Roll Up Cover Vs Tri Fold – Which Is Best for Your Truck Bed

Are you looking to buy a tonneau cover for your new car? But do not understand which one is better for you? Do not worry. You are the right place to find out this answer.

In today’s market, many companies revealed much variety in the truck bed cover. Many of us comfortable in roll up, but others in tri-fold. This article presents a comparative discussion between roll up cover vs tri fold wonderfully, helping you make the right decision.

Let’s Compare Between Roll Up Cover Vs Tri Fold!

Roll Up Cover

Tri Fold Cover

Neoprene, PVC, or polyurethane Hard plastic, fiberglass, or aluminum
Average weight15 to 30 lbs Average weight50 lbs. to 100+ lbs
Easy to install Difficult to install
Installation Tools Requirement
No need for installation tools most May need installation tools.
Less secured Highly secured
Water Resistance
Less water resistance High water resistance
Comparatively low Comparatively high

Comparing Features of Tri Fold Vs Roll up Tonneau Cover

Let’s compare these two truck bed cover, comparing all the features side by side.


Roll up covers are more customized than before. Nowadays, manufacturers make the rollup cover with Neoprene or polyurethane. With high-quality springs and ball-bearing rollers, the rollup covers make the truck bed more attractive to see. The dustproof feature of the rollup body makes it more acceptable.

In tri-fold covers, the matte finish color with an all-aluminum body gives a glossy and versatile look. The rustproof aluminum rails with black power coat touch create a classic look when you install the tri-fold cover in your truck bed cover.

The Best Tyger Auto Tri-Fold Cover for Chevy will be better to have a stylish and protected tonneau bed cover. The rigid material also prevents ultra-violate radiation from getting into the bed.

Some hard rollup truck bed cover also comes with Aluminium black powder coating like Bak Revolver X4 for Legacy GM Silverado. It is the best for sealing and quality.

Weight of Cover

It does not matter which type of cover you purchase. Each bed cover’s weight will differ from the other. The weight of the rollup cover can be different. Usually, the weight of the rollup cover is 15 to 30 lbs. You will not get any lighter body than Tyger Auto Roll-Up Bed Cover is the best roll up tonneau cover to try.

Not all company’s cover weights are the same. Different covers are available from the same company. However, the tri-fold cover is much heavier than the rollup cover. Tri-fold is one of the stifffold covers available in the market. Which usually weighs 50 lbs. to 100+ lbs.

Ease of Use

The rollup covers are very flexible to use in everyday life, as they are very light. Besides, the installation and locking system is straightforward. You need not use any tools when you install any rollup covers.

Again, your truck’s significantly less space will need to place the surface when you open the rollup cover. It provides easy and safe access to the truck bed. Open the lock, roll up the body and place it against the cab.

If you want to purchase a hassle-free bed cover, North Mountain Soft Roll up for Honda Ridgeline requires no drilling or mounting.

Installation of a tri fold cover is a little tricky than a rollup cover. Sometimes, you may need small tools to install a tri fold cover over yourtruck bed. When you open the tri fold cover, it will cover most of your bed that may take less of the space of your truck.

Because of its heaviness, it may need two or more people to open. As its other features are better than a rollup cover, you can use a tri fold tonneau cover when you go in a long distance.

Water Resistance

The rollup cover is never wholly waterproof. But yes, if you place to roll up cover properly, it prevents most water from getting inside the car. In that term, the tri-fold cover may win from tri fold vs roll up tonneau cover battle.

However, be sure that the water will never enter from the above, but can only enter from the side in heavy rains. You must follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper placement with the vehicle in this case.

Although no cover is 100% waterproof, the tri-fold cover much more waterproof than the rollup cover. When you properly install any tri-fold cover, it will prevent most of the water from getting into it. This vehicle bed cover possesses a vinyl lining system across the top of the cover body.

However, a sealed Lund Hard Tri Fold Tonneaufor Toyota Tundra is the best for a water-resistant feature for your newly bought vehicle.

Security and Protection

Every tonneau cover possesses some essential security services. Though you will not get a rollup cover in the market that provides 100% security to your vehicle bed cover, rollup covers are secured enough for use. The rear rail locks into the side framework, and the vinyl-coated surface makes the rollup cover secured.

We saw the tri fold cover security system better than the rollup cover when we research the tri fold cover. You will find a locking tailgate in a tri fold cover that makes the bed cover more secured. In the market, you can get different fold covers of different locking systems.

Some tri fold cover has a keyed latch on top of the surface, and others have a multi-locking system that locks the covers in every part independently. Gator ETX Soft Tri Fold Truck Cover for Ford will be better for your vehicle with a super secure locking system.

Top 3 Picks of Rollup Cover

1. Tyger Auto Soft Roll Up– Ford F-150 Compatible Aluminium Graded Cover

With dual-coated vinyl and 24.5 pounds weight, the Tygerauto rollup cover achieved the bestseller tag. No drilling needs during installation. The dimension of this bed cover is 73.3 x 7.53 x 2.92 inches.

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2. TruxedoTruxport Soft Roll Up Cover– Ram 1500 Compatible Cover

It gives a sleek, smooth look with delicate black color. With 27 pounds’ weight fits 5’’ 7” bed. Installation is easy and can be done within 30 minutes. Heavy-duty frame and leather embossed vinyl ensure quality.

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3. Bak Revolver X4 Hard Roll Up Cover– Chevy Silverado Compatible Cover with Lonking Rail

Black vinyl exterior gives it a matte finishing.It includes rotational rails for extra security. Also, the maximum weight capacity of this cover is about 400 lbs.

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Top 3 Picks of Tri Fold Cover

1. Tyger Auto Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover– Dual-Coated Cover for Chevy Silverado

With 29 pounds of weight, the bed cover comes with aircraft-grade aluminum frames. This heavy-duty cover needs no drilling during installation.

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2. Mostplus Tri-Fold Truck Bed Cover– Ford Ranger Cover Bang the Bucks

With weather and UV resistant materials,it performs the best-covering output. And 4 horizontal crossbars help easily lift.

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3. Gator Hard Tri-Fold Cover– Superior Protection for the Ford F-150

The most lightweight bed cover with 24.1 pounds weight—the cross-bows attached to the exterior support the tear-resistant. Ans the low-profile design makes it preferable.

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What Should Be Your Final Choice?

Most people become confused between roll up cover vs tri fold, which one will be the best for them.

If you need a secure and safe bed cover that allows you to use most of the bed space, you can go with the rollup cover. But if you need strong security and hardly need to use the complete bed cover, the tri fold tonneau cover will be the best for your truck bed.


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