Smoked Quartz Vs Antimatter Blue: Choose The Ford F150 With Posh Outlook!

What’s the difference between Smoked Quartz and Antimatter Blue Edition? The Smoked Quartz is a rarer color than the Antimatter Blue and certainly enhances the outlook by several degrees while considering Smoked Quartz vs Antimatter Blue.

No, it is not only the color distinction that we may expect from the query. Similarly to this difference, there is a remarkable contrast between these two colors.

Today, we shall disclose why you should choose the Ford Smoked Quartz F150 Platinum over the Ford Antimatter Blue or any other twist remaining.

Smoked Quartz Vs Antimatter Blue- Basic Differences

Key PointSmoked QuartzAntimatter Blue
Daytime ShadeSimilar to a dark gray color tone.Similar to metallic dark yale blue tone.
Nighttime ShadeNearly black.Nearly navy blue.
Executive Rating4.6 out of 5.4.2 out of 5.
Engine5. 0 liter Ti-VCT V8 (see also ‘How Many Cubic Inches In A Liter?‘).3.5 liter Ecoboost V6.

The Contrasts In Colours

We can observe plenty of contrasts while keeping two Ford F 150 models side by side. You will observe that Ford F 150’s Smoked Quartz color is more jubilant and luxurious than the Antimatter blue one.

The Smoked Quartz is a metallic color that gives a gray shade to the shaft of the sun. Similar to the gray-tinted paper on a gray surface. Moreover, you may observe that the color would become darker magnificently during the night.

Contrarily, the Antimatter blue is a dark version of the yale blue color. When the sun’s rays reflect in the daytime, it becomes astonishing and reflects greatly. During the nighttime, the color seems darker, reflecting the navy blue color.

Available Editions & Their Features

F=As we know Ford is one of the biggest automobile companies around the world. It is ruling the United States vehicle market with dominant strides. Presently, it has around 13% market share in the United States. Although compared to Toyota, it has fewer market shares, in the United States, Ford is known for its reliability and performance.

Moreover, Ford applied both Smoked Quartz and Antimatter Blue on one of their unique and robust trucks Ford F 150. About the complete pick-up, there are several models Ford has released, and two of them are wearing these two colors.

Ford F 150 Platinum (Smoked Quartz)

Most of the mediocre choice of people is the F 150 platinum edition. This model includes the Fo-Copilot Assistance system, which enriches the vehicle’s driveability. This assistance system incorporates plenty of new features, and some of the vitals are:

  1. Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control.
  2. Stop and Go system.
  3. Determination of the lane center system.
  4. Built-in navigation system.

You can attach a 360 camera package with this model if you desire.

Besides, this model allows the 20 inches aluminum wheels with the 275/60 all seasons tires. A skid plate covers the fuel tank, so it can’t deposit any harm while running off-road. Moreover, you will get four front differentials.

Now let’s know about the engine module. Ford F 150 Platinum runs on a 5.0 Liter Ti-VCT V8 engine. Moreover, it has a 10-speed automatic transmission, 12 inches digital productivity engine, and an enormous fuel tank of 26 gallons.

Ford F 150 Limited (Antimatter Blue)

F 150 Limited edition is also known as Ford Antimatter Blue. It is another significant encounter with Ford.

The assistance system is similar to the model F 150 platinum.

It consists of a 3.5 L Ecoboost V6 engine with a 10-speed automatic transmission. However, the fuel tank is unlikely the previous models, and it can contain 36 gallons of fuel at most.

You can observe a modern braking system (see also ‘How To Get Air Out Of Brake Lines‘) which is four-wheel anti-lock brakes. You can also monitor the tires’ pressure by the advanced pressure monitoring system.

About the safety features, there are some more than the thereof model. Some of the most useful features are:

  1. AdvanceTrac with rolling stability.
  2. Curve controlling system.
  3. Airbags for the front, driver, and passenger seats (see also ‘How To Remove Seats From A Car‘).
  4. Active restraint system safety belts.

Price Differences

Till now, we have learned some vital features of both Ford F 150 Platinum (Smoked Quartz) and Antimatter Blue F150. However, the features are similar by 70% to 75%, and the prices differ significantly.

Ford F 150 Platinum (Smoked Quartz) comes with a complete package that will cost you around $62,000.

And the utter cost of a Ford F 150 Platinum that you need to pay is around $76,000.

Nevertheless, Ford offers several packages to customize your vehicle, and it will add an extra cost to the package price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What color is Ford’s smoked Quartz?

Ford F 150 Platinum wears the color of Smoked Quartz. This color tone is similar to a tinted gray color. The color becomes the shade between the black and dark gray color tone during the night.

What is Ford’s new blue color?

Ford introduced a new blue color on their latest F 150 Limited edition and named it Antimatter Blue. You can also consider this color tone as the bottom of the yale blue.

Is antimatter blue-black?

No, Antimatter Blue is not a black or a variant of black. It comes from the yale blue after turning it darker and finer.

What color is antimatter blue?

The Antimatter Blue, introduced by Ford F 150 limited edition, is a shade of pale blue. You can also consider it as a heavier version of yale blue.

Why did Ford drop antimatter blue?

Ford is an automobile company which always concerned about uniqueness and luxury. Most the models of Ford are unique by their color shades. And this time, Ford painted the darker version of yale blue to provide an extraordinary ordinary look to their high-end invention Ford F 150 Limited.

Bottom Line

At the concluding point, after all the differences between Ford Smoked quartz vs antimatter blue, we can disclose that purchasing a Ford F 150 Platinum, which is Smoked Quartz, is wiser. Because it will cost you less and serve you with a powerful engine with the DNA of the F150 Limited edition. Now, it is your call.

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