Walker Vs Bosal Exhaust: Which Brand To Choose For Your Next Exhaust?

Aren’t you sure what the difference is between Walker and Bosal exhaust? Well, Walker exhausts are constructed with supreme quality, and they’re higher in price. Besides, Walker exhausts last for a longer period.

Bosal exhausts are made with well-engineered quality as well but a little less than Walker. Besides, the price for Bosal exhausts is lower. The tough competition in quality and price is what keeps the Walker vs Bosal exhaust controversy ongoing.

Here we’ve created a direct comparison of both the premium choice brands’ exhaust systems for your better understanding.

The Basic Comparison Of Walker Vs Bosal Exhaust System

Key PointWalker ExhaustBosal Exhaust
Build MaterialGalvanized Steel, Aluminized Steel, and 409 and 304 Stainless SteelMostly Aluminized Steel
Construction QualityTop-notch assuredServes head-to-head quality like Walker
DurabilityRust resistant and durableNon-toxic high end
Available Replacement PartsThe aftermarket parts have more availabilityHard to find aftermarket parts
Customer ServiceGood customer serviceLacks sound customer service
LifespanLonger than BosalLess than Walker
PricePricier than Bosal, comparing similar modelsLower than Walker comparing similar models

Construction Quality Of Walker And Bosal Exhaust System

Walker has been in the exhaust system business since 1930. They’ve gained the credibility of their customers since then because of the quality constructed exhaust system.

They make different types of exhaust units constructed with different materials. You’ll find Walker’s Galvanized Steel, Aluminized Steel, and 409 and 304 Stainless Steel exhaust system.

Among users, the Aluminized Steel constructed exhaust system is more popular till now because of the affordability and durability of the product. The steel goes through hot dips of Aluminum Silicon Alloy, liquefied metal heated, and eventually gets Aluminum and Oxidized Aluminum coating.

Being receptive, they’re more customizable and easy to welding. However, the material is a bit more prone to rusting than stainless steel.

On the other hand, Bosal exhaust systems are also based on Aluminized Steel. The construction is durable and rigid yet makes less noise than other exhaust systems. They follow the O.E. standard and ensure their customers that their exhaust systems are top-notch in all aspects.

Both Walker And Bosal Exhaust Goes Head-to-Head in Efficiency

Walker exhausts are renowned for their top-class engineering and design of the complete exhaust system.

An ideal first-class exhaust system includes a front pipe, elbows, tailpipe, muffler, tubing, flex pipes, and the catalytic converter. And Walker is no different. They maintain minute detail in each part.

The mufflers are mainly made with Aluminized Heavy Gauge Steel which features proprietary planted technology. It also consists of internally welded baffles and bridge-constructed inlets and outlets.

Moreover, the cold flow bench test of Walker exhaust ensured less backpressure up to 30% with their unique design. That’s why you’ll get reduced highway exhaust drones and smoother, better performance.

If you aren’t looking for Aluminized mufflers, don’t worry. You’ll find Stainless Steel mufflers with increased durability from Walker.

The catalytic converter of Walker exhaust is made with Stainless Steel. It gives you enough durability and strength undoubtedly.

One downside of the Walker exhaust system is their Walker pipe is not so resistant in the installation. The pipe will show crimpings when you bend to adjust it.

Compared with Walker exhaust, Bosal exhaust catalytic converters are praiseworthy among all other parts. The material is mixed with steel and plastic, which makes the structure more durable.

Besides, the Catalytic Converter is effective enough in cleaning up harmful emissions.

If you consider Bosal Mufflers, you’ll see they’re more efficient than most other brands. Moreover, you’ll get lower sound levels with their mufflers with no sacrifice in the performance.

When you install the exhaust, the Bosal exhaust pipe bents the way, you want. But you won’t see any crimping on the pipes.

Both Walker And Bosal Exhaust Show Similar Levels of Workability And Quietness

At this point, you can’t jump to a conclusion directly. Both Walker and Bosal exhausts do their job accurately. Besides, the noise reduction technology used in both the exhausts are pretty similar.

The workability level and quietness of the exhausts are why Walker and Bosal are each other direct tough competitors.

Lifespan Doesn’t Differ Between Walker and Bosal Exhaust System

It isn’t wise to compare the whole unit of the exhaust system for an exhaust’s lifespan. The different parts, like the muffler and the catalytic converter, may last for different periods.

But in general, it’s seen from various sources and customer reviews that Walker exhausts last longer than Bosal exhausts.

Models And Fittings Of Walker And Bosal Exhaust

What works best for others might not be suitable for you. That’s why both the companies make their exhausts for different sizes and types of vehicles. An exhaust that suits an SUV may not fit a car.

To meet the most customers’ demands, they make different exhausts. You’ll find varieties of model exhaust from both companies. But, Walker has more available options than Bosal in this case.

Walker ExhaustBosal Exhaust
Universal Fit MufflersExhaust Muffler 229-001
Direct-Fit Pipes163-727 Exhaust Silencer
Universal Pipes750-123 Exhaust Pipe
Ultra® Converters802-453 Exhaust Pipe
Calcat® Converters750-089 Exhaust Pipe

Difference In Price Between Walker And Bosal Exhaust

At this point, hopefully, you’ve understood that both Walker and Bosal have varieties of excellent exhausts to offer you. Now, which one to choose, Walker or Bosal exhaust?

You can’t call one of the great over the other. Choosing one depends on the budget and the price of the exhausts now.

Although both the brand’s exhaust systems are offered at a higher price than most other brands, Walker exhaust systems are slightly more expensive than Bosal exhaust systems.

Walker Exhaust Quiet-Flow 22501 Exhaust  Vs Bosal 284-867 Exhaust

ParametersWalker Exhaust Quiet-Flow 22501 ExhaustBosal 284-867 Exhaust
Product Dimension23.8 x 9.7 x 5 inches‎60 x 10 x 22 inches
Product Weight0.5 Pounds‎14.62 pounds
Built MaterialCorrosion-resistant Stainless SteelAluminized material finish with Steel body
Customer Review“Welded-in and is nice and quiet.”“Easy install on 1986 Toyota long bed 4-wheel drive.”
PriceCheck price on AmazonCheck price on Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is Bosal exhaust made?

Bosal exhaust is originally made in Ypsilanti, MI, Livonia, GA, and Queretaro, Mexico. The supply is done from there all over the world.
They’re one of the lead OEM suppliers to renowned name car making companies like Honda, Subaru, Mazda, and Volvo.

Are Bosal exhausts any good?

Bosal exhausts are definitely good exhaust systems for your car. Generally, their lifespan is a little less than most other renowned brands. Yet, their efficiency makes them win the battle and become a premium choice for exhausts.

Are Walker mufflers any good?

Mufflers are supposed to reduce vehicle emissions and noise in a vehicle. Walker mufflers do the exact job appropriately. Their muffler performance will satisfy you with emission control and noticeable noise reduction.

Final Verdict to Pick The Best Exhaust

We can say Walker vs Bosal exhaust is always an ongoing debate by the end of this article. Both brands make fantastic exhaust units for sure.

No matter whether it is Bosal exhaust or Walker, you need to get the perfect suit exhaust for your vehicle. If you’re on a budget and planning on something that covers you with a good warranty and lasts for a pretty good time as well as a bit cheaper, go for the Bosal exhaust.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more durable and the budget isn’t a matter, the Walker exhaust would be a good fit for you.

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