Comparing Spoon Vs Mugen

What is the difference between Spoon and Mugen? One of the most common differences between these two brands is the price. You have to pay a bit more if you want to buy Mugen components for your Honda car. There are also some key differences too between these brands that you might consider while buying.

However, we would like to share Spoon vs Mugen in more detail in this guide. You will be able to make a better buying choice once you finish reading this article.

So, are you ready for the dive? Let’s explore!

Comparing Two Sports Kings – Spoon Vs Mugen

Key PointsSpoonMugen
PerformanceMind-blowing performance with more excellent mileage and enough powerHigh-performance Honda car parts
EngineHighly modified professional engines having different typesHigh-performance natural engine with total fuel efficiency  
Build QualityImpressive build quality serves different purposesEnsure quality building of the components for the users
PriceA bit cheaper compared to the MugenExpensive than the Spoon
ExteriorPremium design with mind-blowing colorDecent design

That’s a simple table for you. We are sure that you have some idea about these two types of brands and their components.

Look, both the manufacturers are from Japan, and they have been manufacturing the best  Honda car parts.

However, we don’t want to stick you here. Instead, we have a better presentation regarding Spoon Sports and Mugen below!

Similarities Regarding Performance Spoon and Honda Mugen

When you buy car components for your Honda car, you need to choose from the manufacturer who will provide you with the best performance. Honda is a brand, and it’s essential to buy quality components for the car.

Spoon sports makes motor elements for Honda high performing, fast and reliable. Besides, the engine of the Spoon will provide you with a good amount of horsepower that helps your car run pretty fast. Spoon is well known as the best tuner company in Japan.

Therefore, if you love racing, the spoon elements for your vehicle will be a better choice.

On the other hand, Honda Mugen is also the best performing. Besides, all the performance components of Muger are durable and will provide you with enough excellence. But, if you are looking forward to the higher HP, you should go with the Spoon as Mugen will provide mid-range torque.

Engine Differences in Spoon and Mugen

Well, the core focus of the Spoon engine is to boost the speed of the Honda car, as we have mentioned above. Therefore, there is not a single engine suitable for all the models of Honda. However, do remember one crucial fact.

What Spoon Sports does is remodel the components for Honda rather than manufacture the engine for the essential part. The company’s main job is to tune the motor to appropriate specifications in a highly modified way.

Besides, the most common types of engines of Mugen are MF408S and MF 58F having different technical specifications. As the engines from the Mugen are high-performing, it ensures the best fuel economy.

Build Quality Between Mugen Vs Spoon

It’s crucial to know the build quality of the mentioned engine. Well, both these brands are renowned for producing the best car components for Honda. The Spoon is lighter than the Mugen.

Tatsuru Ichishima is the founder of Spoon Sports. He once used a Honda Civic Hatchback AT. However, he then started the company and began to modify the components for increased power and speed. The spoon engine is specially designed, keeping the racing factor in mind.

We have seen such quality with the Spoon Sports engine, which we know as Spoon. You can also say this as a highly modified OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

There is a good balance between the road and the piston so that the spoon engine can ensure the expected weight. This balancing and refining are among the most prominent reasons you should go with a Honda Spoon.

On the other hand, all the components of Mugen are also built with quality. No matter what type of part you buy, you will be satisfied with powerful performance. Mugen Motorsports produces brake, intake, wheel, exhaust, suspension, and other features.

They have tried various models to ensure the quality of the products.

Price Contrast

As we have shown in the table, you may have to spend a more significant amount of money on the Mugen than the Spoon. If we talk about an estimated budget, you have to pay around $11,000 for the Spoon K20A engine.

On the other hand, you will find almost all the components of Mugen are expensive. There are some valid reasons too. The reason behind this will be that Mugen products are well designed and tasted. Therefore, the components of Spoon are also overpriced in some cases.

Exterior Design of Honda Spoon and Mugen

People want premium designs. When it comes to buying a car, they consider this fact quite seriously; both Spoon and Mugen contain premium designs so that you can be delighted. The most common color for the Spoon is yellow, white, etc., and you will also find a beautiful logo (see also our article on de-badging a car).

On the contrary, the Mugen comes in different stunning colors. The most common are blow and clack. Besides, the suspension, wheel, steering, and other parts provide the car with a premium look.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Spoon Sports Called Spoon?

The direct answer to this question will be that the company (Sports Inc.) that manufactures automated engines for cars, ensuring super high performance, is named Spoon Sports. So, people consider the parts manufactured by the company as Spoon engines or Spoon specialized in engine tuning. However, the spoons are the aftermarket motor element by Spoon Sports.

Is Spoon Only for Honda?

Yes, the Spoon is only for the Honda. If you own a Honda car, you will be able to boost your vehicle’s performance using the specialized engine, just like we see in the “Fast and Furious” movie! Hence, Spoon is one of the top engine tuner companies, mainly focused on Honda. Long story short, the Spoon has been enhancing the performance of the Honda model.

What Does Mugen Mean Honda?

Mugen is the manufacturer of performance components for your Honda car. To be more exact, if your Honda car has parts manufactured by Mugen Motorsports or M-Tech Company Limited, this means there are highly durable body kits or performance components installed on your Honda car. Therefore, Mugen is the best-performing Honda model, regarded as unlimited power.

Final Verdict

Now, we have come to an end regarding Spoon vs Mugen. Both these brands and components serve different purposes. When we talk about the product quality and the performance, neither will this hurt your satisfaction.

So, the question is what to choose? As we mentioned quite a few differences, we have to come to a point while choosing one. If you have a problem with the overpriced, going with the Spoon will be better.

Therefore, if you don’t have enough interest in racing, you may avoid the Spoon and look forward to the Murgen.

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