Motorcraft SP-519 Vs SP-548: Which Is Ideal for Proper Ignition?

It needs no say about the Motorcraft spark plugs when it comes to quality. But there are a wide range of models. Two of them taking the center point of today’s controversy are the dilemma between Motorcraft SP-519 vs SP-548.

SP 519 and SP 548 can work as a supplement for each other. But the slight difference between Sp-519 and Sp-548 is in the electrode material that is Iridium in SP-519 and Platinum in SP-548. However, it’s hard to find the SP-519 now.

Let’s take you on the tour of these two spark plugs with positive and negative vibes so that you can be very sure before picking the right spark plugs for healthy engine combustion.


Motorcraft Sp-519 Vs SP-548: Comparison At A Glance

Motorcraft SP-519Motorcraft SP-548
Center Electrode MaterialIridiumPlatinum
Replacement Part NumberNGK 95853
NGK 94806
Dimension in inches ( L x H x W)‎3.6 x 4.1 x 1.1 ‎3.7 x 1 x 1
Weight (in Ounces)‎1.6‎0.798
Gap Size.042.051
OE Part NumberSP 519, CYFS12F1SP 548, CYFS12F1
Price PointUndoubtedly costlier than the SP 548 for the Iridium electrodeComparatively less expensive than the SP 519

Similarities Between SP-548 And SP-519

Well, the Motorcraft SP-548 is basically a supersed of the SP-519. And so major technical specs are quite a same on both spark plugs, except the center tip material. The table below will clear out that for sure.

Hex Size 16 mm
Thread Size 14 mm
Thread Reach 0.984  inch
Ground Electrode Number 1
Heat Range 6
Insulator Height 59 mm

Let’s discuss the detailing review of both spark plugs and bring out the actual difference that the battle stands for.

Our Recommended Pick: Motorcraft SP-548– A Better Bang for the Buck

Why Do We Recommend This?

From the SP-519 and SP-548 spark plug models, SP-548 gets the maximum votes. Its double Platinum electrode on the center gives an outstanding performance level than the SP-519 could have done. On top, a beneficial fact is you can use SP-548 spark plugs as a replacement for the SP-519.

Now, get a sip at the detailed view of Motorcraft SP-548.

Core Material Brings the Difference

The significant difference you can find in the SP-548 and SP-519 is the material used inside the spark plug. SP-548 is a double Platinum spark plug where there Is a Platinum pad on both electrodes.

You can find a 0.8mm wire design with the double Platinum featuring plugs for better ignition functioning with extended service intervals up to 100,000.

Robust Thread Design

Almost all spark plugs come with a robust shell threaded so that the plugs finely fit in the standard 14 mm hole of the combustion cylinder head. However, a tapered gasket seat also comes with plugs to fit accurately in the cylinder head.

Oh, the important part is SP-548 plugs come with high-strength steel thread to ensure the sound fit inside the cylinder.

Pre- Set Air Gap Provides Accuracy

The air gap between two electrodes in a spark plug decides whether your engine combustion gets the misfire or a perfect ignition. And so, the gap needs to be the accurate one from 0.508 to 1.016 mm.

Motorcraft SP-548 spark plug comes pre-gapped, meaning the gap is set perfectly with the accurate gap size to have a complete ignition without any energy loss. The plugs are also redesigned for the modern 3-valves triton engines.

Crazy Performance Result

Let’s talk about the performance output of an engine after installing the SP-548 spark plug. It will undoubtedly give you a smooth engine performance without any misfire or energy loss.

Ideally, most of the Motorcraft spark plugs come with a shell made out of Nickel-plating. And this not only can offer a smooth appearance but protects the plugs from corrosion.

Additionally, the entire ground strap helps in a fine heat transferring process resulting in a complete combustion without misfiring.

Then, the spark plug design is such that it resists oxidization and any arc erosion inside the combustion chamber. At a time, the plug design also features such a criterion that keeps it continuous in movement.

Vehicle Fitment

Almost all Ford vehicles recommend Motorcraft plugs for the OE replacement parts. Even you can find the Motorcraft spark plugs as stock in the Ford engines. So, no denying you can pick SP-548 plugs for the Ford vehicles.  But which year models fit the SP-548?

2011-2017 Ford F-150, 2011-2019 Ford Mustang, 2015 GMC Canyon, 2014-2015 Chevy Cadillac ATS, 2015 Chevy Colorado, 2014-2015 Chevy Impala, 2013-2015 Chevy Malibu, some models of Lincoln and Mercury all are compatible with the SP-548 plugs to ignite the engine with complete combustion.

Bottom Line

These double Platinum spark plugs are just the right fit for the compatible gasoline engines along with the turbocharged ones. The SP-548 spark plug comes pre-gapped and ready to install. The thick insulator helps prevent any misfire, and a 2-year warranty service makes a satisfactory purchase.

One of the Ford F-150 users says after installing SP-548 plugs on his 5.0 L engine-

They were $10 cheaper than my local parts store. The thing that impressed me the most was that the gap on the plugs was .0052! That is right between the recommended 48 to 54. As all shade trees and professional mechanics should do, they should always check plug gaps and not assume that they are properly gapped. I put these in a 5.0 Ford F-150. I highly recommend purchasing these plugs from the supplier if he continues with the same high-quality product.”

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Our Fellow Competitor: Motorcraft SP-519 Spark Plug- More Power with Economical Ignition

Why Should You Consider This?

SP-548 spark plugs offer premium design with precision, but the SP-519 features the most economical spark plugs ever. The price may be higher than the SP-548. It provides the right fit for the older year model engines.

Core Material Makes It Premium

The thing that makes it different from the SP-548 is the material in the core electrode. SP-519 Motorcraft is an Iridium plugs with Iridium material in the central electrode tip.

The Iridium used in these plugs increases the price bit but guarantees durability with no misfiring and lousy ignition.

Comes Perfectly Pre-gapped

Like the SP-548, SP-519 also comes with fine air-gapped between the electrodes. So, you don’t have to look here and there to measure the gap and set the accurate aperture.

It comes with the standard design of the center electrode, and sometimes Copper is used in the core material. The gap size is mostly 0.051”. Slight change sometimes there can be based on different vehicle fitment.

Complete Protection from Engine Wear & Tear

This Iridium spark plug comes with the standard electrode design with 25 mm of thread reach. Then again, a 2.323-inch thick insulator helps prevent engine wear and helps run the plugs for a more extended period.

Moreover, these plugs can also resist plugs from oxidation. The insulator with a multi-rib design prevents misfiring and helps to complete the combustion economically. That is a remarkable fact.

Also, this spark plug does not foul when riding at low speed, and your vehicle can take a start-up without any misfires.

Compatible Vehicles

As the SP-519 spark plug is a replacement for the SP-548, the compatible vehicles are quite the same. Of course, Ford recommends installing the Motorcraft for incredible engine performance.

However, SP-519 is an ideal fit for the older year models and commercial vehicle engines. For example, you can use SP-519 as a stock replacement on the Ford F-150 2011- 2015, Ford Mustang 2011-2017, Cadillac ATS 2014-2015, and some other trucks that come with the Motorcraft as stock.

Bottom Line

SP-519 Motorcraft can be used as a supplement of the SP-548 and vice versa. Though SP-519 plugs can provide superior engine performance sustaining longevity and economic ignition, it’s now rare to find in stores.

And so, people are now using the SP-548 as a replacement stock of the SP-519. And this really nails it. The Iridium material in the core ignites the price but that worth it. As one of the SP-519 users with his 2012 F150 4×4 XLT says,

“These spark plugs are the called for a replacement. Spark plugs came gapped at .049 in as specified in my owner’s manual. All spark plugs were checked, and all gaps were exact! Installation took around an hour. Changed them at 78000 miles. I checked my original plug gap, and they were around .052 in, still in spec but at the high end of the allowed gap.

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Final Verdict

Now, you know the difference you can decide which sparkplug is for your engine ignition and what you should go for.

To end the battle between Motorcraft SP-519 vs SP-548, we can say that you can go for both with assurance if your vehicle comes with the SP-548/ SP-519 because both are complementary to each other and can provide quite the same engine performance. Just the fact comes in the price and the core material of the electrode.

But if you are a bit conscious of the material of the parts, then SP-519 Iridium plugs are there for you, no issue.


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