Weathertech Alloy Cover Vs Lomax Cover- Who Wins the Protection Deal?

The significant difference between the Weathertech Alloy cover and the Lomax top cover is Lomax comes with a solid truck bed cover that is more secured than the Weathertech.

Weathertech Alloy Cover Vs Lomax Hard Fold Cover

Weathertech Alloy Cover

Lomax Hard Folded Cover

Security Facilities
The latching system on the tailgate Locks at 10 points security system
Robust Aluminum made with shiny black finishing 22% strong Aluminum than factory Ford with matte black finish, some with urethane
Vehicle Compatibility
2004-2021 Styleside Ford F-150 trucks, except the utility track system 2004-2021 Styleside Ford F-150 trucks
Warranty Sevice
Limited 1 year/ 3 years of warranty 3 year limited warranty
100 dollar more than Lomax Affordable

Check out the detailed features for a side by side comparison.

Comparing the Design

You may like your truck bed cover to look stylish and durable at a time. Weathertech Alloy cover comes with such a low-profile design without sacrificing quality and durability. The solid tri-fold style with black matte finishing above offers a very sleek look.

Weathertech alloy tri-fold cover sits less than ½ an inch above the truck bed, and that does not make you or others think of it as an aftermarket part. Rather, this truck bed cover consistently matches the stock truck bed appearance and gives quite an OEM outlook.

On the contrary, the Lomax always offers some quality tonneau cover that works as complementary to the OEM look. This also makes some premium quality truck bed cover with low profile design.

Lomax hard tri-fold covers are lightweight but not lags in security concerns by an inch. So, you get here an enhanced look with maximum protection as well.

Both hard tri-fold covers come in various sizes like 5.5 ft and 6.5 ft to meet the truck back areas. Especially, the Ford F-150 series-style side style trucks just feature the exact fit.

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Difference in Material

The material of the truck bed cover plays a vital role in the case of durability and longevity. And so we found both truck bed covers, made of solid Aluminum.

Then what is the difference? The Weathertech comes with Aluminum stuff crafted with top-notch quality vinyl to drag the durability and perfect finishing.

On the other hand, the Lomax truck cover uses high-quality Aluminum with black matte finishing giving an excellent outlook of your truck. On top of this, the Lomax truck cover is lightweight, weighs only 50 lbs, and can load up to 400 lbs that are so finely enough.

Some of the Lomax hard tri-fold covers also come with Urathene finishing that also gives a premium look.

***Best Deal with Lomax 6.6” Access B1020039– Fits Chevy Trucks

It’s textured black matte finishing perfectly matches the OEM truck bed cap. The cover is weather-sealed. No worry about the water draining because it comes with hinges with vinyl coating. And the lightweight features efficiently operate.

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Ease of Use between Weathertech Cover Vs Lomax Cover

After choosing the material and style, the thing that most need to check is the mounting process. Well, when it’s about the truck bed cover, you might need to mount and unmount it several times.

Weathertech alloy cover installation and removal is super easy. It’s lightweight, so you can install it yourself within minutes. You can unmount the cover easily without much hassle.

You don’t need any drilling, and you can install this truck bed cover with storage clips. When you need it, you can access the Weathertech truck bed cover from any side. And the notable fact is you can even clearly see the back while you have the Weathertech cover installed behind.

On the contrary, the Lomax cover is also easy to use. It lets you access the cover using the string latches. Also, there is a built-in handle that helps the cover close conveniently.

So, there is no significant difference when it’s about the usage of the two covers. However, the bolt-on option on the cover rail helps to hold the Lomax cover after installation perfectly.

***Best Recommended: Gator EFX Hard Tri-Fold– 5’10” Fits Chevy Trucks

It also comes with a low-profile design and lightweight. But this cover can also offer UV protection and resistance from scratch and harsh stripes. It’s really inexpensive, and for its straightforward usage, people love it.

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Major Difference On Security

Which bed cover provides more security to the cargo? The Weathertech truck bed cover comes with a clamp-type handle lock on the tailgate that secures the cargo. Again, the Autolatch II latching system adds more protection to the truck bed area.

This truck bed cover features an aerodynamic style but is still lightweight. And so it provides maximum security, and even after closing the cover, you can have visible access to the truck bed.

Moreover, the Weathertech cover has a rubber seal that helps to prevent any vibration and even protection from rough and challenging weather.

On the other side, the Lomax is no less in terms of security. It protects your truck bed with the lash style with weathertight technology. However, you will find no low spots on the truck cover that might pool water.

So, no need to stress if there’s rain during your journey. The rubber seal fully protects the truck bed.

Moreover, both covers feature a locking system on the tailgate and storage clips to secure in position after folding the cover.

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Bak Bakflip MX4 covers are made of hard Aluminum, and when you lock the tailgate, it completely seals the cargo. It can resist any scratch marks and even protects the cover from UV light. More than that, it’s backed by 5 years of warranty service.

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Which One is Worth the Price?

Well, the Weathertech Alloy cover looks like another release of the Lomax hard tri-fold covers. Both covers feature almost the same from material to design, locking system, to easy installation. But when it comes to price, we got to find out that the Weathertech Alloy cover costs $100 more than the Lomax tri-fold cover.

However, the Lomax cover seems to come up with some additional security features, though with 10 point locking system. In the Lomax covers, you can quickly close or open the cover using a simple string hinge.

Still, the Weathertech costs you more due to the shiny look and style.

***Best Deal for- LOMAX G3020099 Hard Tri-Fold with Urethane Black Finishing

It is a robust but lightweight folded cover. The weather-resistant cover comes with 10 points of locking facilities. Also, an automatic dual locking system is available when folded that provides the utmost security.

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What One Should You Pick?

Both feature quite the same and work as complementary for each other. But when it comes to winning the battle for Weathertech Alloy cover vs Lomax hard tri-fold, the Weathertech is at the higher end of price scale

Although the price is not so high as to break your bank, it’s still worth considering it for its style and looks. So, whether you want to have some shinier look with Weathertech or stick to the robust hard tri-fold cover from Lomax, the total choice is up to you.

However, some love the Lomax cover look but get cringed with the hinges. People like them can go for thew Weathertech.

We made some clarity showcasing the major differences, and the rest depends on you that you know which can meet your truck needs without breaking the bank, Of course.


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