Truxedo Titanium Vs Sentry Truck Cover Comparison Guide

So, what is the difference between Truxedo Titanium and Sentry cover? The extra Velcro design in the Truxedo Sentry makes it more preferable to the Titanium cover. But there is more to explore that you might not want to miss.

Have a check on the detailed comparison here before you get a cover for your truck.

Truxedo Titanium Vs Sentry Table Comparison

Truxedo Titanium


Low profile Signature look Xtra low profile Classic look
Cover Type
Hard rolling cover Hard rolling cover
Mounting System
Top mount Inside mount
Weight Capacity
300 lbs 400 lbs
Price Range
Affordable Slightly higher than the Titanium series

Too busy? Then Get a glimpse of the top 5 picks from both series of covers with highlighted benefits.

Product Name

Key Benefits


Truxedo Titanium 997601
  • Accurately fits 09-14 Ford F 150
  • Easy installation within hours
  • HD & UV resistant Aluminum slats
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TruXedo Sentry 1553301
  • Robust industrial style vinyl
  • Protects from debris
  • Heavy-duty pressure-bonded
 Details On Amazon
TruXedo Sentry 1579101
  • Quick & easy to install
  • Fits Ford F-250, 350, 450 well.
  • Feels like a hard top once closed
 Details On Amazon
TruXedo Sentry 1530601
  • Fits perfectly on any gen 2 Honda Ridgeline
  • Waterproof
  • Bang for the bucks
 Details On Amazon
Truxedo Titanium 979601
  • Lightweight, robust & durable
  • Cool to touch slat cap
  • Offers a professional look
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Now, let’s move on to the detailing features of these tonneau cover to discover the winning pick. There will be some amazing deal-worthy recommendations for you. Just check out these once.

Design & Appearance Between Titanium & Sentry

In any truck bed cover, the thing that pricks the mind is the cover look and effect. Yes, the aesthetic look with a sleeky design is the one that most truck owners would like to have on their truck back. And Truxedo Sentry comes with such features.

The Truxedo Sentry truck covers feature an Xtra low profile design. The flush mounting system brings an impression over the folks creating a unique appearance on the truck bed at a time. Black color Aluminum slat and industrial style vinyl stuff on the top creates a mind sleeking look.

On the contrary, Truxedo Titanium is o less in the case of design. It is also ahead in signature style ultra sleek and low profile design. Again, its design does not block the window visibility when you roll up the cover. So, no worries here.

Another unique feature you get in the Titanium series is the integrated slats on the top caps that we found really beneficial because it does feature a temperature of cool to touch operating range. It means when it is hot, you can touch the bed cover without feeling the burning hot.

***Best Recommendation: Truxedo Titanium Roll Up 997601 Compatible with 09-14 Ford F-150

It is a 5’6” truck bed cover that is a heavy-duty cover with a superior grade of UV-resistant material. The cover is easy to install within hours and quick to release with no additional hassle.

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Comparing the Size & Weight

Both the series of covers are available from 5’ to 8’ in size. And this gives the perfect fit to all the trucks. So, you can choose according to your truck bed size and model. It will give no headache in this case.

However, in the case of weight, Truxedo Titanium is heavier than Sentry. Most people like to have some less weight transport when comes to carry it. Generally, Sentry’s weight varies from 12 to 13 pounds less than Titanium. By the way, the weight capacity is slightly the same for both covers.

The Aluminum slats on the top of this cover are bonded and linked, the TruXedo Titanium Tonneau Cover and Truxedo Sentry possess the ability to load up to 400 lbs of load capacity easily. However, some Titanium models seem to have 300 lbs of load capacity also.

One of the Honda Ridgeline owners using the Truxedo Sentry says-

Amazing product! This Truxedo roll-up cover is a must-have for any gen 2 Honda Ridgeline. It’s waterproof and super easy to install as well as operate. Highly recommend this cover. Well worth its cost.

***Best Recommendation: TruXedo Sentry 1530601 Fits 2017-2021 Honda Ridgeline

This leather grain tonneau cover with vinyl stuff provides extra security and a robust build design.  3 years of guarantee with no hassling quick installation, and releasing make it a super affordable cover.

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Truxedo Sentry Vs Titanium – Security

The products or cargo you carry in the back of your truck is the core thing that you want to secure. But it is hard to notice the cargo when you run your vehicle. Truxedo providessomeroll-up a tonneau bed cover, which gives your cargo extra safety to solve this problem.

Titanium is fully secure in your cargo as it is a roll-up bed cover. More to this, it features a tailgate system to secure the cargo back with more security.

Truxedo Sentry also is a tremendous roll-up truck bed cover. You can find an extra security latch in the middle of the cover body that enhances the security more tightly. So, you don’t need to break your concentration thinking about your cargo stuff.

However, another series from Truxedo is the Truxedo Sentry CT that adds some extra security features than that of the Sentry. And so, in terms of security, Sentry is the best brand from Truxedo.

***Best Recommendation: TruXedo Sentry Hard Roll Up 1545901 Fits Classis Ram 1500

This hard roll-up cover features the industrial style robust vinyl Aluminum stuff. Perfect leather-grain material and the weather resistance feature make it a standard one to save your truck bed stuff.

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Truxedo Sentry Vs Titanium – Durability

Truxedo Titanium and Sentry both have the same features in the sense of durability. It took us a little bit more to find some significant differences.

Titanium covers have robust and lightweight Aluminum slats that provide a 400-pound load capacity that got the rating too. Then again, this cover is no doubt a UV-resistant cover with high protective leather-grain style vinyl stuff. On the other hand, the Sentry series of covers has vinyl fabric and pressure bonding features.

Though both feature almost the same kind of security, Truxedo Titanium is better than Sentry in terms of durability as Titanium gives UV-resistant service. Then again, the newest Truxedo Sentry CT provides a more beneficial and effectively secured bed cover than that of the Sentry.

Howsoever, both Truxedo Sentry and Titanium come with 3 years of guarantee support, and you can also call them for any instruction you need after buying.

***Best Recommendation: TruXedo Sentry Hard Rolling 1553301 Fits Chevy Trucks

It has a unique self-leveling design with an extra-low profile feature. The sturdy fabric helps it stay cleaner for an extended period. In extreme temperature or pressure, it renders excellent service.

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The Difference in Ease of Use

Truxedo Titanium cover has slam latches that help to open the cover from any side of the truck. It’s very easy to roll up the cover and close, and no drill or other tools required for it. If you close the cover, you get full security for your transportation goods that secure your cargo back.

On the other side, Truxedo Sentry also comes with slam latches that are on the tailgate. This gives you the allowance to open the cover from the other side of the truck.

Moreover, the Sentry cover comes with an additional security latch on the middle of the truck bed cover. It adds up to more security that many find beneficial. One of the happy Sentry users with his F-350 says-

“This cover fits great. Even after washing the truck with a power washer, there was just a small trace of water in the bed, so not quite as watertight as a tri-fold, but the advantage of accessing all of the truck bed and the lighter weight and access to the bed rail stakes makes this a great cover. Simple to install (even for 1 person).”

***Best recommendation: TruXedo Sentry Hard Roll Up 1579101 Fits Ford F-250, F-350, F-450

This features robust and durable construction with full access to the bed—simple unlocking from any side of the tailgate and rolling up without any tools and hassle.

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Truxedo Sentry Vs Titanium – Release System

The Installation system of both covers is super easy.No drilling is required, and only a few minutes you need to install this cover on your truck bed.

Titanium provides a quick release system. It means you can open or close the cover easily and quickly, of course. If needed, you can remove the Titanium cover entirely in seconds without any drilling or using other tools. It provides 100% full bed access.

Moreover, the new Truxedo Sentry CT features a Velcro strap style that is getting much popularity also. One of the

***Best Recommendation: TruXedo TitaniumRoll Up979601 for Super Duty Ford F-250, 350, 450

This is an 8” truck bed cover with a quick and simple installation module. It’s a lightweight cover with a robust security feature. On top, the leather grain stuff with a heavy-duty slat of Aluminum brings up a perfect combination.

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Which Is the Best Pick

So, the time comes to make the decision and find out the winner from Truxedo Titanium vs Sentry. Both covers feature quite a lot of the same key benefits. But when it comes to choosing one amid two, it gets a bit tangling.

Well, for a fast installation service with other facilities, Truxedo Titanium does the best job. On the contrary, Sentry may cost you some extra but provides some additional security features.

However, suppose you compare the new Truxedo Sentry CT vs Sentry. In that case, it goes for the Sentry CT for some advanced level of featuring benefits.

So, what would you like to have for your truck bed protection? Make your move now by reading this analytical comparison backed by a bunch of research and user reviews.


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