Six Star VS Felpro Head Gaskets: Which One Should You Choose?

What is the difference between Six Star and Fel-Pro heads gaskets? The most common difference is in their price. Six Star head gaskets are costly compared to the Fel-Pro head gaskets.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common differences you’ll encounter when looking for the right head gasket between these two.

In this article, we will discuss all these differences between Six Star vs Fel-Pro head gaskets. Therefore, without wasting any time, let’s begin with the differentiation.

Six Star Vs Fel-Pro head gaskets

Key PointsSix Star head gasketFel-Pro head gasket
PerformanceExcellentComparatively less
Size & FeatureSmaller & FewerBigger & more
Build MaterialMetallicBoron or Alumina blend
Protection & DurabilityLess superiorSuperior

Now, let’s check the head-to-head comparison between Head gaskets Fel-Pro vs Six Star to know who wins the battle between them.

Comparing Performance Differences Of Head Gaskets Between Six Star And Fel-Pro

A set of six-star head gaskets for extended performance times will be your best option. Six-star head gaskets are known for their excellent thermal performance, resulting in increased horsepower (see also ‘How Much HP Does A Cold Air Intake Add?‘) and fuel efficiency.

Another key performance attribute in six-star gaskets is heat resistance. These heads gaskets can withstand higher combustion chamber temperatures than their competitors, which leads to more power and efficiency in Turbo engines (see also ‘What Does LS Swap Mean?‘).

Six-star head gaskets have a reputation for their ability to withstand thermal shock. This means they can maintain an excellent engine, upsurge energy production, and conserve fuel.

Differences In Size & Features Of Six Star VS Fel-Pro Head Gaskets

The Six Star brand’s head gaskets provide an exceptional design. It is the best option for the all-aluminum engine of your Subaru vehicle. These head gaskets are corrosion-resistant and can meet the needs of various rugged environments. The Six Star brand’s head gaskets also have great strength.

In addition, you will never require to use your Subaru Coolant Additive again on the engine if you use the Six Star Subaru head gasket kits. The Fel-Pro head gaskets decrease gasket damage from blowing out and aid in making sure of a more robust combustion seal.

However, you can use the FEL-PRO HS 26170 PT-1 as the best Fel-Pro Subaru head gasket. The rubber-facing material is laminated to a rigid steel core to seal fluids and prevent torque loss.

In the end, we can say that Fel-Pro Head Gaskets win this battle in this aspect.

Build Material Differences

The build material is the most apparent difference between six star and Fel-pro gaskets. While six-star gaskets are metallic and Fel-Pro is an aluminum gasket, they are designed to withstand high temperatures.

Another key difference between these is the material used for the sealing faces. The Fel-Pro gasket is made from polyurethane, with rubber being the opposite side facing. Thus, the polyurethane comprises a high-pressure polyester resin, making it able to withstand high heat without melting.

On the other hand, rubber is considerably less durable and will likely melt under high-temperature pressure. Not only are Fel-Pro gaskets able to withstand high temperatures, but they’re also able to withstand repeated reuse.

On the other hand, when it comes to Six-star gaskets, you can change it one time in your lifetime. The external layers are coated and embossed on both sides with Viton rubber. This Viton rubber coating can handle temps from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to more than 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It also can endure temps up to over 700 degrees Fahrenheit for brief periods.

However, the Fel-Pro brand has proprietary coatings that seal rougher finishes up to 80 roughness on average. In this aspect, the Six-star brand wins the battle. However, you can also use the FEL-PRO 26236 PT head gasket for Honda Civic or Mazda that people are using efficiently.

Protection & Durability Differences Of Head Gaskets Between Six Star And Fel-Pro

Six star head gaskets have a reputation for its more durability and are less prone to leakage. Moreover, these head gaskets have a reputation for withstanding longer and more difficult rebuilds, even in high-performance racing applications.

Six-star head gaskets also have outstanding resistance to damage caused by thermal shock. Unlike other head gaskets, six-star don’t break or crack under extreme thermal stress. Their superior durability makes them less likely to develop leaks, even after many rebuilds through demanding conditions.

Meanwhile, they also have less distortion than Fel-pro head gaskets when exposed to extreme conditions, such as high heat temps or high RPM use.

Price Differences Between These Two Head Gasket Brands

Fel-Pro and Six Star Bernie head gasket kits cost $130 and $230, respectively. According to a Six Star Bernie head gasket Review, it is for a customer’s 2008 Subaru Outback. He thinks that 100 dollars is quite a significant price difference, and we believe that as well.

Generally, the Six Star brand’s head gaskets price ranges from $100 to $360. On the other hand, the Fel-Pro brand’s head gaskets price ranges from $30 to $190. So, the Fel-Pro brand’s head gaskets are cheaper compared to the Six Star ones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Fel-Pro make good head gaskets?

Yes, they do, and they meet and surpass OEM specifications. Fel-Pro head gaskets are considerably better in several cases than the OEM gaskets your car or truck came with. They seal surfaces as rough as up to 80 roughness on average. It makes them perfect for the flawed sealing surfaces, which you will find in the repair environment.

Who makes Felpro gaskets?

The Federal-Mogul Motorparts company makes Fel-Pro gaskets. This company is a global developer, manufacturer, and supplier of products for commercial vehicles, automotive, industrial, agricultural, and other applications. These head gaskets are manufactured in Skokie, Illinois, United States.

What material are Fel-Pro gaskets?

Fel-Pro gaskets are made from a mix of silicone, Teflon, and metal. This creates a durable coating that resists corrosion and makes the gasket easier to apply. This provides a layer of protection against the elements. You can trust the gasket for long-term use in both cold and hot engines.

Which One Is Your Pick?

If you’re working on rebuilding your engine, knowing that the correct head gasket can make all the difference is essential. We recommend looking into some of the best head gasket kits, Six Star or Fel-Pro head gaskets.

to get things started.

To get the most out of your cylinder head gasket, we recommend Fel-Pro. While six star has provided excellent performance, it’s also slightly more expensive. On the other hand, Fel-Pro is more durable, which will help prevent wear and tear and extend the life of your engine. However, the choice is yours and make sure that you choose the best one according to your preferences.

This article has tried to discuss the core differences between Six Star vs Fel-Pro head gaskets in this article.

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