Nike Metcon 3 Vs 4 – The Comparison Saga Between Two Shoe King!

In the world of cross-training, the part of a well-made and built-to-support pair of shoe play is beyond important. Because when you engage in high-intensity workouts or activities, the chances of calling an injury are quite much. And to make sure that horrible soreness or any sort of hurt can ever reach your feet, finding the best cross-training shoes must be the answer.

Today we will be breaking down two of the crazy popular series from Nike that come with some amazing shoe pairs for cross-training needs. Yes, it’s going to be a complete battle between the Nike Metcon 3 Vs 4.

Which one among both of the series will make your needs more valid for cross-training usage, we’ll try to find that answer for you. Keep on Reading…

Nike Metcon 3 Vs 4 Cross Training Shoe Series

Even though both Metcon 3 and 4 series made training shoes for similar purposes, still they hold great variation in features and qualities.

To make it clear, let’s start with the diverse points of both series in the comparison table:

Key FactsNike Metcon 3Nike Metcon 4
DurabilityLess durable for long-term usageStable and more durable than its previous models
Upper CushioningContain thick mesh in the upperHave thin and lighter fabric in the upper
BreathabilityNot breathable enough for hot weather useMore breathable than the Metcon 3 models
Light In WeightNot light in weight compared to othersLight in weight to provide feet support
Good ForBox jumps, rope climbs, sprints, and heavy weight liftingLifting heavy weights, jumping, climbing, and running.

Comparing Durability Of Metcon 3 And 4

The durability of training shoes will ensure a longer lifespan and usability. Both Metcon 3 and 4 series training shoes got different ages of lasting ability.

The Metcon 3 training shoes are born solid to last a fixed while. Alternatively, the Metcon 4 series training shoes are tough and solid to withstand any terrain. The shoes of this series also absorb impact and shock.

Among both series, the Metcon 4 series designed training shoes will let you run farther for a long time.

Gaps Between The Upper Construction Of Metcon And & 4

In every Nike Metcon 3 review, this series included training shoes uppers are thick and cushioned to let your feet do anything with no injury or discomfort. Conversely, the Metcon 4 training shoes are thin and weightless which doesn’t protect the arch and ankle.

Even if both series provided shoes are good in different ways, the thicker upper will provide external support and protection.

Dissimilarity Between Both Series Breathability

The Metcon 3 and 4 series training shoes have different design and vents for ventilation. However, one has better breathability than another.

Needless to say, the Metcon 3 offered most training shoes are less breathable for their sole and covered frame. Yet, the Metcon 4 training shoes are relatively good in breathability to keep your feet free from hotness and sweat.

Enough breathability on training shoes will give better comfort and cooling sensation. And so, the Metcon 4 is people’s choice.

Comparison On Weight Between Metcon 3 And  4 Series

Light and heavy loads of a shoe will grant different foot support. Both Metcon 3 and 4 series weight point poles them apart. Yet, most people find Metcon 4 good for its lightness.

For Metcon 3, its training shoes are heavier for thicker cushion compared to others. Quite the opposite, the Metcon 4 included training shoes hold lighter cushion which makes them weightless.

Depending on the weight of training shoes, the lighter one will give fine traction and footing to perform most sports activities well.

Disparity Between Performance Of Nike Metcon 3 And 4

Both Nike Metcon 3 and 4 series training shoe performance ranks differently. However, there is a frontrunner.

For what it’s worth, the Metcon 3 training shoes are designed for box jumps, rope climbs, sprints, and heavy weight lifting purposes. And, this series focuses on strength and versatility for multi-use. On the contrary, Metcon 4 is good for jumping, climbing, and running, etc.

In fitness usage or events, the versatile and handy training shoe will serve well to train oneself faster.

Final Thoughts Between Metcon 3 vs. 4

To keep it short, the war between Nike Metcon 3 Vs 4 series is argumentative among most people when choosing a winner.

But, you should consider Metcon 4 at the top spot for its exceptional points. From the upper, midsole, and sole structure, the Metcon 4 series included training shoes are made foolproof for use on tough fitness activities comfortably.

They are budget-friendly and flexible compare to training shoes of the Metcon 3 series. That doesn’t mean the Metcon 3 is the least favorable option.

They grant great versatility and protection against injury to be tried out. Yet, if you want the best in both worlds, just go for Metcon 4.

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