Razer Blade Stealth Vs XPS 13 – Which Laptop You Should Own?

Are you getting confused by battling between these two most hyped laptops Razer Blade Stealth Vs XPS 13, like others, are?  Make your sweet visit here because we are disclosing these two laptops keeping them side by side with all featured available.

Both are at the top list for their highlighted features with essentials. But you might have to make one winner over the other. So, let’s make your choice a bit easier by showing a complete comparison.

Listen, we’re not going to make this typical, dull comparison with lots of stuff.  Rather, you get exact and some suggestions also to make your buy hitting the goal.

Comparing Two Thrivers- Razer Blade Stealth Vs XPS 13

Razer Blade Stealth

Dell XPS 13

Comparatively bigger than XPS 13 Smaller & thinner design
Screen to Body Ratio Benchmark
76% 96.5%
Screen Type
OLED type screen on most WLED screen
Intel Iris Plus NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti, 4GB Max Q
13.3’’ FHD matte display 13.4’’, both FHD&UHD in touchscreen display
Charger Adapter Power
Up to 100 W Up to 65 W
Best Use
Best for both gaming & general office work Best for productive work
Comparatively more weight with 3.11 lbs Compact with lightweight- 2.64 lbs
Keyboard Layout
Traditional arrow keys with larger shift design Full-size arrow key with smaller shift
Black finishing with Aluminium chassis & a tone on Razer logo Premium silver color with Aluminium chassis
Price Fact
Average price range Comparatively cheaper than Razer Blade

Our Recommended Pick: Razer Blade Stealth– Ultrabook Laptop for the Gamer & General Task

Why We Recommend This One
Razer Blade comes with the NVIDIA GeForce graphics that strengthens the GPU part that most gamers love. However, Razer has tried to come out of their gaming world brought a new ultrabook that will do the job of gaming and other official work with ease. The sleek and stunning premium finishing gives a thundering look.

Dig the detailed Razer Blade Stealth 2021 review.

Thriller-KillerLook with Premium Design

Razer Blade Stealth is one of Razers’ best versions with an ultraportable compact design and sleek, stunning look. If you look at it from the outside, it can make the first time impression at aglance.

The black color metallic design gives a premium feel with the Razer logo engraved on the back. The logo here is kept black to bring the feel. It’s not a gaming laptop either but an ultrabook that beats the gaming one. And compact design with lightweight feature makes it a tiny beast.

The anodized Aluminium material with black color creates a slim and sleek look with matte finishing. But one thing you might get an offense is the fingerprints Razer Blade gets on its surface easily. Without regular cleaning, it ends up showing a little bit dirtier.

Keyboard Aspects of Razer Blade Stealth

The keyboard design is pretty good and flexible for both typing and gaming. Herewith Blade, you get the full-sized arrow key with a smaller shift pattern.  And the touchpad is relatively larger with protective glass that gives you a proper working feature with a better experience.

13.3 Inches Fastest Gaming Display

Razer Blade Stealth comes with the world’s fastest gaming display. You can get two variances in the display depending on which GPU you choose.

Well, with the GTX 1650 Q Max model, 1080P 60 Hz OLED, full HD display. And Also, it’s available in 4K display with 60 Hz display.  However, if you can grab the GTX 1650 TI, you can enjoy the 1080 P IPS display resolution with a 120 Hz refreshing rate.

100% RGB calibrated 13.3 ‘’ display has a 4.9 mm thin bezel. A perfect size webcam is seen on the laptop’s exact point and comes with Windows Hello unlocking facilities.

Better Performing CPU

When looking inside the CPU, Razer Blade has the Intel Core i7 Isolated quad-core 1065 G7 processor. And it is available with hyperthreading for better performance and fast processing.  And the clock speed here is limited to only 15 W of power.

In high workload, this CPU clock speed drops to 1.4 to 1.5 GHz. If the application uses dedicated,GPU  Blade Stealth can perform pretty fast. So, for video editing and high-end multi-tasking, the Razer blade is quite faster.

Bigger Thumbs Up for the GPU

You will love Razer Blade Stealth for its GPU; that is just awesome and perfect for gaming with better graphics. Both NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 QMax and the 1650 TI Max Q give you a gem inside the pack.

It has been seen for any lighter game from different game test benchmarks that it can give higher play with 1080 P easily or even higher.

If you think about the noise and thermal control then, Razer Blade can handle better up to 32 dB noise and up to 58° CPU temperature with ease and thermal control. But in gaming, it surely gonna surprise you as it can handle up to 65° temperature under control.

The fans spin so economically that remain stop when it’s about light work and gives no noise either in high performance working.

Battery Back up of Razer Blade

Well, the battery is a crucial point to check in any laptop for long time usage. You can watch Netflix and high-end videos for up to 8 hours easily, and for general internet browsing and typing works, it will stay with you for up to 10 hours. The 65 W Lithium-ion Polymar battery comes with a 100 W power adapter and can provide a long-term performance output.

Memory & Connection Systems

For connection, there are more conveniences with Razer Blade. Type-C port is available on both sides for charging. The right port supports thunder Bolt 3. 2 Type-A port on each side is also available on Razer. For a wireless connection, Bluetooth 5.1, and wireless AX Wi-Fi 6 are also available for a better and more flexible connection.

However, a 3.5 mm audio jack or microphone, or headphone jack lets you connect the hearing support. Also, stereo 4 speakers with smart Amp features give a smooth and loud sound ever that might not be expected from such Ultrabook.

2 8 GB Dual-channel DDR4 ram is built-inside. No extra slot for Ram. A 512 GB PCle SSD comes with it that is upgradable.


  • Worlds fast gaming Ultrabook ever
  • Compact & lightweight feature
  • THX® Spatial Audio
  • More connection available for the gamers
  • The perfect laptop for both the gamers & creators


  • The design material lets fingerprints everywhere.

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Our Second Pick:  Dell XPS 13– Lightweight Performer laptop with FHD Infinity-Edge Display

Why We Recommend This One
Razer Blade comes with the NVIDIA GeForce graphics that strengthens the GPU part that most gamers love. However, Razer has tried to come out of their gaming world brought a new ultrabook that will do the job of gaming and other official work with ease. The sleek and stunning premium finishing gives a thundering look.

Check out the detailed feature here.

Design & Outlook

The durable design material of Dell will surely impress you. The Aero Space grade Aluminium material with Platinum Silver color on the exterior is mostly seen. And the interior has a black Carbon fiber finishing touch that gives a premium and smooth touch feel.

However, the new edition of XPS 13 comes with white color inside. But most love the black Carbon fiber one as it can give the soft-touch feel that the white one does not. It only weighs 2.64 lb,which is compact and easy to carry anywhere.

Comfortable Keyboard Layout & Touchpad

When you open the lid of the XPS 13 it automatically powers up like the Apple Macbook. So, no hassle for power on additionally. And the special part is the device is so handy that you can open it up with one hand.

The keyboard layout is in typical style –a long shift button with shorter press keys. The chicklet style backlit keyboard has 0.7 mm key travel of the keys. The keyboard is the 3rd gen keyboard of Dell.

2019 model of XPS 13 has the page up and down key side by side with the arrow keys, whereas in the 2020 edition, you can get rid of this trouble. Dell has fixed this by keeping those two keys aside.

The touchpad is super responsive with an enduring and lower clicking noise. Touchpad size is optimized enough with the total laptop size. Dell also has a fingerprint scanner button on the right corner of the keyboard.

Brighter & Adequate 13.3’’ Display

13.3 Inches display is enough for this size of a laptop. 1920 x 1200 resolution gives the 4Kfull HD display with 480 nit brightness feature. The color gamut is as like as the Razer Blade- 100% sRGB color gamut. Dolby Vision HDR supported display is just brighter and more accurate color.

Another feature corrected in the latest 2020 edition of XPS 13 is the webcam position, which was on the lower bezel in the previous edition. In the 2020 edition, the webcam has been given on the center top bezel that is pleasing, and the bezel is not broader at all.

You can rotate the display at a 360° angle and use it as tablet mode. However, as it supports Windows 10 so, you can use an adaptive pen also. Moreover, some edition comes with infinity display with anti-reflective touch feature that makes it incredible.

Windows Hello featuring face unlock is also available here. If you don’t want to use that then, you can use only the fingerprint button; the choice is yours.

CPU & GPU Performance

Like the Razer Blade Stealth, Dell also has the Core i7 isolate 1065 g7 quad-core processor with up to 25 W clock speed limit. When comparing clock speed benchmarks, Dell XPS 13 can go up to 3 GHz speed.  For the hyper-threading facilities, you can get this CPU clock speed up to 4GHz with Turbo boosting.

XPS 13 has the Intel Iris Xe graphics that is better for productive works like- video editing on Adobe premiere pro or general tasks but give an average performance on gaming. Well, this GPU does not exactly give a total output for the gamers. You can play, but on the continuous rough gaming, you may face lagging often.

Inside XPS 13, there are 2 fans in the latest 2020 edition that can provide more heat dissipation with lower noise.

Battery Longevity of XPS 13

Dell has a 4 cell battery inside with 52 W in-built. You get a power adapter of 65W with this laptop.

You can easily use it for 17 hours of battery backup that Dell claims. But in genuine, if you use it for general working and browsing, the battery will last up to 11 hours on average. And if you watch Netflix movies, it can stay up to 7 to 8 hours; that is quite enough for this size laptop.

Connection Ports & Memory

XPS 13 gives you a little less option in case of the connection ports. On one side, you get a USB Type-C port and a mini SD card slot. And on the other side, another Type-C port and a microphone or headphone combo jack.

Sorry here for no additional type-A port. But all two Type-C ports are Thunder Bolt -4 compatible.

For the wireless connection feature, it has the Bluetooth 5.1 and Killer WiFi 6 AX strip that sadly you can’t upgrade.

To talk about memory is quite sufficient for such a laptop. Some edition come with 32 GB RAM and other in 16 GB LPDDR4X RAM that is not upgradable as comes in-built. Up to 1 TB or 512 GB,SSD on board is here that you can’t upgrade later.

The sound quality might not give you as good as the Macbook but better enough with 2 Stereo speakers of 2.5 W professionally tuned with the Waves MaxxAudio® pro.


  • Thinner & slim designed compact laptop
  • Carbon fiberglass inner make sleek look
  • Fingerprint sensor button for security
  • Wider &brighter display
  • Best for multi-tasking & official use


  • Not best for heavy gaming
  • Less connection port

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Which Laptop Is for You?

When summing up with the comparison on Razer Blade Stealth Vs XPS 13, it’s quite hard to make one winner leaving another. Both are pretty good with quality assurance and performance features.

But if you have a dedicated usage purpose, like only for high gaming with some other work, then no doubt Razer Blade is the best pick on a budget. However, for regular working to the creator’s choice, go for XPS 13 if you are not looking for gaming, and playing is a mere part.

However, Razer Blade without the dedicated GPU is also considered if your focus is not only on gaming; instead, you want the Razer Blade. But in that case, it’s far better to go for the XPS 13 with the same specs and even better.

Well, the ultimate choice is yours. We just show you the spec keeping the two side by side to make your choice easier.


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