Monroe Sensa Trac Vs Gas Magnum – Must Know Facts Before Use

Monroe has been performing as an industry-leading brand for shocks and struts for decades.And it has a wide range of shocks collection for different vehicle fit and riding quality—for example, Monroe OESpectrum, Monroe Reflex, Monroe Gas-Magnum, Monroe Sensa Trac, etc.

In this write-up, we present a decisive comparison of two confusing ones- Monroe Sensa Trac vs Gas Magnum. Not exactly knowing the strut purposes, people seem to end up with the wrong fit and suffering in the long.

So, we decided to present you a total comparison shout out so that you can make your car steer with the right track.

Comparison At A Glance- Monroe Sensa Trac Vs Gas Magnum

Monroe Sensa Trac

Monroe Gas Magnum

Standard black color tube Noticeable yellow color
Less stiff Stiffer than Sensa Trac
Performance Difference
Better when unlifted Best even with lifted
Vehicle Fitment
Perfect for a passenger car to light-duty trucks Made for mid to heavy-duty trucks
Price Point
Reasonable Bit costlier than Sensa Trac
Top 3 Picks
  1. Monroe Sensa Track Shock Absorber– Much Better Handling Capacity
  2. Monroe Sensa Trac Strut– Durable With Unique Groove Tube Design
  3. Monroe Sensa Trac Shock Absorber– Perfect For Light Trucks
  1. Monroe Gas-Magnum Shock Absorber– With Lower Operating Pressure
  2. Monroe Gas-Magnum Shock Absorber– With More Fluid Consistency
  3. Monroe Gas-Magnum Shock Absorber– With Multi Lip Fluid Sealed Design

Let’s unlock all the features of two Monroe shocks and select the right pick for your truck. Here, some precise recommendations are also included.

Comparing Design & Construction

If you don’t know what is Sensa Trac, then you should have some basic at first. Monroe Sensa Trac shock absorber is designed for the light-duty truck with sensitive dampening formula. It is engineered to provide extra control with the changing road condition.

Sensa Trac uses the PSD( Positioning Sensitive Damping) valve design and Safe Tech module for improved riding control. The piston rod in the Sensa Trac shocks is Fluon banded type that enhances the balancing feature.

Black color Nitro carburized coating gives a premium automotive look on the Sensa Trac.

On the contrary, Monroe Magnum shocks come with a distinctive yellow color presenting a noticeable impression. The piston rod here is also coated with the Nitro Carburizing thermochemical process that brings improvement in better heat dissipation.

However, Both Sensa Trac and Gas-Magnum come with a 5/8 inch diameter of the piston rod, except the gas-Magnum with a 2 inch expanded bore design. It helps in more oil capacity with improved heat dissipation than the OE stock one.

***Best Pick For Design: Monroe Sensa Trac– Premium Look With Smooth Ride

For mid-light trucks and passenger cars, these Sensa Trac shocks are ideal to have. Advanced controlling technology and auto street condition adjust module make it better than ever.

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Sensa Trac Vs Gas Magnum Shock Performance Difference

Both Sensa Trac and gas Magnum shocks are Nitrogen gas-charged shock absorbers. Also, All-Weather Fluid technology used in the Monroe shocks reduces friction. It ensures a smooth reaction of the piston rod function too.

In the case of Sensa Trac, it uses a self-lubricating fluid sealed fluid module. It helps to rapidly adjust the shock performance with the changing road condition, no matter how bad it is.

However, the ICV (Impact Control valve) in the Sensa Trac stands out with an improved safety margin providing an extra controlling capacity. When the roads get rough, Sensa Trac can offer a comfortable ride automatically. People say to have the performance feeling like 2 shocks in 1.

On the other side, Gas magnum shocks offer an enhanced variable spring rate design providing a smooth and comfortable ride. Extended 2 inches bore is useful here, providing more fluid reserving capacity resulting in more consistent performance.

For mid to full-sized, heavy-duty trucks, gas Magnum works perfectly with its improved performance and steering balancing.

***Best Pick For Performance: Monroe Gas-Magnum– Shock Absorber With DU Bushing

It gives the best performance in side load performance. With a larger bore design, you get an improved oil-sealed module and leakage-free operation.

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Best Usability Sensa Trac & Gas Magnum

This is the crucial point you must be careful about. Both are competitive with performance output. But you might not get the optimized benefit if you install the wrong one on your car.

Monroe Sensa Trac is a perfect fit for light-duty passenger cars and trucks. You can use them on your SUVs but unlifted, of course. No matter where you ride and how you ride. Sensa Trac can help you with better handling and a smooth ride.

Contrarily, Monroe Gas-Magnum is designed for the half-ton light trucks to heavy working loaded and lifted trucks, vans, and pickup. Gas-Magnum shock absorber benefits much in truck towing, hauling, and even plowing criteria.

If you put on a Sensa Trac on your heavy-duty loaded trucks, this can worsen your riding experience later. For the lifted, full-sized loaded trucks, Gas-Magnum is an ideal fit. It finely does the job of better handling and balancing. Suppose you often go off-road or heavy cornering; Gas Magnum can assist you with the utmost.

For crazy adventurous off-road rides, Overlanding, rock crawling, gas magnum is an exact suspension part. However, for eliminating body sway, install the sway bar links along with the Gas-Magnum shocks will be a completely smooth installation, indeed.

***Best Pick For HD Truck: Monroe Gas-Magnum– Heavy Working Ford Shocks

It is a pack of 2 rear shock absorbers. If you have the heavy-duty lifted Ford truck, these shocks are the exact fit for hauling, towing with even heavy loads.

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Longevity & Durability Difference

When talking about Monroe shocks, there is no chance of any doubt for the durability. The industry-leading brand will make your ride safely smooth, and comfortable following the vehicle needs.

For assurance, Monroe shocks offer a 3-year warranty service of unlimited mileage for Gas-Magnum, and at the same, a lifetime(limited) warranty service for the Sensa Trac.

Here the crucial fact is you must ensure some terms to enjoy Monroe’s warranty services. Monroe’s customer service has been so improved and helpful nowadays. If you can get your suspension struts installed correctly, you can enjoy a better experience for any further issues.

However, the best suggestion is to use the same shocks on both sides. And if you are not professional enough with this installation sides, get a qualified man to get the job rightly done for you.

***Best Pick For Durability: Monroe Gas-Magnum– Best For 4WD Dodge Ram Pickup

It comes with a pack of 4 shocks for the front and rear. Heavy-loading pickup trucks with 4WD wheeling are the ideal fit for this shock absorber.

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Price Difference For Two Monroe Shocks

Between Gas Magnum and Sensa Trac, Gas-Magnum costs you a higher price. Of course, it has to be as it is for your heavy-duty, lifted truck making a smooth and comfortable ride. And the Sensa Trac is a bit affordable, but you get exactly what you are paying for.

***Best For Money: Monroe Sensa Trac Shocks– Perfect Pick For The Passenger Truck

Its durable and advanced shock-absorbing technology puts you at ease while riding. Better and improved steering control with auto-adjusting capability gives a smooth ride.

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Top 5 Picks From Monroe Sensa Trac

  1. Monroe Sensa Trac 37089: Ideal Shock Absorber for Light Truck
  2. Monroe Sensa Trac 71728: Hardened & Chrome Plated Strut
  3. Monroe Sensa Trac 37207: Shock Absorber with ASD Valve
  4. Monroe Sensa Trac 5826: Best Shock Absorber for Passenger Car
  5. Monroe Sensa Trac 37204: Shock Absorber for Infinity QX4

Top 5 Picks From Monroe Gas-Magnum

  1. Monroe Gas-Magnum 34676: Ideal Shock Absorber for Silverado
  2. Monroe Gas-Magnum 34687: Shock Absorber for Ford Truck
  3. Monroe Gas-Magnum 34504: Shock Absorber for GMC Sierra
  4. Monroe Gas-Magnum 34798: Shock Absorber for Suburban
  5. Monroe Gas-Magnum 34690: Shock Absorber for HD Chevy

Which Shocks Are for You?

Autopart threads are buzzing with the question-are Monroe shocks any good? This makes people confusing because people are installing the wrong fit for their trucks and, in the end, blaming the brand.

Monroe has opened a vivid option with different categories of shocks and struts to choose from. Sensa Trac is the best shocks for smooth riding, balancing, and controlling the bouncing for the light-duty, unlifted trucks and cars.

In the vice versa, Gas Magnum does the job with precision for heavy-working trucks with towing or hauling.

So, which is your suspension type? Decide now between Monroe Sensa Trac Vs Gas Magnumand enjoy your crazy demanding ride.


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