Which Socket LGA 1151 Vs 1155 for the Suitable PC Build?

Which motherboard socket should you choose to build your next-gen PC? Are you still hovering between LGA 1151 Vs 1155 socket? Let’s compare the two and help you to make the right choice.

Despite the similar name, the two CPU sockets are rather different. Your entire PC chipset installation depends on this socket type,  so it is crucial to make the right decision on the CPU socket as you can’t change it frequently.

Let’s take a deep dive into the comparison between the two.

Comparing Intel Socket LGA 1151 Vs 1155

Intel LGA 1151 Socket

Intel LGA 1155 Socket

Known as
Socket H4Socket H2
Number of Socket Pins
RAM Support
Supports DDR3, DDR3L, DDR4, and max 4 DIMM slotsCompatible with DDR3 only
Processor Compatibility
It has 2 versions. Version1 supports Intel’s Skylake, Kabylake CPU, Version2 supports Coffee lakeSupports Intel’s 2nd gen Sandy bridge and 3rdgen Ivy bridge
Connection Port
Supports USB 3.1 or Type-C portUSB 2.0, 3.0, 3.1
Successor Socket
LGA 1200LGA 1150
Predecessor Socket
LGA 1150LGA 1156
More efficiency with advanced compatibilityReasonable upgrades only, not recommended for an intense level of overclocking
Supports 6 chipset designsSupports 12 motherboard chipsets

Comparison Breakdown Between Two Intel Socket Types- 1151 & 1155

We’ll now check out the breakdown for different chipsets and other compatibilities. Some sweet recommendations will fill your thirst for the best PC upgrade.

Comparison for LGA 1151 vs LGA 1155 Motherboard

From Intel’s LGA (Land Grid Array) type sockets, 1155 was introduced for the Sandy bridge microprocessors of 2K series and later Ivy bridge of 3K series of processor design support.

LGA 1155 socket supports 12 chipsets -6 from older models, and 6 chipsets are updated versions. These chipsets help each pin transmit fast data with proper efficiency. Some older-B65, H61, H67, Q67, P67, Z68. Ans some newer chipsets- B75, Q75, Z75, H77, Q77, Z77.

The LGA 1155 socket’s overall dimension is 1.67”x1.67”, perfectly fitting into any standard CPU case.  And with 1155 pin count, it can give the best data transmission system with efficiency.

On the contrary, LGA1151 is the upgraded socket that comes with an 1151 pin count. The less pin does not feature any less data transmission rather, it provides more connection support with faster data transmission than the 1155 socket pins.

It supports 6 updated version chipsets- H110, B150, Q 150, H170, Q170, and Z170. The less pin count ensures faster data processing. For the maximum chipset support and upgraded featuring IC port, LGA 1151 is the best pick.

***Best Pick: LGA 1155 Motherboard– Asus ATX Intel with B75 Chipset

This motherboard with 1155 socket supports 6 SATA 3 ports that is a winning point. Also, it gives a real-time performance upgrade with maximum energy saving output.

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LGA 1151 Vs LGA 1155 Processor Compatibility

LGA 1151 comes in two versions. The first version is used for intel’sSkyLake and Kaby lake series of processors.

The Sky Lake processor is a 14 nm size microprocessor supporting Pentium, Celeron, Xeon, Core m3, Core m5, Core m7, Core i3, i5, i7, and i9 processor.  And the Kaby Lake supports Pentium, Celeron, Xeon, Core m3, Core u3, i5, i7.

Later on, the second version of the 1151 socket was for the Coffee lake series that supports Pentium Gold, Celeron, Core i3, i5, i7, i9, and Xeon E.

LGA 1151 CPU socket supports dual-core, quad-core, and the second version supports up to 6 core processor. 1151 socket based CPU is compatible with the O/S of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Microsoft.

Unlike, LGA 1151 socket, LGA 1155 motherboard supports Sandy Bridge and Ivy bridge. Both are 32 nm size processor. The Sandy bridge is compatible with Celeron, Pentium, Xeon E3, Xeon E5, Core i3, i5, i7 extreme series.

And the Ivy bridge is compatible with the Celeron G, Pentium G, Core i3, i5, i7, Xeon E3, Xeon E5, Xeon E7, and Xeon V2 series of processor. And all the 1155 socket CPU supports up to quad-core processors.

1155 socket based CPU is compatible with O/S Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, 2008, Windows 8.

***Best Recommended: LGA 1151 Socket Supported Processor– Intel Core i7 9th Gen

It has the 300 series chipset supporting 8 core hyperthreading option for better data transmission. Dual-Channel memory bandwidth allows more cache latency allowance.

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LGA 1151 or 1155 Socket Memory Support

Intel LGA type of socket 1151 series supports DDR3, DDR3L, and DDR4 RAM. This gives you the opportunity for a faster memory support option with more memory bandwidth—the DDR3L features more economical Voltage consumption for fast data processing.

However, some also support up to 4 UDIMM option for laptop or notebook compatibility. And the advanced SATA connection of up to 4 port is also found sometimes. But you can install any one type of memory.

On the other hand, with LGA 1155 socket lets you connect only to DDR3 Ram. It is quite a faster data processing Ram, but you might not get advanced technologies like Voltage usage and faster data processing.  Some socket comes with dual-channel memory connection also.

However, in Sandy bridge processors, DDR3-2133 speed is maximum, and in Ivy bridge, DDR3-1600 max speed with efficiency.

***Best RAM for LGA 1155 Socket: Corsair Vengeance Memory– Maximum Speed Frequency With Economical Voltage

It gives the maximum speed and lets you overclock your PC with optimized compatibilities. However, It supports the latest PC chipsets and uses less Voltagep power.

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LGA 1155 Vs 1151 Cooler Compatibility Comparison

Both LGA 1151 and 1155 socket comes with 4 holes for the better heat sink to the CPU motherboard. Both types of Intel CPU sockets provide 75mm lateral length for the 4 holes in the socket for the fastest heat dissipation. Now, you can use any good cooling fan according to your PC work and load. The more heat your PC creates, the more effective fan you need.

***Best Recommended Cooling Fan: NZXT120mmAIO Liquid Cooler– Advanced Mirror Design & Lightning Mode

This water cooling fan is powered by CAM software for extended performance features. rubber tubing design with a protective layer makes it durable and efficient when overclocking.

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LGA 1151 Vs LGA 1155 Compatible Connection Ports

All the processor chipset of LGA 1151 supporting is compatible with Intel ClearVideo technology and Wireless Display Technology (Varies from different motherboard). However, most of the motherboards with LGA 1151 socket supports DVI, HDMI port 1.4, Display port 1.2, and an optional VGA output option.

LGA 1151 socket compatible processors do not support the age-old traditional PCI interface. HDMI 2.0 is found supported only if the motherboard is compatible with Alpine Ridge Thunderbolt port. Also, USB connection port USB 3.1 or the Type-C port is available.

Unlike LGA 1151, 1155 CPU socket lets you connect with its PCI express compatible USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports. HDMI 2.0 output is available, of course.  The Ivy Bridge processors offer up to 3 display ports. However, the low-end Intel chipsets used in the LGA 1155 socket sometimes lag in getting access to the SATA, Express, and Thunderbolt type advanced connection ports.

Best Motherboard for Maximum Connectivity- Asus PrimeATX Motherboard compatible with 1151 for Gaming

It is compatible with 8th and 9th gen Intel processors with a 3.1 gen2 USB slot for maximum connectivity. For the high intense Gaming, it is a budget worthy decent motherboard. A high level of overclocking feature is also supported.

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Top 5 Picks Compatible with Intel LGA 1155 Socket

  1. LGA 1155 Motherboard: AS Rock Motherboard with 4 Pin Memory Slot
  2. LGA 1155 Supported Processor: 3rd Gen Core i7 for Multi-tasking &Productive Work
  3. Be Quiet Cooler fan for 1155 Socket: very Quiet Fan with Versatile Compatibility
  4. 1155 Socket Supported Intel Processor: Cheap but Robust Dual Core i3 processor
  5. 1155 Supported DDR3 RAM: Crucial 1600 MHz Brings Life to Old PC

Top 5 Picks Compatible with Intel LGA 1151 Socket

  1. 1151 Socket Gigabyte Motherboard: Perfect Pick for Gamers
  2. Intel LGA 1151 Socket Processor: Awesome 6 Core Processor with Great memory
  3. Cooler Master 1151 CPU Cooler: Cheap & Versatile Cooler
  4. G Skill 1151 Socket RAM: DDR4 RAM with maximum speed
  5. MSI MPG 1151 Motherboard: Gaming Motherboard Ideal for Professional Use

Which is better – LGA 1151 or 1155?

This will be a tough decision to come up with the final for the 1151 Vs 1155 socket. Both have specific and impressive features with benefits that a greater PC upgrade needs.

However, nowadays the 1155 socket type PC is considered to have a dead CPU. Whilst it might sound cheap, you need to figure out what features you need. 

Our recommendation goes to the LGA 1151 socket for an overall wrap up as it comes with more updated connection availabilities and advanced technological features. It can be a better option if you are not thinking budget and want something for a future lead.

Sadly, some chipsets do not allow overclocking with 1155 sockets except the Z series chipset. So, better observe carefully before you go for the purchase.


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