Stealth Hitch Vs Invisihitch? Which One Is Better And Efficient?

Do you know the major difference between Stealth hitch and Invisi Hitch? Well, both have a number of noticeable differences. Stealth hitches are famous for their invisible property, whereas sadly, Invisi is almost on its way to turning down its business!

If you are curious enough, know that this article is gonna help you choose wisely and get out of this dilemma of Stealth hitch vs Invisihitch. That is because we are going to cover the major differences that will let you choose the suitable one for your car. In terms of price, weight, safety measures and other factors rest assured that we have got it all covered for you.

Stealth Hitch Vs Invisi Hitch- Two Trailer Hitch Gem

Key FactorsStealth HitchInvisi Hitch
MaterialStealth hitch is made up of stainless steel.Invisi hitch is made up of alloy metal.
DurabilityThey are super durable and give you a lifetime warranty.It also proves to be durable enough and can withstand damage while you are driving on the road.
Installation DifferenceNo welding requiredInstallation is easy
Size/DimensionComes in two different sizes- 2” and 1 ¼”.41.25 x 25.5 x 8.13 inches
Weight32 pounds41 pounds
MaintenanceMaintenance is less required if properly taken care of.Invisi hitch also manages to undergo the least maintenance if being regularly checked and observed.
PriceStealth hitches cost around $400-$600.Invisi hitches would cost you around $41-$60.

Build Up Material

The Stealth hitch is made up of 100% stainless steel. Moreover, the stainless steel is of superior quality, keeping it hitch-free from rust. And the lifetime warranty makes it totally hassle-free for you.

Besides, if you take a look at Stealth hitch for Tesla Model 3, which is not for towing but great for its invisible feature.

On the other hand, the Invisi hitch is a combination of aluminum and steel alloy. The build-up material makes it quite durable and long-lasting. It also comes with a powder coat sleek finishing which helps it to avoid rust.

Comparing In Terms Of Durability

In terms of durability, both these brands are equally admirable. The Stealth hitch is super durable and strong to hold its position while being invisible.

Contrarily, the Invisi hitch has this perfect combination of aluminum and steel. The internal property makes it stand rigidly for a longer period of time. If you are on the road driving and bump into some uncertain problems, you can look for solutions and fix them instantly. Besides, it is eco-friendly!

Difference In Installation

The installation process is really basic for both these brands. The Stealth Hitch is super easy to install and use. You only need the basic tools. And you don’t have to worry about welding or other stuff because you don’t need this while installing.

Being the best-hidden hitch, the Stealth Receiver Hitch Rack for BMW is quite easy to install with its additional 2” detachable rack.

And the same goes for the Invisi Hitch as well. This hidden hitch requires no drilling. Just pop it into the back of your vehicle using some basic automobile tools. To be more precise, there are a number of good videos on youtube that shows you all the steps to install these hitches so you can watch those and DIY.

Weight Differences

The Stealth hitch weight is 32 pounds and the Invisi weighs 41 pounds.

So if you think that the weight would actually matter in their performance, you are wrong. Stealth hitch being lighter, is able to drive the same performance and efficiency as that of Invisi.

However, if you have an old-school piece of a vehicle and you don’t want to worry about its carrying capacity, you can try a Stealth hitch as it is comparatively higher.

Maintenance Contrast

The Stealth Hitch faces fewer maintenance issues if taken care of properly. For instance, if you tow it at an average rate frequently, it would work perfectly for a longer time.

And the Invisi is another high-quality hitch that is also less likely to encounter random maintenance problems.


Well, the price of the Stealth Hitch is comparatively high. It would cost you $400-$600, apart from the Stealth hitch installation cost.

However, the Invisi hitch is comparatively cheaper. It would cost around $41-$60. So if you are new to hitch and want to go for a first-time experience, you can try the latter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now in this section, we would like to cover some Frequently asked questions that would quench your curiosity about Stealth hitch and Invisi hitch.

Are Stealth hitches safe?

Yes. They prove to be one of the safest hitch made ever. You secure them perfectly, and they are snug and tight. The tightness generates a hammering effect that makes the hooking really rigid. So whether your vehicle makes a start or brakes, you don’t have to worry about it being pulled out. Besides, you won’t be able to open it without a key.

Which hitch is the strongest?

According to the reviews and ratings, Class 5 trailer hitches are said to be the strongest out there. Weighing capability of over 20,000 lbs, these hitches are profoundly used for heavily loaded trucks.

Where are stealth hitches made?

Stealth hitches have their own manufacturing facility in Sugar Hill, Ga.


To conclude the debate of Stealth hitch vs Invisihitch, we would recommend using the Stealth hitch as it is prevailing worldwide. This is unfortunate that the Invisi Hitch has to put an end to their business journey for some internal reasons. Currently, they are out of business in the U.S.

So if you are looking for a more reliable yet durable and safe hitch for your car or truck, you can surely trust the Stealth hitch.

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