Loctite 242 Vs 222 – Thread Seal Comparison

What is the difference between Loctite 242 and 222? The major difference between Loctite 242 and 222 lies in the viscosity, which is lower in 222 and medium with 242. But it also differs in application and purpose.

Comparison Table for Loctite 242 Vs 222

Loctite 242

Loctite 222


Medium viscosity

Lower viscosity

Lube Color




¼” to ¾” bolts

Small bolts up to ¼.”

Temperature Withstand

-65°F -300°F

-65°F -300°F


Removable with normal heat and general  tools

Removable with simple hand tools, no heat or pressure is needed


Our Recommendation: Loctite 242– Medium Strength Viscosity with Versatile Application

Why Choose Loctite 242?

Loctite 242 is for those of your bolt nuts that need mid-level adhesion. The 242 Loctite features the blue colour code referring to the medium viscosity strength. You can easily remove this thread locker from bolts with normal pressure or general hand tools.

Medium Viscosity in 242 Offers Better Thread Seal

Blue Loctite 242 has a viscosity ranging from 800 – 1600 mPa·s (cP), a medium adhesive thread-locking seal, due to the Methacrylate-based thixotropic.

For general nut thread locking, this is ideal enough to go with. However, if the battle ever comes for blue Loctite 242 vs 243, we find people preferring going for the 243 for its stronger viscosity.

But if you ask how strong is Loctite blue? Then, this calls for the clash for blue Loctite 242 and 243; both are medium-strength featuring thread locker, but 243 is more robust.

Loctite 242 Temperature

Loctite 242 is an industrial-grade thread locker with medium viscosity strength. It has a well enough capability to withstand from -65°F to 350°F.

Isn’t that enough for your garaging tools? And when you are kind of keeping all the bolts and nuts clean before assembling, this blue Loctite 242 proves to be ideal enough.

Where Can You Use Loctite 242?

You can use this Loctite 242 for the thread locking bolts of ¼” to ¾” size range that is about 6mm to 19mm diameter bolt thread.

This blue Loctite 242 is usable on metal, steel, stainless steel surface, and brass. From automotive and industrial bolts, nuts, washers, fasters, house furniture, mowers, locksets, and the blue Loctite 242 series work great.

What is the cure time for Loctite 242?

It takes only 10 minutes to set, depending on the environment. And with 24 hours of an entire fixture time, 242 blue thread locker locks the thread magically.

Blue Loctite 242 is available in a 5 ml capsule tube size and bottles of 10, 50, 250 ml, and 1 liter respectively. You can select the one you need based on your work.

What Are the Key Benefits of Loctite 242?

This nut and bolt thread locker 242 helps nuts from leaks and protects them from loosening under shocks and vibration.

It also saves the bolts from decay by making a seal from corrosion and rust.

Another essential thing about Loctite 242 is that you can easily disassemble it with normal hand tools or any special chemical. Like other strongest lube 272 or 272, Loctite 242 does not need high pressure or heat to remove.

However, Loctite 242 needs 110 lbs of torque to break, so you can assume how medium level of viscosity it contains.

242 Loctite Has Some Agency Approvals Also

Dimethacrylate ester has been used in Loctite 242 to make it a medium adhesive thread locker.

It has got approvals from reliable agencies for safety purposes so that you can make yourself satisfied when your mind tickles you with the reliability.

You will find IL-S-46163A, ASTM D-5363**, NSF/ANSI 61, NSF P1, ABS, and CFIA approvals for the blue Loctite 242 series. However, essential safety regards apply while applying, of course.


Blue Loctite 242 is to lock the bolts and nuts thread that can be easily disassembled with general tools or chemicals. When comparing 222, it is the medium strength one with removable options. But if you look for an oil-resistant locker, 243 is an upgraded version of 242 where all features of 242 are found.

Our Runner Up: Loctite 222– Lower Strength Viscosity for Easily Disassembling

Why Choose Loctite 222?

Loctite 222 is a thread locker with the lowest strength viscosity level that lets you remove with simple hand tools. For protecting the nuts from loosening and keeping them rust-free, 222 Loctite is effective. However, Loctite 222 comes in purple chemical though the tube comes with the same brand-featuring red colour.

Lowest Viscosity in 222 is Also Beneficial

Loctite 222 comes in purple color lube that most people are acquainted with. This low-strength thread locker has a viscosity up to 1200 (cp) or 3500mPa/s.

For small-sized bolts thread sealing, purple Loctite 222 is very demanding among the automotive and bike servicing centers.

Ideal Fixture Time of Purple Loctite

As purple Loctite comes with the lowest adhesion formula, it takes 20 minutes to set and a maximum of 24 hours it needs, depending on the weather condition.

However, some experts reviewed this purple color Thixotropic type thread locker taking 8 min to 360 min time to cure fully.

Temperature Range

Though Loctite 222 has less viscosity, the temperature withstands capacity is the same as blue Loctite 242. So you get here also the same temperature capacity range -65°F – 300°F.

In todays’ market, Loctite 222 is getting more popularity than the 242 for its easy disassembly.

Ideal For Automotive & Bike Maintenance

You can use purple Loctite 222notonly for automotive maintenance but bike tools.

It is usable for small-size threads up to ¼ “ size. In addition, purple Loctite is ideal for locking screws, countersunk, head screws, set screws, and other maximum M12 sizes.

The best thing is you can easily remove them when you need them using simple hand tools. Besides, it needs only 53 lbs of torque to break the adhesion.

What Are the Strength Points of Purple Loctite?

Loctite 222 keeps the nuts protected and prevents loosening under vibrations and shock. It also prevents any rust to the bolt threads.

This thin liquid thread locker with non-corrosive formula helps keep the bolts in place with no come-out issue.

Some also day purple Loctite having fluorescence under UV light also. Like the 242, you can use it on steel, brass, aluminium, and plated surfaces.

Don’t think that purple Loctite needs any primer before use. It works effectively without any mixer.


If you decide between Loctite 222 Vs 242, 222 is preferable for its lowest viscosity and easily removable option. Although it might not have multiple agency approvals as in 242, it fully secures the thread from rust and corrosion that many users review.

Which Thread Locker Is for You?

When comparing Loctite 242 Vs 222, both are equally effective and beneficial. Both do their jobs from their respective places. The comparison only calls for the purpose and output you want.

If you are looking for a medium adhesive thread locker with disassembling facility, too, blue Loctite 242 is your option.

But if you want a thread seal to protect from loosening only and easily removable with simple hand tools, purple Loctite 222 is the best suitable thread locker for you.


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