellent as well. We will consider Zone lift kits the winner in the clash between Zone vs rough country lift kits.

Zone lift kits are great for off-road driving, whereas Rough Country lift kits are great for street driving. While Rough Country lift kits are easier to fit, Zone lift kits have the upper hand on all other aspects. However, the final pick is yours, and we hope that this article has helped you choose one between them.

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