Melling Vs Cloyes Timing Chain Kits – Is Cloyes Worth the Price?

What would be ideal to select from Melling vs Cloyes timing chain to rock the ultimate engine valve synchronization?

Melling and Cloyes offer the best timing kit and, of course, the timing chain. But you might not need both. Therefore, selecting the best one from both becomes lingering as usual.

However, to limit your hours of the search query, we have come up with an ultimate comparison with detailing so that you can find out the exact difference.

So, what is the difference between Melling and Cloyes timing chain? Cloyes timing chain offers the latest built module than the Melling whereas Melling seems to be cheaper also.

Is that enough for you to meet your engine needs? Of course not. Then, check out the entire comparison and win the clash for the best timing chain for the engine.

Melling Vs Cloyes Timing Chain Comparison Guide

Key FactsMelling Timing ChainCloyes Timing Chain
Designed & Manufactured inSouth AmericaNorth America
Timing Chain TypeFor OEM and performanceStock replacement, high performance, and the Z series for racing
Built MaterialSteel and powered metalPre-stressed and heat-treated with precision pitch control with Iron/Billet steel sprockets
Chain StyleStandard and roller style chainTrue roller style
Weight DifferenceA bit heavierComparatively lightweight compared with Melling
Price DifferenceComparatively cheaperPrice worthy
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Comparing the Chain Style

The timing chain needs replacement as soon as you get the symptoms of the valve train failing. So while choosing one for your engine, you must remember chain style also impacts vastly on the function.

Starting with the Cloyes, it is a true roller as Cloyes was the first bringing roller style timing chain. It comes with various double roller and single roller-style timing chain kits that ensure good contact with the camshaft teeth.

However, Cloyes comes with some single and double roller style chain variations. You may see the use of a single roller timing chain on a bicycle in most cases. It works as a link around teeth in every gear.

Similarly, a double roller timing chain works as a link for each of the duel gear sets. Some old models like the GM, LS series, and V8 engines are mainly single roller-styled models.

On the other hand, the Melling timing chain also comes with roller-style chains. But there is another style called the link style chain that Melling offers that is quite good at dealing with the camshaft.

Well if you can get a link bolt style chain from Melling with a 1 bolt camshaft gear attachment for your truck, it can be a perfect combination to run the throttle control function well.

However, the Melling timing chain seems to have better reliance on style variations than the Cloyes timing chain though the link style seems to stretch at a slower rate than that of the Cloyes roller styles.

Differences in Built Design & Material

The construction and build design of a timing chain kit is really crucial for proper rotation and harmony with the camshaft and crankshaft.

Typically, Melling timing chains are made of either cast iron or BILLET aluminium. Their rust-proof but quality safeguards durability. Despite the weight, Melling chains last for a longer time.

On the flipside, Cloyes timing chain is of premium steel which is also oxidized to resist rust. As a result, Cloyes customers say that their timing chains last more than 100,000 miles on average.

Moreover, the Z series of Cloyes timing chain offers high-strength steel that is 3%more robust than the premium one. And this includes endurance to severe load and stress.

However, comparing Melling with the Cloyes, Cloyes timing kits are designed using the latest CAD technology, providing more precision to the built. Also, the ideal sequencing of pitches in Cloyes timing chain benefits from proper contact with the teeth.

Comparing the Durability of Melling & Cloyes

A timing chain is not a part that you will be replaced frequently. And so choosing a durable and long-time supported one is a must to choose.

From Melling and Cloyes, Melling provides the highest built timing chain and kits. You can find steel and powered stuff in the construction of the timing chain and gears. According to Melling,

Melling chains and sprockets are manufactured using the highest designs, quality materials, and workmanship.”

Melling timing chain provides some quality built timing chain kit also stand-alone chain for standard to heavy-duty and performance vehicles. And the noise-free tensioner comes with a longer life span so that you don’t have to fall into the hassle of running to a mechanic for a sudden tear out.

Conversely, the Cloyes timing chain is built with premium materials. In addition, the chain kits and gears are manufactured after checking the heat and stress treatment to avoid further tension. This increases durability and stability.

Moreover, the Cloyes timing chain offers such kits that can meet or exceed the OEM performance. Also, noise-free and maintenance-free parts.

We all know that if the timing chain gets damaged, it can cause severe damage to the engine. Then again, a well-built timing chain with corrosion-free performance can last up to 3,00,000 miles or sometimes much longer. But 80,000 to 1,20,000 miles can beat the deal.

Cloyes Vs Melling Timing Chain Performance Differences

No matter whether your vehicle idles or runs, the timing chain has a vital role. It can help in keeping the throttle control system performing its best with valves functioning correctly. That is why the timing chain needs to be durable enough for the best output.

Melling offers some timing chain kits resulting in both the stock and performance output. Its style variation with a well-built fitting makes this possible.

A perfect valvetrain functioning system depends on the proper rolling of the timing chain without wear and friction. And Melling can meet these engine needs no matter you are riding with the OEM speed or higher.

In contrast, Cloyes has always been a well-known brand for manufacturing aftermarket timing kits along with the chain tensioner(s) and sprocket(s).

For the accurate timing for synchronizing valve train and stabilize the system, Cloyes wins the market. Recently, Cloyes had introduced the double roller Z Racing series for the crazy off-road riders.

Cloyes Vs Melling Vehicle Compatibility

While getting timing gears, vehicle compatibility is a must to avoid shake and improper contact with the engine. And both brands have a wide range of collections to meet different engine specs of four-stroke V6, V8, and others for a perfect cam contact.

Generally, Melling brands’ timing chains are compatible with different year models of Lincoln, Jeep, Kia, Dodge, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Hyundai, Chrysler, etc.  In addition, it provides a perfect fitment like the stock.

Cloyes does not lag behind in-vehicle fitment. You can find timing chains for Pontiac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, Oldsmobile, Honda, Nissan, and many more. Additionally, you can find stock replacement parts or switch to a high-performance replacement.

But the drawback is each of the Cloyes timing chains, or timing chain kits is made for specific models to be fitted. Although a bit of limitation here, it is still worthy.

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Final Verdict

The timing chain is not an engine part that can easily be kept under observation. Not also you can replace it very often. And so installing a proper one that is both durable and sustainable is a crucial choice to make.

Cloyes can be a reputed brand, however, Melling can be costlier for the advanced technology used in the build.


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