Nikon 16×56 Vs Vortex Kaibab- Ready To Get The Best One?

Nikon 16x56 Vs Vortex Kaibab

Usually, the case with looking for sensibly priced binoculars is that you end up coming across a handful of options that are actually quality in features, functionality, and other aspects. And if you are here for high-powered mid-range ones then getting confused between Nikon 16×56 vs vortex Kaibab is a very probable thing to happen. Since both of these are well-known among binocular enthusiasts for their amazing performance and extraordinary capabilities in sighting.

And that might just have bought you to this comparison we are going to hold between both of these excellent picks. Don’t worry about being perplexed anymore. Since we are here to help you decide which one should be a perfect get for you depending on quite a few aspects and things. Let’s get those covered through a review style comparison. Keep on Reading…

Nikon 16×56 Vs Vortex Kaibab Binoculars

Nikon Monarch 5 16×56

Vortex Optics Kaibab HD 18×56

Exit Pupil

3.5 mm exit pupil for low-light performance 3.1 mm exit pupil for peak clarity


Central focusing system with 16x magnification Central focusing system with 18x magnification

Field of View

215 feet at 1000 yards linear and 4.1 degrees angular field of view 194 feet at 1000 yards linear and 3.7 degrees angular field of view

Weight Point

43.4 ounces 43.5 ounces

Lens Style

Nikon’s legendary Extra-low Dispersion glass lenses HD Extra-low Dispersion Index-matched lenses

Close Focus Distance

16.4 feet 23 feet

Quality Assurance

1 year of warranty service Lifetime quality assurance

Vortex Optics Kaibab HD 18×56 Binocular– Find All-In-One Option for Big Games

Why We Recommend This One
Made to be used with a tripod for long-term, comfortable, and rock-steady option on big games, The Vortex Kaibab binocular is a dope option. It’s also great to give a fine visual picture in tough to locate big games.

Magnification Power

Thanks to this binocular 18x magnification that allows you to view in great zooming power. Besides, it helps you to track your aim from a good distance with a wider viewing facility. This 18x magnification also helps to add a closer look at the object you are targeting.

Amazingly, this binocular features an APO optical system that helps you to view in a premium, high density, and extra-low dispersion focus. It as well allows you to find a long-range clarity for its anti-reflective coating that makes sure giving good light transmission.

Objective Lens

Not only that this binocular offer great zooming power but also have excellent 56 mm objective lenses that help your eye to spot aim at a great range. It also makes sure you see pictures in a brighter, clearer, and sunbeam quality in any location.

Moreover, this binocular comes with a great focus wheel that allows you to get a slow and controlled image acquisition. It also helps you to get the right eye diaper locks to always get a flawless image. This thing also makes sure to give an eye relief image in a critical range.

Waterproof & Durability

It comes with a rain guard in the package that allows you to get the right usage in any weather. This binocular as well make sure you to use in rain, sun, and snowy area. It is also great for giving protection to be able to observe animals with no damage.

On top of that, this Kaibab HD binocular contains durable and non-slip rubber armor that makes sure you hold with no struggle. It as well helps with no wear and tears even after years of usage. This binocular also ensures good guards against breaks or cracks.

Exit Pupil

The Kaibab HD binocular offers a 3.5 mm exit pupil for low-light performance and extra clarity. It also makes sure you view an object from afar with the right brightness and contrast to avoid missing it even if the object is moving.

Unlike others, this binocular has an IPD option that allows you to get a center of the left and right pupil at a space. It on top allows you to get a fine image viewing ease in a rough state with no foggy, shading, or other hitches. This thing also ensures good array and control.


  • This binocular comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • It comes with a standard and good-looking case.
  • This binocular comes at a reliable price range with fine quality and options.
  • It comes with a lens cloth to use on the surface to clean well.
  • The package included a tripod adapter to use on a car.
  • It comes with Argon gas purging


  • We would love it more if the field of view is higher.

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Nikon Monarch 5 16×56 Binocular– Get Field of View with This One

Why We Recommend This One
For those of you who want an all-conditions optical performance with a great field of view, then this 16×56 binocular is your finest bet. In any lighting, it assures giving the coolest FOV to view in critical angle comfortably.

Premium Lens

This binocular comes with a fine light-reflective lens coating that ensures you see targets in the right lighting on any area. It also ensures you to view an aim in the full visible range. This binocular as well allows you to get a sharp, bright, and natural image on any game.

But wait, that is not all. This binocular also has turn-and-slide rubber eyecups that allow your eye a great viewing on the left and right sides. It on top ensures you to get adjust comfort viewing for a custom fit with fine FOV. This binocular eyecup also ensures ease of usage.


Made to use in any weather, this binocular offers a rubber-armored coating to makes sure good usage. It on top makes certain you get a non-slip feel even if holding for a long while. This binocular also allows you to get great usage on the wettest conditions with no hitch.

It on top comes with Nitrogen filled and O-ring sealed that help you to get a better watertight and fog-proof performance. This binocular as well allows you to get fine safety against wet and foggy snags when hunting on big games. It also makes sure no water or sun spoils.

Field of View

It comes with roof style prism that allows you to get a slim, sleek, less burden, and rocky feel when viewing your aim. This binocular also ensures you get a fine field of viewing at 59.6° degrees. It as well makes sure you are getting rich contrast and light when viewing objects.

No matter how far you want to see with this binocular, it features an intuitive design that helps your eyes to view well. It on top allows you to get a fast and detailed focus on both far and closer view. The intuitive design of this binocular as well ensures a good focus point.

Light in Weight

This binocular is light in weight that ensures you easily carry or hold it when hunting. It also allows you to get fine access and storing facility. The lightness of this binocular as well helps your hand to hold by fitting on the tripod or other stuff at ease.

It on top makes sure you carry with correct shape and balance to use well. The Nike 16×56 binocular lightness also allows your hand to get rid of fatigue and use it all day long with no hitch. It on top ensures ease of storing.


  • This binocular is light in weight to carry with no bulk.
  • It comes with a brilliant field of view for better clarity and sharpness.
  • This binocular comes at a friendly price rate
  • Provides a year of quality assurance.
  • It comes with a 16.4 ft. close-focus point.
  • Good viewing in better contrast and lighting effect.
  • This binocular features a great design that allows finest depth perception.
  • It comes with a bright and clear focal point to view objects for hunting.


  • Some people find this binocular limited in features.

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Which One Is the Winner?

To put it in a nutshell, both Nikon and Vortex brand models hold special weight with great features. If we have to say the real winner among both picks, it would be Vortex Kaibab for its excellent magnification and objective lens support. But that does not make Nikon the worst choice. In fact, you should have realized by the features we just discussed, that in some aspects it’s pretty promising.

So, making a choice on your personal preference while keeping your requirements for a perfect binocular in mind should be the best route overall. We hope you can do that after reading these comparison slash reviews.


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