Rough Country Lift Vs Pro Comp Lift | Which Lift Suspension is Best For Your Car?

There is such confusion between two popular suspension lift brands- Rough Country and Pro Comp. Different people go for different for the individual opinion. Then, how are you going to get your pick?

Well, we are to solve your dilemma with our complete comparison backed up by core research with reviews and data collection. And we hope after reading this comparing, you can pick the best lift kit for your vehicle and enjoy the smooth ride as you are desiring.

So, let’s start the battle for Rough Country lift vs Pro Comp lift.

Rough Country Lift Vs Pro Comp Lift- Comparing at a Glance

Rough Country Lift

Pro Comp Lift

Design & Manufacturing
Solid steel with maximum protection and upgrade High-quality engineering with real-time performance experience
Leaf Spring
Rough with some kits Pretty smooth
Available Lift Height
1.5” to 6.” 2” to 8.”
Wheel Alignment
Works perfectly both with factory and aftermarket wheels Some of the models only work with the factory wheels.
Reasonable to costlier depending on models Great for the price
Top 3 Picks
  1. Rough Country 2.5” Lift Kit-For GMC Sierra
  2. Rough Country 4” Lift Kit– For Jeep Wrangler JK
  3. Rough Country 6” Lift Kit– For Ford F 150
  1. Pro Comp 4” Lift Kit– For 4WD GM 1500
  2. Pro Comp 2.75” Front Lift Kit– For 2WD 5-Lug Tacoma
  3. Pro Comp 2.5” Lift Kit– For 4WD GM 2500 HD

Unlock the detailed features of these two suspension lift brands with in-depth highlights and aggressive lift kits recommendations.

Differences in Engineering & Design

Rough Country started its journey with the suspension shocks, and it has always drawn attention for its fast-growing feature from only suspension shocks to other auto parts.

After 1986, Rough Country started to manufacture aftermarket lift kits to bring harmony with their engineered shocks and make the vehicle and truck more on and off-road enthusiasts. Over the years, to balance with the modern cars, trucks, and SUVs, Rough Country’s lift kits are engineered and designed considering the suspension control and geometrical ease. And, the Coilover spring shocks add a remarking in the installation ease.

And, Pro Comp is no less with its suspension designing. Pro Comp engineers use advanced and innovative technology to present OE quality suspension parts with improved suspension articulation. World-class techniques using advanced CAD technology and Pro Comp kits are manufactured with real off-road performance.

***Best Pick for Aggressive: Rough Country 6” Lift Kits- Improved Lifting for 4WD F-150

For an unmatched ground clearance to thrilling off-road ride, this 6” lift kit s just the perfect option. UCA knuckles with fabricated blocks ensure a better riding experience both on and off-road.

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Pro Comp Vs Rough Country Lift Kit Height

Both Pro Comp and Rough Country lift kits come with quality suspension parts for your desire from the lift kit.

Rough Country seems to come with a good range of parts and can lift from a minimum of 1.5” stage lift to a maximum of 6 inches lift height. On the contrary, Pro Comp gives some more height increase up to 8 inches sometimes. But there is a drawback from the user installing a Pro Comp lift kit- added spaces to get most of the extra inch and a half.

***Best Pick for Max Ride Height: Pro Comp Suspension Lift Block- Rear Lift Block with 1” Spacer

These lift suspension parts are only for the rear lifting and bringing your car to the perfect height level. 1” spacer increases the height. And those who already got some height need the leveling can get this.

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Rough Country & Pro Comp Lift Kits Variance

There is nothing major to talk about the kits included in a complete lift kit. You get all the kits of Stages 1 and 2. Still, there rise some differences if you compare individually.

Rough Country offers some of the best Ford lift kits of 6 inches. For both on the road and aggressive off-road ride with improved ground clearance, 6 inches Rough Country lift kit just do the job correctly. Most of the Rough Country’s 6 inches lift kit includes a front lifted coil spring, fixed UCA, adjustable LCA, radius arm drop brackets, sway bar drop brackets, rear U bolts, rear blocks. And Rough Country’s premium N3 shocks are there for the perfect balancing.

However, Rough Country’s Vertex shocks are the improved shocks that come with a 5-stage dampening feature. Some other monotube-designed gas-charged N3 shocks are Rough Country’s famous.

Unlike the Rough Country kit, Pro Comp comes with some different kit variations. 6-inch front lift kit, steering knuckles, rear lift blocks, U- bolts and spacers, and skid plates are optional to have. Not all the Pro Comp lift kits come with the shocks with skid plates. So, here you get your options to choose from.

But both provide the quality with utmost level, and all the kits are perfectly engineered with welding and rust-proof coating for more extended mileage assurance.

***Best Pick: Rough Country 6” Lift- Improved Performance for the 15-20 4WD F-150

It comes with N3 shocks with a Coilover spring for smooth performance and bumps absorb. And the better quality robust spacer and lift blocks precisely make off the ground with perfect and balanced ride height.

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Certified Compliances

In the case of certification and quality trust, both brands come into the factory after going through several testing and safety assurance. Both are passed by the FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards)126 for the stability control test and certification. Moreover, Rough Country parts also go through the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)guidelines.

And all the suspension parts of both brands are backed by their warranty service for up to 5 years, ensuring a longer, smooth mileage experience.

***Best Pick for the Warranty: Rough Country Lift Kits- 3” Lift for Jeep Liberty KJ

It gives the best ground clearance with precise leveling height. The kit installation is easy, and no need for the geometrical change. You can get your truck smoothly back to the factory ride height.

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Price Difference

The price range of Rough Country and Pro Comp varies between different sizes of lift kits and the vehicle type. But Pro Comp lift kits come at a reasonable price than that of Rough Country. And for this, most people prefer the Pro Comp lift suspensions.

If you get the stage 1 lift kits of Rough Country, you can beat a closer price range like the Pro Comp. But the sad part is some lift parts of Pro Comp need the factory tires for a smooth riding experience.

***Best For Price: Pro Comp Lift Kit- 4” Lift with Spring & Shocks

This lift kit is compatible with 4WD GM 1500. It comes with 4” front and rear lift kit, leaf spring, and blocks that maintain the factory ride height with improved load capacity for your truck.

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What Should Be Your Pick?

Both brands have advanced and upgraded module suspension parts offering improved ride height and steering control. But if you are to choose one amid Rough Country lift vs Pro Comp lift kits, then the choice varies ride height, quality, and budget, sometimes.

If you are looking for some reasonable coting variance, then go for the Pro Comp lift kit. No doubt it can provide pretty smooth ground clearance with aggressive off-road riding output. However, for the best off-road experience and without breaking your bank, Rough Country also has quality lift kits.

Moreover, for Ford trucks, most prefer Rough Country and BDS lift kits. But riding with the Rough Country suspension lift seems to be rough after a long trail ride; that is a fact here experienced by many.

So, lift your vehicle with the desire ride height and aggressive look by installing the proper lift kit.


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