Loctite 271 Vs 272 – Choose Your Thread Locking Lube!

Do you need some lube to secure the bolt joint threads? We all know the red Loctite is for stronger lube, whereas only the red appearance of the bottle does not feature its reality at all. The twist is inside the series. How?

The red Loctite 271 and 272 are 2 of the red thread lockers that can confuse you for sure. So, which one you need? What is the difference between Loctite 271 and 272?

Thread locking Loctite 272 comes with a higher viscosity and temperature withstand than the 271, though both are high-strength featuring lube. Is that all? No, there’s more to explore. Check below so that you can grab the best-suited lube for your work.

Let’s see!

Comparing Two Thread Lock King- Red Loctite 271 Vs 272

Loctite 271

Loctite 272

500 cp, Comparatively lower than 272 9500 cp, Higher viscosity
Compatible Bolt Fastener
3/8 to 1 inch 3/8 to 1.5 inch
Thermal Stability
65° to 300° F 65° to 450° F
Setting Time

10 to 20 minutes

5 minutes for brass, 10 minutes for steel, and 15 minutes for stainless steel

40minutes to 1 hour

5 minutes for brass, 10 minutes for steel, and 15 minutes for stainless steel

Torque in-lbs  (Break/Prevail)
250/275 200/220
Gap Fill
0.007 in 0.01 in
Red Red
Breakaway Torque
M10 bolts of 26 Nm M10 bolts of 23 Nm
Compliant Standards
Some military/defense industry standards, OSHA, & RoHS CFIA, OSHA, & RoHS
Check Here Check Here

Is it enough for you to make your move picking your precise stuff? We guess not. So, have a read on our detailed review of these 2 thread lockers along with the customer’s experience after usage.

Today’s Winner: Red Loctite 272- Best Workable for Heavy-Duty Thread Lock

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Why It’s Ideal to Buy?

Loctite 272 is a thread locker of high-strength viscosity. Whenever you feel in an automobile installation project or industrial work, the joints of the bolt or stud need something robust adhesion; Loctite 272 red can be your best companion here. Its higher viscosity makes a great deal.

Securing Thread with Strongest Viscosity

Well, this 272 series of Loctite is the strongest one featuring higher viscosity. And you know, higher viscosity means it is suitable to try on the higher bolt fasteners.

And you know what the best part about this series is? You can use this thread locker on the bolt faster, ranging from 3/8 to 1 ½ inch size. And don’t worry, how rough vibration and corrosion the joint has to go through; Loctite 272 won’t let it loose so easily.

Highly Adhesive with Maximum Heat Tolerance

The real fun of the Loctite 272 series comes when you experience its stability under high temperatures. The 272 series red lube can hold its adhesion up to 450° F. Well, that’s much stronger to withstand under high heated areas.

However, most of you may have known to Loctite 2620 series, which can withstand up to 650° F, which is hardly possible to remove. That’s a different case. But don’t mix up the 262 series with 2620. Both are for different purposes.

What Is the Max Time to Set?

Loctite thread lock 272 series takes on average 40 minutes to an hour to fully set. Well, it’s not the thin lube, so it takes a bit more time than the 271 series. Besides, according to some, it needs 24 hours to fully cure though almost all thread lockers need this much time to fully fix.

Best Usability

After coming so far, you can already assume the best application of red Loctite 272. Its heavy-duty adhesive formula is suitable for securing the bolts and nuts of the machines like turbo engine’s parts installation time or industrial machinery fasteners working under high heat range.

If there needs to mention precisely then, joints on the crankshaft bolts, sprockets, filler tunes, wheel bearing (see also ‘How Long Can You Drive On A Bad Wheel Bearing?‘), transmission input and output, ring gear, etc.  Moreover, 272 lockers can work fine on the larger size of fasteners filling 0.01 inch of thread gaps. So, you can use it on the newer engine parts as well.

User Friendly with Standard Compliance

When we are thinking of the tools that will work to secure the joints (see also ‘What Is A CV Joint?‘) at the same environment-friendly and harmless stuff should be our major priority.

And so, to ensure this fact, Loctite 272 comes with maintaining some industry standards like the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency), OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), and RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances).

So, you can be worry-free because this thread-locking liquid is absolutely safe to use.

Bottom Part

If you need a brief but vivid concept about the Loctite 272, it’s the most substantial thread locker with high heat stability. It is entirely safe to use undergoing industry standards. On top, it can help your bolts stay corrosion and rust-free for an extensive period.

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Our Second Choice: Red Loctite 271- Permanent But with Mid-High Strength Lube

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Why It’s Ideal to Buy?

Although the red Loctite 271 might not offer as strong as that of the 272 series, it is worth using when you need something more robust but removable too. Due to its lower thermal stability compared to the 272 series, it proves beneficial for people looking for something robustly adhesive and removal at the same.

Now, you may be thinking about how it can be robust and also removable? Let’s show you how.

An Ideal Adhesion Capability Makes It Worth

In relative to the 272 series of Loctite, 271 is less viscous and seems a bit thin as a result but it is worth it in some cases. It lets you use on the fastener sizing 3/8 to max 1-inch diameter. That might seem like a piece of the con to some though it helps because the bolt fastener might need removal after some period of working.

However, this 271 series red Loctite is said to be the traditional thread locking with medium to higher viscosity strength.

Don’t be Shocked by its Heat Tolerance

Similar to the viscosity, red Loctite 271 has a bit less heat tolerance when comparing with the Loctite 272 red series. However, 272 thread locker can withstand up to 300° F, and that’s well enough for some tools that don’t have to go under high heat range.

To be noted, it can be removable under 450° F, whereas the 272 series needs some hard job to be done to remove with that temperature. So far our research reaches, it is mentioned that Loctite 271 can withstand up to 3000 psi pressure as well.

Wow! Faster Fixing Time

Another valuable part of its being a little less viscous is it takes 10 to 20 minutes to lock the thread. Within 10 minutes, it begins to harden, no doubt. So that is a plus point to some for quick fixture time; we repeat to some, okay!

However, the full cure time is the same as for the 272 series- 24 hours.

So, Where to Use Loctite 271?

Like we said above, for the tools and parts where you think no need for such a harder lock and need replacement or may not go through hard and rough vibration, this red Loctite 271 series would be the best with its performance.

To be more specific, you can use this lube on shock absorber mount, wheel bolts, press-fit, wheel studs, frame brackets, and so on. Besides, it is also usable on vehicles for valve covers, water pumps, mowers, furniture, and washers.

However, to answer the common question we sometimes see people tangling with that can Loctite 271 be used on plastic, it’s a big NO. Instead, use it on the metal studs and thread locking to secure it from loosening or getting rusted.

Does Not It Maintain Any Industrial Standards?

Of course, yes! Like the Loctite 272 series, you will find 271 also been made after passing some notable standards that are pretty enough to ensure user safety for both the parts and the user.

Instead, Loctite 271 has some different parameter compliance than that of 272. It passes the ASTM-D5363 Group 2 Class 2 Grade 1 and MIL-S-46163A Type I Grade K, which are basically military/ defense industry standards, and our non-ignorable, common standards OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), and RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances).

So, it’s fully secured and safe for your health. Also, it is a highly moisture-resistant thread locker.

Bottom Part

This 271 series liquid thread locker is said to be permanent, but higher vaporization or high heat can easily help it loosen the lube and come out. This is where it mainly differs from the Loctite 272 series.  Other than this, both are liquid lockers with the red color featuring mid- high strength of thread lock.

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Enjoy Our Official Video Too On Loctite 271  And 272!

A Short Brief on Different Color Thread Lock

Let us help you more, in case you are not very sure about these thread lockers and the color for a specific use, have a glimpse at the list below-

Thread Locker Color

Lock Type

Available Popular Loctite Series

Red High to Heavy-Duty Strength 271, 272, 262
Blue Mid-Level Strength 242, 243
Purple Lower Strength 221, 222
Green (less popular) Medium-Strength for low fastener 290

Which Thread Locker Is for You?

From the friendly battle of red Loctite 271 vs 272, we think we have to be tricky to give you one winner over the other. Both are perfect and fantastic with their job that you can’t say that this one is better than that one. Right?

Well, a bigger twist here is if your nut joints don’t ever need to be replaced or removed or you highly fear loosening, the 272 series is your pick. Hopefully, you got it.


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