Matrix Climbmill Vs Stairmaster | Which Meets Strength Training Demand?

So, you are here to know about the best Stepmill for your cardio and strength training. But you may be lingering between Matrix Climbmill Vs Stairmaster Stepmill. Right?

No matter, you will get a decisive comparison to come up with a pick at last. We have kept these two Stepmill machines’ features side by side and bring out this total comparison.

Let’s start.

Comprehensive Difference Between Matrix Climbmill Vs Stairmaster

Matrix Climbmill

Stairmaster Stepmill

Comparatively bigger, dimension- 165 x 85 x 212 (cm) Average, total dimension-117 x 74 x 185 (cm) almost in all models
Max User Weight
182 kg/400 lbs varying models 159 kg/350 lbs depending on models
Step Height &Depth
Height: 20.3 cm / 8” & depth: 25.4 cm / 10” Some model also comes with 5.6” step height Height: 15cm/ 6” & depth: 23cm/ 9”
Display Console
Dot-matrix LED console with profile display Backlit LCD console or 10”/ 15” LCD
Bluetooth &WiFi connectivity or HDMI port for HR group track and more except the C50 model Connection available through Bluetooth, WiFi, HDMI port, and track data except the Stepmill 3 model
Built-in speaker of 5 W for enjoying music, Netflix,etc No speaker here
Top Pick
***Matric C5XClimbmill– Ergonomic & Compact Design ***Stairmaster Gauntlet 8G– More Steps Faster Training

Let’s compare the features keeping side by side and a complete comparison to picking out the most suitable one. And there will be compatible recommendations also for your benefits.

Comparing the Construction & Appearance of Matrix & Stairmaster Climbmill

Matrix climbmill presents a compact size Stepmill machine for an intense level Cardio training practices. Matrix Climbmill has been designed considering the user comfort at home climbing training for high-intensity Cardio workout.

The classic iced Silver or Matte black color frame design gives an aesthetic look with a sleek appearance. On top of that, the frame design is rust-free and so prevents corrosion increasing the longevity.

However, the max user capacity is relatively standard. Matrix C50 has a max of 350 lbs, and the CX5 has a max of 400 lbs of user weight capacity.

And on the other side, Stairmaster Stepmill comes with various models with a bit of size variance. Among all the models, Stairmaster Stepmill 3 is the most convenient and compact size with 8” ceiling height clearance.

You can feel the powder-coated steel frame design in the Stairmaster Stepmill machine for a complete and convenient Cardiovascular training at home.

The maximum user weight capacity here is Stepmill 3 and gauntlet 8G350 lbs. Matrix Gauntlet 10G has a max of 400 lbs of user weight capacity. So, both have a maximum of 400 lbs of user weight endurance depending on different models.

However, both Stairmaster Stepmill and Matrix Climbmillcome with a smaller size than the traditional ceiling. So, you can use it for your home, gym, office, hospital, and so on comfortably.

***Best Recommended For: Matrix ClimbmillC5X Refurbished– New Like The Original Matrix Machine

It is a renewed version of the Matrix but properly cleaned, inspected, and tested thoroughly for optimized user benefit. You can fulfill your gym at home dream with this Matrix machine. Amazon gives 90 days of refund or replacement opportunity with its refurbished guarantee.

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Step Design & Size of Stairmaster & Matrix Gym at Home Machine

All the matrix models have the 8”/10” high steps with proper foot positioning options and space. Each step is mostly 9”/0” deep. This can give you the space to climb with different cardio strength training like slow climbing, toe pressing, butt click, etc.

Each minute, it can give you the climbing of around 24 to 137 steps per minute(spm). 1 to 25 levels of resistance levels with flywheel are included for better training within just a couple of minutes.

Step up plates are modified as such that gives you easy access for your foot positioning. If you’re thinking about entry and exit forms, then the software is designed so that the step locks in the lowest point for easy get in and get down from the machine.

On the contrary, for the Stairmaster, steps are around 6 to 8 inches high and 9 to max 12 inches deep, depending on models.  It does come with the same resistance levels up to 25,so no argument here. But the spm is a little more when using your Life fitness Stairmaster, allowing 24 to 190 spm maximum.

***Best Pick For The Steps: Stairmaster Gaunlet8GStepmill– Ergonomic Design With More Step Climb

This Stairmaster model gives a proper climbing step for those looking for strength training results with only minimal training time. And included landmark challenge brings more fun in training.

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Workout Function of Matrix Stairmaster Machines

Since 1983 Stairmaster has been a legendary name in the fitness world for its training machines and equipment. The Stairmaster Climbmill is no less. And more updated series have been inventing with more technological advances.

The steps are controlled electronically with efficiency. The motor drive chain and the braking system effectively control and manage the speed and braking according to your chosen resistance level.

It obviously comes with a backlit LCD console of 10” or 15” display size that comes pre-loaded with more than 25 training sessions. The Gaunlet series Stepmillscan connect to the Stairmaster OPenHub™ family console and even connectivity with Onedrive training mode.

The handrail of the Stairmaster Stepmill allows for HR contact and track heart rate to show the rec later.

Now moving on to the Matrix, the modular drive train inside uses a sealed motorcycle chain with a reversible bearing track. Dot-matrix LED console here gives you the full ergonomic options to entire into the world of a total of 13 strength training programs loaded inside.

The display shows full rec of the total steps, total floors, spm, HR, remaining time, target goal. And even power saving mode is available here. And the iFit sync options of Matrix owned have more than 16000 workout sessions. The Matrix Climbmill purchase includes a one-year membership with iFit.

Well, both come with the landmark challenges loaded like the TajMahal, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty climbing for bringing more fun in your training with challenges.

***Best Recommended: Stairmaster Stepmill– Training With 20 Resistance Level

It has the capability for an intensely high level of cardio training practices with 20 levels of resistance. But it requires 10-foot ceiling clearance, ideal for corporate use.

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Ease of Use- Matrix Vs Stairmaster Climbmill

Matrix lets you connect your smartphone or tablet, not Apple. You can get access to the world of social media, internet browsing, watching Netflix with its built-in speakers, and enjoying your Cardio training with more fun.

Yes, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity are also available. You can enter into the other fitness training apps and take your cardiovascular training to an advanced level. From Wechat to Amazon Kindle reading, Matrix allows you to do all your browsing while training running.

It is compatible with xID single sign-in features and compatible with RFID for touch-free login. However, it automatically stops when any object or person steps onto the ground step. So, you get incident-free training all time. The cupholder and tablet holder are available for your ease.

Conversely, the Stairmaster allows connectivity using Bluetooth, WiFi, and HDMI for telemetry and HR connectivity. You can also charge your smartphone using the USB port here. For PVS entertainment, Stairmaster models come pre-wired.

The precise drive chain designs smooth and quiet step cycling. However, it does not have any speaker inbuilt but gives multiple cup holders and an easy stop button. Oh, the StairmasterSM3 comes with the wheel on the front side for easy moving.

***Best Pick: Stairmaster SM3– Compact Size Ideal For Corporate Use

It is a compact and very user-friendly size for office or club use. LCD console allows friendly tracing, and you get 10 pre-loaded workout programs after purchase.

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Maintenance System for Both Machine

Oh, the sweat-free training is available effectively on Matrix. Here, all the steps are designed to use a sweat channel system to flow down all the sweat away and store it underneath the tray. You can easily take out the tray later and clean it without messing your floor or surrounding.

Moreover, the ECB modular drive system’s oil-free design is easy to clean. Further maintenance gives noise-free operation ever. You can open the Matrix drive channel from the side with any regular coin and check inside the components easily and need less maintenance.

Unlike Matrix, Stairmaster sadly has no easy access system to the inside parts. So, you might get into a fuss when servicing your own.

Best Recommended- Stairmaster Gauntlet 10G Series: Improved & New HIIT Workout

It is the new edition ofthe Gauntlet series of the Stairmaster. A 15” console and the largest speed range give you to practice intense cardiovascular training. The 10 feet ceiling height clearance makes it best for the gym and corporate use.

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Comparing In Case Of Price Range

Well, both are unique and individual in different aspects. And various points matter in differentiating the price range of these two-Stepmills. Generally, the Matrix costs you a high price than the Stairmaster, even if you get the refurbished one. And it’s normal as the advanced technology used in Matrix makes it expensive.

On the other side, the Stairmaster Stepmills are reasonable for both at home gym or office use. There are some variations in different models of the Stairmaster machines. But you can have the one according to your budget range.

Best for Price- Aspen Stair Climber: Compact Size with Budget Pick

It does not takes much space and quite effective in high-calorie burning by the intense Cardio training.This climber is preferable for its price and has an improved balance and flexibility in joint movement.

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Which Stepmill Should You Choose?

While summing up the comparison of Matrix Climbmill vs Stairmaster Stepmill, we can’t make one winner over the other. Both are top featured with ergonomic design and facilities. But if you have to compare, then it can come in terms of cost.

If you have a limited budget and want some within a reasonable price at home gym Stepmillfor the high-level Cardio training workout, undoubtedly go for the Stairmaster. There you get various models to choose from and make your suitable Cardiovascular challenge race a full stop.


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