A Much-Needed Comparison of Marcum Vs Vexilar Flashers

If you live in a place that typically has colder weather then ice fishing could be one of your favorite pastimes. This amazing activity takes over your leisure time without making it boring anytime sooner.

Now those who are more seriously into the thing will add a few gears and tools for making the whole experience even more convenient and enjoyable. For example, a proper flasher. If you look a bit more deeply into the recent market, you’ll find two brands getting the most appreciation for providing the best quality ice fishing flasher. And today we will be holding a complete comparison between those two most-talked-about providers.

You may have guessed already that we are talking about Marcum Vs vexilar breakdown. Which one can be more beneficial to you overall, hopefully, we’ll be able to find the answer by the end? Keep on Reading…

Comparison Between Marcum Vs Vexilar Flasher Brands

Marcum Flasher Brand

Vexilar Flasher Brand

Depth Ranges
Provides 4-5 depth ranges with simple adjustmentsDoesn’t contain many depth ranges
Wider LED screenSmaller bright LED screen
Interference Rejection
12 Settings20 Settings
Contain noise rejection settings and readable for up to 30 metersGood for any weather usage
Price Point
ExpensiveAffordable price range

Comparing Features Of Both MarCum & Vexilar

Both MarCum and Venxilar brands hold well-featured flashers. Both brands offer good and bad points which makes them different from one another.

Let’s look into their comparison points:

Difference Between Both Brands Depth Ranges

The depth ranges of a flasher are a solid point when fishing in critical weather. When talking about MarCum and Vexilar model’s depth, they hold different goodness.

MarCum brand created models have 4 to 5 depth ranges with excellent fine-tunings to capture fishes. Besides, MarCum models can be read clearly for up to 30 meters from the water. This brand model’s depth ranges help to find fishes easily.

Vexilar, on the flip side, comes with flashers contain 2-4 depth ranges that need adjustments. You definitely want to go with the one that offers good depth ranges.

***Best Recommendation: MarCum M3 Flasher– With Selectable Depth Ranges***

With 2 years of warranty, the MarCum M3 flasher contains 4 selectable depth ranges such as 20′, 40′, 80′, and 160′ to find fishes rightly. It also features a quality system and functionalities to be used for finding fish. This flasher as well helps to gather fish at ease.

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Dissimilarities Between Both Flasher Brands Display

For viewing all the details of flashers, the display plays a huge role. The wider your flasher display would be, you will view better.

You see, MarCum brand models offer a wider LED display to view the details clearly. And, this brand flashers display is high in resolution and true to colors. Besides, some MarCum flashers offer day and night viewing settings with many indicators.

On the contrary, Vexilar designed flashers have smaller bright LED display. Also, this brand invented models show alerts and details in the screen. But, MarCum models offer advanced display compare to Vexilar.

***Best Recommendation: MarCum LX-5i Sonar Flasher System– WithStunningLED Display***

It is a better edition of the MarCum LX5 flasher with excellent 3 colors LED display to view in high resolution. This flasher as well grants the finest screen details as clear as possible.  And, the MarCum LX-5i improves bottom vision and clearance.

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Variation Of Both Flasher Brands Interference Rejection

Now you’re going to meet the fabulous point that makes flasher good on delivering data is IR aka interference rejection. Both brands offer different IR that poles them apart.

MarCum brand models are multi-level IR with 12 settings to easily locate fishes with no hitch of useless signals. Even though they provide excellent performance, the IR of this brand model is lacking.

Then again, Vexilar flashers are made to offers 20 settings of excellent IR to avoid uniting with other sonar systems. And so, we find Vexilar good for use in ice fishing.

Contrast Between Both Brands Functionality

Both MarCum and Vexilar hold great differences when comparing their functionalities. As both brands have their own uniqueness, they deliver models that are good in different fields.

MarCum models are built to deliver excellent quietness and readability for up to 30 meters. This brand also focuses on quality and user comfort for a long time. And, MarCum flashers are best for expert or serious anglers.

Conversely, Vexilar models are made durable to suits any weather usage. This brand also provides models that are good for super shallow water.

Gaps Between MarCum & Vexilar Brands Price

With dazzling features and fine qualities, both brands offer first-rate models at good ranges. Yet, MarCum and Vexilar brand pricing stand dissimilarly.

MarCum models are good to be used on fishing in any area. This brand intended models are the finest that gives comfort, stability, and other handy points too. But, the pricing of this brand is higher.

Vexilar comparatively offers good features and quality options at a reasonable price. Also, this brand offers great tech, performance, and other good points. That makes Vexilar price-friendly with great features to invest money.

Overall Thoughts On Your Ideal Pick

Both brands have special models that shine the best with excellent features. Yet, you should pick the one between MarCum Vs Vexilar that offers the most benefits.

Typically, the MarCum built fishing flashers that offer great readability and depth ranges. Also, this brand offers a wide display. These features make the MarCum brand flasher best in both worlds. And, MarCum flasher systems are easy to handle compare to others.

We are not saying the Vexilar provides the worst flasher system, not at all. This brand also offers superior models for fishing at a friendly rate.

And, Vexilar provides ideal quality, display, resolution, and viewing comfort in flashers. But if we have to say one winner, it would be the MarCum.


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