Milwaukee 6391-21 Vs Bosch CS5| Which One Is Best for Woodwork?

Milwaukee 6391-21 Vs Bosch CS5

Certainly, Milwaukee 6391-21 and the Bosch CS5 are the best brands for cutting wood as a circular saw. But the question arises, Milwaukee 6391-21 vs Bosch CS5, which one you should consider while buying.

Hence these two brands are a more generic saw, but there are many comparisons lay behind them.

The brand doesn’t give us the guarantee of quality always. Before buying one, you should be looking for some extreme facts and the primary comparison behind them.

Here we attach some necessary comparisons between these two saw brands and discuss the best features spontaneously.

Milwaukee 6391-21 Vs Bosch CS5

Milwaukee 6391-21

Bosch CS5

Cord Length

9 feet

10 feet

Blade Speed

5800 RPM

6200 RPM

Cutting capabilities

Suitable for maximum cutting such as Vertical, Horizontal and for anywhere

Suitable for various cutting


13-3 inch

9.0 inch

Maximum cutting ability

90 Degree

45-60 degree



Green/Silver/Red/ blue


17.06 (lb)pounds

10(lb) Pounds




More Details & Our Recommendation on Milwaukee 6391-21 & Bosch CS5

Anyway, both of these circular sawsconsider one of the most delicate features, capabilities, and strengths. Whatever, you should know the difference between these two circular saws before getting one.

Our Recommended Pick- Bosch CS5 7-¼ inch Business Saw – Best For Professionals

Why We Recommend This One
Bosch CS5 is our first pick considering two. The first reason is for its affordable price compared to the Milwaukee 6391-21. Again, it will be the best choice for the users who are looking for an affordable product enrich with all beneficiaries. But in the question of best qualities, Bosch CS5 has pride in all its reviews and researches.

Powerful Motors or Speed

Bosch CS5 is coming off a high-speed motor, which includes A-15. The motor will need a 100-120 volts power supply to run properly. Bosch has well-known for its quality power tools and carrying the reputed services. It will raise the great speed of 6200 rpm for running out approximately. A ¾-⅘ “inches wood can easily cut out with this tool.

Arbor & Wide Blade Size

Bosch cs5 is using a sharp blade of 7-¼” inches. You can see that the measurement is so high for filling your demands. It will easily reach the deep length of the wood that you’re expecting from a circular saw. Again, it consists of a 2/1”-¾” inches arbor that will make your work easier and smoother.

Depth of CS5 Cut

Bosch CS5 is a great option for users looking for a high thickened wood to cut smoothly. The tool is designing to help the users to bevel up to 56 degrees. You can shape your wood at different angles by this one. It goes up to a maximum of 2-7/16” inches for 90 degrees.

Again, it can also cut out the minimum range of 1-⅞” inches to 1-⅝” inches for 45-50 degrees. As you can see, it doesn’t matter how much thicker your wood would be. This tool can cut this out easily.

Left-Handed Blade Design

The highest point of this tool is the left-handed blade design. The tool is designed to help the users working as they get the objects and lines’ comfortable sight.

The tool also has a unique blade wrench and a spindle lock to make it a smart and flexible tool. It runs at a great speed that you won’t see any wobbling blade as it appropriately holds the blade. But it would help if you took off the bolts to keep it working.

Anti-Snag Lower Tool Guards

It has excellent lower guard anti-snag materials that allow its users to make cuts without having any troubles. It is advance for cutting the lower guard, basically for a bevel cut.


  • Powerful motor with high-end speeds
  • Beveling to some great angles
  • An ideal design for the left-handers
  • 56 degrees bevel capacity
  • 24 tooth carbide blade


  • Flimsy base plate
  • No dust chute

Available On Amazon

Milwaukee 6391-21 Superior Cutting saw– Get Fifty Degree Bevel Capacitors with this one

Why We Recommend This One
Milwaukee 6391-21 is our second pick for its superior cut visibility for right-handers. It will be a better option for those who wanted a woodcutter as an alternative to Bosch CS5- as it is not affordable compared to the Bosch CS5. It has slope adapting knots, which grant bevels around 50 degrees. It will ensure your cutting parts smooth-ness and well-furnishings.

Comfortable Handle

You can move the handles to eight different positions for the best ergonomic grip. The handles are making of cushioned grips for providing the best comfort while cutting the wood. It gives the user maximum control and comfort.

Suitable for DIY Users

This tool is suitable for right-hand users with the blade on the left side of the saw. It is a DIY power tool using a 10-16lb worm drive saw because of its lightweight, smooth cutting, and your best guide. It is easy to control, especially for the female user, because of its tilt-lock handles.

Uses Anywhere

It is suitable for using anywhere and any type of design, including vertical to horizontal forward cutting.

It is easy to handle and perfectly cut out the wood.

Powerful Motor or Speed

The 17.6 pounds weight can provide you the best power supply, including a 15amp motor with 3.25 maximum horsepower.

Deep Cutting Capacity

It has an aircraft aluminum shoe that resists bending. This tool is quite to gain the depth of the wood. It also has superior cutting abilities, which allow for bevelling up to 40 to 50 degrees. It provides its user maximum comfortable cutting.You might understand how to help it while you are cutting the wood with it.

It has a 7.25 inch left blade circular saw with cases. Again, It has a comfortable and easy-going cutting capability, going to the depth of the wood. Moreover, you can mount the blade on the left for superior visibility to the wood’s cut line.

Sharper Blade

The cut’s depth can arise up to 1-13/16” inches for 45 degrees. For the 50-90 degrees, it will arise up to 1-11/16” inches to 2 to 7-16” inches.

Kit Style

This tool comes out as a kit with a Carbide made saw blade, sword pull, and a hard case for comfortable storage and transport.


  • Minimum 50-degree bevel capacity
  • Fast cutting speed
  • Good power output
  • 5 years tool warranty
  • Cuts smooth and clean


  • Heavy to carry
  • No rafter hook

Available On Amazon

Final Verdict

According to the overall controversies, we can add a vivid conception on Milwaukee 6391-21 vs Bosch CS5 that can be good for your woodwork.

Bosch CS5 is good for its sharp blade and capabilities to easily and comfortably cut up any wood. The most satisfying matter is that Bosch has a 15 amp motor, so you can pick this one for professional woodworking. But both of them are good in features and quality undoubtedly.


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