Peloton Vs Orangetheory- It’s Time to Choose Your Weight Loss Partner!

Boutique fitness is the new trend in modern society. Whereas some are physical gyms, some are online platforms providing workout regimes during the pandemic. Peloton vs orangetheory, one is the online platform for home workouts, and the other is a physical boutique gym that we like to join to stay in shape.

Staying in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle is a very good choice, and most people nowadays are leaning towards that lifestyle. However, during this pandemic, it is pretty challenging to go to a gym; that is where online platforms are taking the business. Furthermore, some do not prefer the online method of home workouts; instead, they like going to a gym, especially for the environment.

Our article will give you an overview of online vs physical workout scenarios or Peloton vs organgtheory, which is better for you and gives you the most overall benefits.

The Difference Between Peloton Vs Orangetheory

To show you some of the differences between Peloton vs Orangtheory, we have a short comparison table with some key points that we found necessary for you to know.

PlatformIt is online, and you can access it anytime during the dayIt is a physical fitness zone, so not going there after hours
CostLess expensive with $12.99 a month for membershipMore costly, with packages going almost up to $499
Workout varietyYou are getting more variety with programsPhysical fitness center, so you do what they teach
CommunityNo physical community to interact withYou get a physical community to interact with while working out
FlexibilityAs it is a platform, you are able to take the class at any timeScheduled class times make it kind of difficult

The Cost of both Theory

Both Peloton and Orangetheory have different cost and pricing methods according to their packages. However, Peloton is more affordable than the other one. Moreover, it is a per-month fee system with Peloton; on the other hand Orangetheory is more like a membership fee to attend classes, but you also have package deals.

First, starting with Orangetheory, you have a free introductory class then you will have to pay for membership to attend the classes. The introductory sessions aim to make you like their process, environment, and system rather than the actual exercise routine. When you decide to attend orangetheory, then you have different options such as –

  • The single class enrollment costs around $28 per class.
  • Basis package, which includes your four classes costing around $59 per month.
  • You can also get the Elite package for $99 per month.
  • They recommend the premier package, which includes unlimited classes every month and costs around $159 per month.
  • You also can get ten, twenty, and thirty class packages that respectively cost around $199, $359, and $499 per month.

Moreover, you can also spend an additional $99 – $115 for the heart rate monitor, which is not mandatory. Paying for the monthly membership is much more flexible as you can cancel it at any time rather than a thirty or twenty package deal.

Now, Peloton is much more affordable if you compare it with Orangetheory. You have two main tiers on the platform, Bike or Bike+. The bike comes with a large monitor which connects to the spin classes. However, it is not mandatory as you can follow the online platform for non-bike workouts.

The standard membership fee without the bike you will have to pay $12.99 per month. However, you will have $39 for all-access membership with the peloton bike, which includes fourteen live daily classes, strength training classes, yoga, and running.

Most of these workouts will require some equipment such as – dumbbells and mats. Moreover, if you consider getting the peloton bike, it will cost around $1895, and with the bike and all additional features will go up to $2495. It is a one-time payment for the bike and features; after that, only the $39 per month membership fee.

Although it seems a lot with the bike and features, it is not mandatory to attend the regular fitness classes with just $12.99 a month, which is perfect for your fitness and health. Moreover, if you run, jog, or already have a treadmill or exercise bike, there is no point in buying the Peloton bike.

Peloton Vs Organetheory which is better

Both platforms are great for fitness; however, the Peloton takes the cake in terms of affordability, accessibility, and easy-to-use. The Organetheory is a physical fitness gym, whereas Peloton is an online fitness platform. Both allow you to get your body in shape, but when you tend to use something or some facility, we look for the price and features at that price.

The Peloton is more affordable than the Organetheory, and you are also getting the option to work out in your home environment. You will only pay for the monthly membership fee, which is $12.99 per month, and additional features such as – peloton bike if you want that also. Other than that, there is no extra charge for classes, and you are also getting daily courses without worrying about your package.

On the other hand, the Organetheory has a lot of options regarding the membership fees and monthly packages. However, we consider it to be over-rated according to the price as you cannot go out of the regime. Moreover, it is a physical fitness center, so there are other expenses you also have to count. Other than that, it is a very good option if you are into those boutique fitness centers.

The Peloton is much more convenient to use as you have one-on-one interaction with your trainer, daily classes, and no worries about package deals. However, Organetheory gives you the physical community that most people prefer, which is a plus point. But considering the features, price, and comfort, the Peloton takes the cake in our books.

The Convenience Provided by Peloton and Orangetheory

The Peloton and orangetheory bot provides a great environment and features for their customers. However, we will have to select Peloton as it is affordable, convenient to use, and also you are leaving your home during this pandemic.

Bot are fitness gyms, but one is online, and the other is location. That means you will have to physically go there for your workouts which during the Covid-19 situation is very risky, and not to mention most of the gyms, shops, or other things closes very early. That does not allow you to get the room for your workout time, and also it makes it more difficult for office-going people. As they do have work, and by the time they are free to utilize that time and go to the gym, it will be closed.

So, the online platform is much more convenient, in our opinion. You can use it anytime, anywhere, and also you are using it from your home, which is both safe and secure. Moreover, it also limits your physical interaction with other people, which is the best thing for everyone. Another thing peloton is very affordable if you compare with the Orangetheory, which $499 for thirty classes a month, and you are getting that with additional features in jus $12.99 per month membership fee from Peloton.

The Community Structure of Peloton and Orangetheory

The Peloton community is what makes us turn to it every time. If I tell you from my experience then, before I had my 9 to 5 job, it was very easy for me to go to a fitness gym. Moreover, I also had the time to participate in the Orangetheory community events and challenges. However, it became a lot more difficult for me to take out time for these events after getting the job. That is when I started my journey with the Peloton community.

It is an online community, so I do not have to be there physically, and I can still participate in their daily events. Moreover, the community is very interactive and supportive, making me want to join with them more and more. Another thing, especially during this unfortunate pandemic situation it is a better choice overall to have an online platform for both exercise and interactions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will I lose weight with Orangetheory?

Orangetheory is a fitness center, and the main program is around burning calories. Moreover, every program or package includes strength training, stamina buildup, and yoga, ultimately making your body lose fat. They have registered dietitians and ACMS-certified trainers to guide you through your journey of losing weight. Furthermore, the high-intensity workout programs will compel you to lose belly fat in no time.

Does Peloton make you lose weight?

Peloton is an online fitness and exercise platform designed to keep you fit and in shape with daily workouts. Just like any other fitness program we join, the main goal is to lose weight and get into shape as quickly as possible. That is precisely what you can do with peloton programs. Moreover, as it is an online platform, you are doing the exercises in your house’s comfort zone, which makes it more convenient. The training on the Peloton includes high-intensity workouts, running, and other cardio exercises that target your belly and give you the necessary definition of your body.

Is Orange theory worth the money?

It depends on what you are going for in terms of physique and health. If you want to lose weight and look good without sufficient muscle gain, the orangetheory is an excellent choice. Moreover, you also get a heart rate monitor to measure your pulse, and exercises will burn a lot of calories in your body very fast. So, if you want a fantastic body in the summers, then we highly recommend the Ornagetheory.

Is Orangetheory twice a week enough?

If you are a beginner and just starting your journey on the road of fitness, then twice a week is sufficient. It will give your body the necessary time to recover from the intense cardio workout. However, it is better to a day or two of workout in your week cause as you progress, your body will not respond that much as it did in the beginning. So, add more days of exercise in your week as you progress but twice a week with orangetheory for a beginner is enough.


Peloton vs Orangetheory comparing the both was not that easy as both are very prominent in the fitness industry. Moreover, both have a very good reputation among their clients. However, if you think closely, none of them are better than the other, but both are equally efficient in their fields.

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