Marcum Vs Aqua Vu – The Best Underwater Viewing Provider?

Ice fishing can be taken to another level when you include high tech into it. And one such amazingly helpful gear has to be an underwater camera. If you are well aware of the current market for underwater cameras, then sit should not be hard for you to already hear about the two undisputed leaders of this arena.

We are talking about Marcum and Aqua-Vu. When you are desperately seeking for best out there, it’s obvious you’ll have to make a move between these two high-quality gear providers. And to make your dilemma less bothering, we have decided to throw a complete comparison between them.

This Marcum Vs Aqua Vu will walk through several important criteria for an underwater camera to be legit and useful in a practical situation, to announce which one serves better in which field. Plus, there will be recommendations from our side to help you find some really promising option feature vise. Keep on reading…

Comparison Table of The Marcum Vs Aqua Vu Brands

MarCum Viewing System

Aqua Vu Viewing System

Image Viewing Ability
Best image quality in bright light, murky water, and night timeNot good in viewing quality images as MarCum
Ease Of Usage
Needs some adjustments to useVery simple to use and handle
Tough in construction and functionalWaterproof and light in weight
Up to 75 feet cableUp to 125 feet
Price Point
Comes at a budget-friendly rateExpensive

Before comparing, MarCum Vs Aqua’s view holds both facility and bad points. For clearing out both brands comparison points, let’s discuss both brands features:

Gaps Between MarCum & Aqua Vu Image Viewing Ability

When thinking of ice fishing with underwater cameras, the picture needs to clear and crispier to view well. Both MarCum and Aqua Vu hold great stability to show good resolute pictures.

If you are fishing in dark or bright light areas, MarCum underwater camera is best. MarCum models offer a rich resolution for up to 800×480 pixels and a large LCD display to view well. All the models of this brand also work great on murky water in crispier image stability.

On the flip side, Aqua Vu underwater cameras are good for normal usage. That doesn’t mean this brand designed models lack to provide good image resolution.

All the models of Aqua Vu have sunlight readability, stable images in HD, and rich clarity to view fishes well. If you want handy underwater cameras, you should shift to the MarCum models.

***Best Recommendation: MarCum VS485c– Functional Underwater Viewing System For Crisp Image Quality***

The VS485c is a solid underwater viewing system with a 7-inch LCD screen to get crisp pictures. Also, it allows H2D Solar Intelligent with 800×480 pixels to view fish underwater clearly.

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Differences Of Ease Of Usage Between Both Brands

No matter what type of ice fishing you are up to, the ease of usage is a must in underwater viewing systems. MarCum and Aqua Vu brands offer great accessibility and design benefit. Yet, there is one winner.

MarCum underwater viewing systems have a solid design that allows users to easily use them. Each model of this brand holds special buttons that are simple to utilize. Also, MarCum viewing systems have sunshield to work with.

In contrast, Aqua Vu underwater viewing systems have a super friendly outline and functionality to set up well. All models of this brand also give good battery facilities to use well. And so, most people love Aqua Vu for ease of usage.

***Best Recommendation: Aqua-Vu AV Micro 5.0– Convenient Design To Try Daily***

With a handy design, the AV Micro 5.0 is small in size yet big in quality to use at ease. It also has cozy buttons and a large display with an Integrated DVR system to record video with no hitch.

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Dissimilarity Of Construction Between MarCum & Aqua Vu

Both MarCum and Aqua Vu underwater viewing systems have solid construction. And, their construction is quite different if looking closely.

MarCum underwater viewing systems have firm construction and functionality. Most models of the MarCum brand offer light and solid structure to be used underwater easily. This brand designed models are strongly waterproof.

Then again, Aqua Vu underwater viewing systems have a strong and flexible design. Most models of the Aqua Vu brand have waterproof and light designs to use undersea. But most people find manufacturer troubles with Aqua Vu models.

***Best Recommendation: MarCum Pursuit HD– Get Field Of View With This***

This Marcum Pursuit HD is an ideal viewing system that offers a 110° field of view for long-range usage. It also has an MP4 DVR record, a Micro SD Card slot, a 16:9 aspect ratio, sunlight-readable.

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Comparing Both Brands Underwater Viewing System Cable

The facility of having a long cable in underwater viewing systems is a plus point. And, both MarCum and Aqua Vu brands designed good cable support with underwater viewing system.

Typically, MarCum underwater viewing systems have durable cable support to hang with a camera that is up to 75 feet. Also, this brand designed models has a similar range of cable to use well.

Quite the opposite, Aqua Vu underwater viewing systems have 125 feet of strong cable to use comfortably. All models of this brand have at least 60 feet of cable to see underwater with a camera.

***Best Recommendation: Aqua-Vu HD10i Pro Gen2– Enjoy Durable Cable With This***

This HD10i Pro Gen2 is flexible, reliable, and compact to use in fishing purposes. It as well offers 125 feet of firm cable to use the camera with no struggle.

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Variety Of Both MarCum & Aqua Vu Price Point

Depending on quality and features, some underwater viewing cameras have a low or high price range. When comparing MarCum and Aqua Vu brands, they have different pricing. If checking both brand’s worth, MarCum stands on top.

MarCum viewing systems have an affordable price range with a large display, solid finish, and waterproof body. All models of this brand have great performance and quality to try out. Even if most models of this brand lack user-friendliness, nearly all people never complain after using.

Quite the opposite, Aqua Vu viewing systems cost higher.  Although most models of this brand have good features, quality, and durability, many people find lacking in viewing underwater.

***Best Recommendation: MarCum Recon 5– An Affordable Option To Try Out***

The MarCum Recon 5 is an inexpensive viewing system with great tech and a solid battery to use well. It also has a 1/3” CMOS sensor, 50 feet camera cable, low-light performance, and an IR lighting display.

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Final Comments On Your Perfect Pick

Most people find confusion on a winner when getting into the debate of MarCum vs Aqua Vu. After reading this guide, hope you will able to know which one to pick.

Both brands hold great facilities and drawbacks which makes one frontrunner. Typically, MarCum viewing systems are excellent with a powerful camera, large display, and battery benefits.

Not only that MarCum viewing systems have fine image viewing ability but also have solid construction. And, most viewing systems of this brand have an affordable price range.

Conversely, Aqua Vu viewing systems are simple to install, waterproof, and lightweight. The models of this brand also have large cable and crisp camera pictures to view fishes.

But, Aqua Vu lacks comes at an expensive rate. You would want to invest your precious money on one which offers many features like MarCum viewing systems.

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