LinksWell Vs Phoenix | The Best Car Radios For The Year!

Looking for some cool featuring car radios and still stuck between the Linkswell and Phoenix? Here we will take a deep dive into a comparison between the two brands!

What is the main difference between Linkswell and Phoenix? Phoenix comes with a more user-friendly design and preferences over the Linkswell. The screen of the Phoenix is more personalized than that of the Linkswell.

However, Linkswell T-Style Stereo with Massive Screen gets you a lot of bang for your buck you. Have a view of our side-by-side comparison so that you can compare features directly between the models.

Too Busy? Top Pick- Linkswell IV Gen Android Car Stereo: Android & iOS Supported Car Play for Silverado & Sierra

  • PX6 six-core CPU
  • Steering wheel control features
  • Grand 12.1´´ HD touchscreen display
  • Compatible with the vehicles with RPO codes

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Table Comparison Of  LinksWell Vs Phoenix



Available Screen Size
7 to 17 inches 7 to 10 inches
Available in 2 series- vertical & large screen T-Series & Q-style radio
Themes are not customizable. Customized themes with preferred display feature
Available RAM
Up to 4GB Up to 6 GB
Customer Service
Average service Poor customer service

Let’s compare the features side by side to bring out a final output so that you can get the right pick for your car.

Phoenix Radio Vs Linkswell Radio – Comparing Size

Both LinksWell and Phoenix have a wide range of sizes available compatible with different vehicle models.

Phoenix comes with various size ranges based on the vertical and large screen. The vertical screen series size comes up to 17 inches, and the large screen series comes with up to 13.3 inches size.  On the contrary, Linkswell comes with some standard sizes up to 12.1 inches. However, the size range of Linkswell might not beat Phoenix screen size, worth with the vehicles.

Best Recommended for Size: Atoto A6 Car Navigation Stereo- 10” Display for the Civic

This radio is occupied with the Android Marshmellow with so many upgraded features availability. Vehicle retaining features with digital Canbus data signal system makes it peoples’ high choice.

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Comparing The Screen Features

The major comparing starts from the screen. The better user-friendly screen one has, more enjoyable experience it can provide in the ride.

The screen of the modern android car radios is just a reflection of the android tablet basically. If we compare Phoenix android vs Linkswell homescreen, Phoenix home screen is more customizable than that of the LinksWell. You can customize and bring the widgets in any line or series you want.

On the Linkswell home screen, all the primary widget buttons are shown in the centre, and others are on the bottom line. While on the Phoenix screen the others button/more options are on the top line. On the bottom, there mostly remains the climate /weather widget and A/C settings module.

So, for highlighting home screen features, Phoenix is preferable for its customizable featuring screen.

Best Recommended for Screen: Linkswell T-Style Radio- Compatible Fit for Ram Truck

It comes with 10.4 inches touch display that gives your truck a classic look. This radio lets you install the factory hardware and software with so many other functions available. It is just worth your bucks.

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Phoenix Android Vs Linkswell- Performance Difference

Both Phoenix and Linkswell provide a better performance in case of usage. From Bluetooth connection to WiFi, multimedia players to apps download all these stuff are available on both brands.

However, gen 3 Phoenix sync is super impressivefor its phone sync option. With the syncing option turned on with your phone, Phoenix screen can show your phone’s entire interface, and you can operate your phone on the Phoenix screen.

Phoenix and Linkswell allow you to download any apps you want and run them on the screen. However, the Phoenix screen comes with more pre-loaded apps inside, whereas the Linkswell does not mostly.

Moreover, if you consider both system’s sound quality, Phoenix gives you a better sound quality than the Linkswell system. But both are on average for the performance.

Best Recommendation: Kenwood Compact Size- 7” Apple Compatible Carplay

It’s more than a carplay and a digital audio receiver. Around 7 inches monitor compatible with Apple and have high-quality audio features. Extensive unit with significant improvement.

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LinksWell F150 Vs Phoenix

If we compare some of the popular car radio from both brands for Ford cars, we can have the Phoenix PX6 with 6-core CPU and Linkswell Gen 4 T-Style radio with octa/8-core CPU.

Both come with the same screen size, but the difference is in the Android version. Phoenix PX6 is the Android 9with fast boot technology, and the Linkswell gen 4 is the Android 8 Oreo version. This does not matter much as Linkswell lets you the option for an upgrade later.

However, both are at tie-tie point for their display casting features, full-screen display navigation map, USB and HDMI connection system, web browsing, and so on. LInkswell retains factory reverse camera on the contrary. Phoenix PX6 does not retain the rear mirror camera.

Most of the features are quite same on both, but Phoenix PX6 is just a step ahead in retaining the stock performance than the Linkswell Gen 4.

Best Recommendation: Linkswell T-Style- 12.1” Screen Compatible with Ford

It comes with 32 GB memory capacity.  And 3 holes that make it perfectly compatible with the Ford F series trucks. Arm Cortex A9 4-core CPU helps to load and run data smoothly with better speed.

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LinksWell Radio & Phoenix –Ease of Use

Based on different user experience, Phoenix is more user-friendly than the LinksWell. You can have your custom settings according to your own preferred style and appearance, that you can not do with most of the Linkswell models.

Besides, you can change the display theme and background and track your car’s stuff.  You can even change the Phoenix’s UI factory mode if you know the factory setting code that is 7890. So, for a cool dashing customized screen for a noticeable look, Phoenix is preferable by most.

Best Recommendation: Linkswell Gen IV- Android Radio for Silverado, Sierra

Its HD touchscreen feature gives you like no other running your own mobile. Also, the hand-free operating is available for the best user experience ever while riding.

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Which Should Be Your Final Choice?

Well, nowadays, car radios are exactly your phone alternator when you are driving. You can attend calls, watch movies, and browse the web like you can on your android phone. So, based on that, both brands get the top choice.

However, if you have to come over from the battle Linkswell vs Phoenix, in that case, it depends on your budget preferences, vehicle compatibility and usability. Phoenix is more cool looking and customizable, best for the people who love to have a second desiring phone while driving.

However, if you want something within a standard module with the standard features available with vehicle compatibility, of course, Linkswell is there for you.

Whichever you choose, either Linkswell or Phoenix, make sure to check the vehicle compatibility and precise size. Going for a bigger screen does not always bring gan attractive look rather ends up to an awkward look sometimes.


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