Permatex 2 Vs 3 –The Best Gasket Sealant

Permatex 2 Vs 3, which form of gasket sealant do you need? We know that you’re going to have to deal with a lot of confusion while choosing from the same brand of gasket sealant.

However, both Permatex 2 and 3 sealants are best to use for automotive applications. Besides, they also share roughly the same features.

Therefore, all you need to do is understand their basic differences. So, you can pick the best sealant that you require most.

So, what is the difference between them that makes one sealant far better than another? All right, the Permatex 2 gasket sealant is great to adhere to non-rigid materials while the Permatex 3 gasket sealant is perfect to use for close-fitting machined surfaces and aviation applications.

Well, in this article, you will find guidance based on their comparison that will assist in selecting the most suitable one to meet your requirements.

A Quick Comparison Of Permatex 2 Vs 3

Key FactsPermatex 2Permatex 3
Types of SealantConsent to MIL-S-45180 D and Type II Gasket maker sealantConsent to MIL-S-45180 D and Type III Gasket maker sealant
Adhering CapabilityAdheres most to non-rigid partsAdheres to most surfaces
Sealant texturePaste-like sealantNon-hardening liquid sealant
ApplicationsUsed to seal on oil pan gaskets, valve covers, etc.Used to seal on Close-fitting parts, solid gaskets, sealing hoses, etc.

Our Competitor Pick: Permatex 2- A Sealant with Super Adherent Quality

Why Should You Choose This Gasket Sealant?

Permatex 2 form-A- gasket sealer is one of the most popular go-to-gasket makers to automotive technicians. With its super adhering capability, you can use this sealant on aviation as well as automotive applications no matter what the working condition is.

It maintains the best sealing quality and also the feature you like most is you can use it for your heavy-duty but flexible requirements.

Provides Best Sealant Type

Permatex 2 sealer assures you that you have the best sealant type-Gasket makers. This type of sealant is at the top of the list of technicians’ preferences. This is because while retaining excellent sealing efficiency, it also ensures you a durable and stronger mating.

It comes with a feasible paste-like sealer texture that is intended for not only dressing and coating but also for sealing cut gaskets. One of the most significant features of Permatex 2 is this sealant is non-hardening and dries slowly. Thus, it lets you give more time so you can easily assemble the flexible as well as stamped automotive parts.

A Wide Variety Of Applications

This Permatex no. 2 gasket sealer can be used for a wide variety of applications. It doesn’t matter whether it is for aviation or automotive applications, this gasket maker works extremely well.

However, it is best suited for sealing the non-rigid, stamped, and vibrating assemblies such as oil pan gaskets, valve covers, etc. As such, if you need to disassemble the parts, this sealant allows you to disassemble.

Temperature Range

The continuous temperature range that the sealer can withstand is minus 65 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. With the help of this temperature range, this sealer maintains its sealing quality and provides you a leak-proof, stronger, and durable gasket sealing on the flexible parts.

Quantity of Permatex No.2 Sealer

When it comes to measuring the quantity of the sealant, for Permatex 2, it ranges from 1.5 ounces to 11 ounces. And, you will get this sealant in a tube which will be either carded or boxed. Therefore, if you want to use this sealer on several housing covers, it will be very easy for you to seal them.


Although Permatex 3 is comparatively a top product, yet, Permatex 2 also shares some same benefits as no. 3 gasket sealant. Moreover, the quantity range and wide application features of this sealant are the most attractive facts that you desire.

To sum up, if you want to seal the flexible stamped parts and cut gaskets with an easy disassemble feature, this Permatex 2 is a great choice for you.

And, one of the most significant reasons to buy this sealer is it ensures you a leak-proof sealant by sealing off any potential leaks completely. Therefore, there is no chance to ignore this sealant after all.

Permatex 3- A Gasket Sealant For Close Tolerance Flanges

Why Should You Consider This Aviation Gasket Sealer?

All right, as you may know, the brand Permatex manufactures a wide variety of excellent gasket sealers; therefore, the Permatex 3 aviation gasket sealer is no exception. Like Permatex 2, this one is another demanded go-to-sealer for the experts.

The technicians from worldwide also prefer this gasket sealer for their heavy-duty projects. Surprisingly, this gasket maker adheres to most of the surfaces and works great in all gasket sealing situations.

The Permatex 3 sealer seals the aviation and automobile parts efficiently and also is a great choice for not only your import model but also for the domestic vehicles of any year. So, choosing this one will be a money-worth investment all in all.

However, as we said before Permatex 2 sealer is great for sealing non-rigid parts. But, when it comes to seal the close-fitting parts, you should obviously consider Permatex 3 gasket sealant. Its brush-top sealing feature makes it suitable to seal those tight-fitting flanges.

It Offers You An Excellent Sealant Texture

Permatex 3 comes with an incredible non-hardening liquid sealant-type texture. It is typically a thin sealant intended for coating, brushable dressing, and sealing tight-fitting parts cut gasket. For this non-hardening liquid texture, it is best suited for threaded connections.

However, like the Permatex 2, this one is also a slow-drying but a brush-top gasket sealant. Therefore, you can apply this sealant on your brush-on sealer application which assures you that there is no need to apply much sealant on the sealing parts.

Great Enduring Temperature Range of Permatex 3 Gasket Sealant

This gasket sealer also features a fantastic continuous temperature range of minus 65 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit that is the same temperature as Permatex 2 has. However, the intermittent temperature that this sealant can withstand is 400 degrees Fahrenheit up to 5000 psi pressures.

With this temperature and slow-drying feature, you can easily assemble your automotive parts and also can create a leak-proof and tough gasket.

Possesses Super Adhering Capabilities

This aviation sealer has a great adhering capability. And thus, it perfectly adheres to close-fitting parts of the machined surfaces, solid cut gaskets, aviation engines, sealing hoses, threaded connections, etc.

Therefore, you can use it for different multiple aviation, marine, and automotive applications. And also, due to this adhering capability, it lets you offer a flexible sealant setting.

Resistant Feature Of Permatex 3 Sealer

One of the most striking features of this sealant is that it is resistant to not only high-detergent oils and aviation fuels but also lubricants such as gasoline, grease, oil, etc.

Besides, it is also antifreeze resistant. So, you can easily store this sealant in a cool as well as dry location where the temperature range is 46 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit.


The quantity of this brush-top aviation gasket sealant ranges from 4 ounces to 16 ounces which you can get available in a bottle. So, sealing the gasket for your heavy-duty requirements will be a more convenient task.


This Permatex no. 3 sealer is slow-drying and its sealer stuff is injected towards different aviation and also automotive applications. Its sealing efficiency is outstanding and it is used for especially close endurable flanges. Overall, its sealant texture makes it suitable for use on most surfaces.

Final Thoughts

So, we have come to the final part of our Permatex 2 vs 3 form-A-gasket sealer comparison. In this article, we have fairly covered both of the gasket sealers’ features and also have analyzed them properly to let you know which one is preferable for you.

Besides, we have mentioned before that both Permatex sealers share common benefits. So, without knowing the detailed description, it will be quite tough for you to choose the right one.

However, from the overall analysis of their feature, it appears that the Permatex 3 sealant is more preferable compared to Permatex 2.

The reason is that it offers a reliable as well as the best sealing efficiency and also provides a wide surface range application. Yet, this no. 2 sealer is not ignorable also as it delivers some same advantages.

So, now is the time that you will decide on which sealer you will go for fulfilling the sealing projects.

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