Rancho 5000 Vs 7000: Know Everything to Improve Your Riding Experience

What’s the difference between the Rancho 5000 and the Rancho 7000 steering stabilizers? Well, their main dissimilarity is in their surface design. The Rancho 5000 features low-pressure imposed twin shocks, while the 7000 comes with high-pressure imposed monotube shock. 

A Rancho suspension is a perfect addition to improving your on-balance ride quality. But, the debate of Rancho 5000 vs 7000 can get you baffled with the vast options.

That’s why, today, we’ll break down all the aspects to help you go with the right pick. Let’s begin.

The Basic Comparison Table Rancho 5000 VS 7000

Key Point Rancho RS5000Rancho 7000
Surface DesignLow pressure-imposed twin tube shockHigh-pressure Nitrogen gas-imposed monotube and twin-tube shock
Valve Setup10-stage valving  10-stage sensitive velocity valving
PistonGlass-filled Fluon bandedOff-road Fluon banded
Best UseOn-road SUVs and trucksBest for oversized tires and wheels

Rancho Shocks 5000 vs 7000: What’s with the Tube Types?

The launching of the suspension system changed the entire driving game, and that’s where tube type comes in. Regarding that, the Rancho 5000 is a twin-tube, and the 7000 is a monotube. 

Now, the 5000 offers high-degree flexibility with its twin-tube-designed shocks. Armed with Cross-tuned technology and gas pressurization technology, these shocks provide a convenient highway ride while being flexible throughout off-road riding on any lifted position. 

On the other hand, whether pavement or trail, the 7000 shocks are featured for adventure. RS7000 shocks are a high-class performance upgrade for light SUVs and trucks with higher gravity centers.

These monotube shocks are highly potent at dissolving heat, driving the vehicles substantial for off-road use. So, you can handle anything coming your way with these application-tuned shocks for off-road and on-road handling accuracy. 

Valve And Piston Difference Between Rancho Rs5000 And 7000MT

The Rancho 5000 comes with 10-stage velocity progressive engagement sensitive valving for smoother and advanced compression and rebound cycling.

Plus, it brings highway and trail driving aspects and allows each car to get tuned according to its particular specifications. You’ll be impressed by its capacity to heave both lifted and stock vehicles.

Besides, its 35-mm diameter piston plays the only purpose of improving the vehicle’s performance, nevertheless the environment you explore. This is one of the significant features that make the RS5000 most favorite among the truck drivers and owners.

Because of the nitro-carburized piston, the shocks become more robust and free you from the worry of breaking down while riding off-roads or highways. 

On the contrary, the Rancho 7000 comes with 10-stage 3-application specific valve monotube struts that can quickly dissolve the heat, making the vehicle suitable for off-road use. Moreover, the automatic sensation and response feature to any stabilizer input of these shocks is highly effective. 

And the free-floating and Fluon dividing banded piston maintains a persistent pressure as opposed to hydraulic oil. As a result, the rates of aeration and shock-fade decrease.

Moreover, the 46-mm piston ensures sustained sealing between the monotube and piston for accurate control, handling, and ride.

Additionally, a 14-mm toughened chrome piston rod holds out against corrosion and scuffs, double-jointed arcs at pressure areas, hot tube forming, and dual strength closure technique.

Construction Differences Between Both Rancho Shocks

Rancho 5000 includes rubber-brushed dual-welded mounts, which help improve its durability. While your vehicle’s performance is boosted (see also ‘What Is Boost In A Car‘) regardless of the environment, comfort also gets reinforced. So, the dual-chromed rigid rods and overall framework make the driving sensation comfortable. 

Moreover, the rubber bushings in the Rancho rs5000 are about 50% thicker, which adds firmness to your automotive’s construction. These shocks can withstand up to 241 hours of spraying test with a clean and robust exterior finish. 

On the other side, RS7000 comes with a black satin finish, and an exclusive red Rancho logo gives it a distinctive eye-catching look. As this 2-in-1 large monotube body contains all-weather fluid, it can handle internal temperatures from 40 up to 248- degrees Fahrenheit. 

Besides, the RS7000 consists of a hydraulic lockout for cushioning the impact, as the vehicle stabilizer is thoroughly lengthened. The bore monotube construction of this 46-mm stabilizer is ideal for more extensive and light SUVs, trucks, and more. 

Rancho Shocks 5000 & 7000: Performance Hype

Providing the specific vehicle tuning feature, RS5000 ensures excellent performance in every environment. Plus, the included protective boot protects the oil seal and the shock.

These iconic suspensions come with extreme flexibility and comfort. Because of its unique design and quality, this set of vehicle stabilizers will fit your suspension requirements. 

And Rancho 5000 makes exploring different off-roads and highways, even in different weather, much more accessible. Plus, these shocks are produced so that you can easily install them without the help of an expert. 

On the other hand, the RS7000 provides improved firmness over stock twin tubes by decreasing body roll in tight turns and elusive maneuvers. An amalgamated dirt-wiper sealing system keeps debris and dirt out.

The hardened piston rod provides flexible damping, reducing shock-fade for a better sensation of both on-road and off-road riding. 

This shock’s shouldered-rubber bushings and interior rebound bumper help reduce vibration, noise, and harshness while riding the vehicle. And top of that, the PTFE banded piston intensifies sensitivities to changing terrain conditions for experiencing a smoother ride. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is the difference between Rancho 5000 and 9000 shocks?

The primary feature that makes Rancho shocks 9000 different from 5000 is its valving-wise adjustability. The Rancho 9000 comes featured with nine levels of adjustable knob rendering to on/off your SUVs, trucks, and jeeps. On the other hand, RS5000 shock offers a 10-stage sensitive velocity valving performance that allows tuning for a particular vehicle model.

What is the difference between Rancho RS5000 and RS5000X?

RS5000 suspension has been a popular choice globally. Significantly, among the truck owners looking for off-road prowess and on-road comfort. On the contrary, the RS5000X was rolled out later in 2015 as a developed version of RS5000. The main target of this model was to suit SUVs and trucks better.

Are Rancho RS5000X any good?

Well, RS5000X is an improved version with Cross-tuned technology and gas pressurization. As a result, it offers excellent performance in both incompetent off-road and on-road manners. The sensation of RS5000X driving is almost the same as the RS5000 suspension-fast and smooth adjustment after jolts with enough strength to keep moving.

Which shock is better: Bilstein or Rancho?

Judging only one side story makes it difficult to say whether Rancho is better than Rancho. At the time of the comparison, you’ll notice several traits that are comparably better outdo with Rancho suspensions. For example, the high gas pressurizing and shocks construction make them substantial. On the contrary, as far as longevity and heavy-duty performance are concerned, Bilstein suspensions are a great choice.

Do Rancho shocks lift your truck?

Whether you have a Chevy Silverado, Ford F-150, or GMC Sierra, you can easily upgrade the vehicle to the required level with the help of the QuickLift leveling system from Rancho. The Rancho Level IT Shock kit is adjustable for up to 33” tires. With this 3-application specific Level It shock kit, you get an easy and economical upgrade to arrange the vehicle in a line.

Final Verdict

Based on real-life experience, we’ve explained the comparison of Rancho 5000 vs 7000. However, it’s not necessary to be a winner, as both Rancho stabilizers will allow you increased control over your vehicle.

Even if you’re on off-road riding, you’ll experience the superior quality of on-road riding. No matter what Rancho suspension you choose, it’ll play its role depending on your vehicle’s specific application, implication, and need.

So, don’t go for a debate on which one is better. Pick the one that fits your vehicle.

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