What Is The Right Choice For You Between Subaru Roadside Assistance Vs AAA

What is the difference between Subaru roadside assistance and aaa? They have a lot of differences, but among them, price ranges are more common. The Subaru roadside assistance is a cheaper insurance package compared to the AAA. However, AAA has more services compared to Subaru roadside assistance.

There are many more differences between these two automotive insurance companies. Well, depending on your needs and budget, there are a variety of services from which to choose. Here are some considerations where you will know the full details about the differentiation between Subaru roadside assistance vs aaa.

Subaru Roadside Assistance Vs AAA

Key PointsSubaru roadside assistanceAAA
Beneficial offersLess beneficial offersMore beneficial offers
Insurance coverageLess coverageMore coverage
Price differencesCheaperExpensive

Let’s check out all the differences between these two automotive insurance companies in the below guide to find out whether you need a Subaru roadside assistance or aaa for your vehicle.

Difference In Available Services

Subaru roadside assistance offers services that contain coverage of up to 100 dollars for towing and battery jump starts. In addition to extra tire installation, gas or oil delivery, and emergency lockout service.

However, the towing service covers towing to the closest authorized Subaru dealer if you can’t drive your car or truck securely. The gas or oil delivery service provides up to 2 gallons of gas and other oils to get your vehicle moving.

The battery jump starts by providing charges for your dead or weak battery at the roadside. On the other hand, The AAA has more services than Subaru roadside assistance, including jump start, towing, and vehicle locksmith services. Also, it offers emergency oil services, flat tire service, rental car benefits, and extrication or winching service.

In the basic membership, towing is up to 3 miles and 4 times a year, and in the plus membership towing is up to 100 miles a year. The premier membership is towing covers 1 each household up to 200 miles, and the remaining towing covers up to 100 miles. You will get free delivery for emergency oil services with a basic membership, but you need to pay for oil.

Also, with plus and premier membership, delivery is free. In contrast, you will get sufficient oil to reach the closest oil station. The basic membership covers up to $50 in vehicle locksmith services, while the plus membership covers $100. For the premier membership, the vehicle locksmith services have up to $150, and the home locksmith services have coverage of up to $100.

Beneficial Offers For Roadside Assitance Or AAA

The Subaru roadside assistance has a beneficial offer of the national Subaru dealer finding service. The national Subaru dealer finding service comes with mobile numbers and the area of the closest dealer situated at any place in the United States or Canada.

Automobile enrollment subscription support is one of AAA’s most valuable services. Other than that, you will get services on promotional services is available. Also, you will get data breaches protection and vehicle inspection assistance. In addition, take into account the vehicle information report provided by CARFAX.

With the discounts and rewards that AAA provides, you can save an average of 150 dollars at more than 9,500 national and local brands.

You can use these discounts for shopping, dining, hotels, and entertainment. Suppose you have basic membership or a plus membership. In that case, you will get a 20% discount on the CARFAX vehicle history report.

You will get 1 free year and a 40% discount for extra reports for the premier membership. So, when differentiating AAA vs Subaru roadside assistance, we can say that AAA has more beneficial offers than Subaru roadside assistance.

Insurance Coverage

Subaru roadside assistance is given free with your Subaru standard warranty limited to 3 years or 36,000 miles on vehicles sold by the authorized Subaru retailers. You will get Subaru roadside assistance on each Subaru vehicle after the model year 2000. The coverage is automatic, and you do not need any forms to complete.

Use of your vehicle for hired vehicle or taxi can cancel the warranty and coverage of your car. Whereas the AAA is an industry that insures cars, it’s known for its alongside the road help.

It offers more coverage than a usual insurance-given roadside assistance service company like the Subaru roadside assistance. AAA company’s roadside assistance program comes in 3 tiers. They are basic, plus, and premier membership tiers.

Auto insurance from AAA provides you with everything you need to protect your vehicle. Also, AAA provides auto insurance services in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and New York states.

Price Difference

The Subaru roadside assistance insurance coverage is free if it falls inside your factory warranty timespan. After the warranty has expired, Subaru Roadside Assistance Plus would cost you 79.95 dollars annually. The roadside assistance service covers the expenses of an eligible event for up to 100 dollars, restricted to 4 service calls a year.

You are accountable for any costs that surpass 100 dollars. As AAA is made on a tiered membership system, the cost alters by tier. The price relies on the number of people and cars you have on the tier membership system. For basic membership, the price is $52–$129 annually, depending on the number of people and vehicles you have and also on the region you live in.

With a one-driver, one-vehicle household, the plus membership’s price is $279 annually, and the premium membership’s fee is $351 annually. Suppose you are looking for a monthly expense, then you may choose a one-driver, one-vehicle household. In that case, the basic membership will take $5, the plus membership is $7.75, and the premium membership is $9.75.

Also, for a 6-month price, you will get the one-driver, one-vehicle household basic membership for $30, the plus membership for $47, and the premium membership for $59. You may add drivers to your AAA membership plan with a bit of an upsurge in membership charges.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is aaa better than roadside assistance?

Although AAA is expensive compared to the other roadside assistance programs, it is better for its services. Even though you aren’t thinking of using services other than roadside assistance, AAA is still the better choice as you will automatically get a lot of discounts on various national and local brands.

What is aaa extended roadside assistance?

The AAA extended roadside assistance is for servicing noncompulsory RV and motorcycle services that are operative for 7 calendar days after processing. It is available at an extra expense to the basic membership, delivering up to 100 miles of towing that is completely free.

Does Subaru offer roadside assistance?

Yes, Subaru offers roadside assistance. It provides free 24/7 roadside assistance service for the 2000 or newer Subaru models cars.

Does AAA have roadside assistance in Hawaii?

Yes, AAA has roadside assistance in Hawaii. AAA Hawaii is a member club associated with the AAA national federation and assists members in the Hawaii state of the United States. If you are a member of AAA Hawaii, then you will get roadside service text alerts.

Does aaa insurance cover roadside assistance?

The AAA insurance delivers 24-hour roadside assistance service to 52 million of its users. In the United States, AAA has 13,000 garages inside their contract, an excellent network of 32 motor clubs, and over 1000 United States branch offices. The goal of AAA is to provide roadside assistance everywhere in the United States and Canada.


Finally, we come to an end to the differentiation between Subaru roadside assistance vs aaa. It was a tough decision for us to choose between one of them. However, we have decided that AAA is the winner. It is because AAA wins on services, beneficial offers, and insurance coverage aspects.

On the other hand, Subaru roadside assistance won only in the price segment. Nevertheless, the final decision is yours and it relies on what level of service you need. So, before you sign up for a subscription to either company, think carefully about which aspects of the coverage you want and which aspects you don’t.

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