Leer Vs Are – The Ultimate Truck Cover Provider Title Goes To?

Looking for a compatible and competent truck cover can be a bit daunting when you get to see so many manufacturers offering quite amazing features in their options. Becoming confused and spending a bit less wisely is a situation right next.

However, if you manage to gather some idea on the market rulers’ manufacturers, then the whole doubt becomes an inch less bothering. As these are the providers that most consumers find reliable.

Now, we have decided to compare two really up-to-the-mark brands for truck covers that are not only good with their affordable pricing but also arrange promising features that you’ll really love to have. We are talking about a comprehensive breakdown between the leer vs Are truck covers. Also, get ready to find out about some super awesome models from each of them in this piece of writing.

Comparison Table of The LEER Vs ARE Truck Cover Brands

LEER Truck Cover

ARE Truck Cover

Weather-proof, safe, and wrinkle-free frame Low-profile design with a solid frame
Ease of Installation
Not more than 15 minutes to fit Takes 30 minutes or less to install
Weight Points
Light in weight compare to ARE models Heavier in weight
Quality Assurance
Limited lifetime structural warranty 3-5 years of lifetime quality assurance
Price Range
Affordable price range Expensive compared to LEER models
Top 3 Picks
  1. LEER ROLLITUP  5.6” Cover– Ideal Pick For Ford F-150 Trucks
  2. LEER HF650M 5.6”– Low-Profile Truck Bed Cover
  3. LEER ROLLITUP 5.7”– Get Maximum Space With This
  1. A.R.E. AR12003L-GAZ– Painted Truck Bed Cover
  2. A.R.E. AR32008L-PR4– Waterproof Truck Bed Cover
  3. A.R.E. AR42009L-4U3– Tri-Fold Designed Truck Bed Cover

Both brands designed excellent truck covers with different features. Both of them offer weakness and good point. Let’s check out their comparison aspects so that you can decide for yourself about which one balances both good and bad in the most beneficial way for you:

Comparing Both Brands Construction

The construction of truck covers is essential for any weather usage. Basically, both brand truck covers are different in construction.

Mostly, LEER truck covers are weather-friendly, safe, and wrinkle-free to use well. This brand designed truck covers holds great construction point which makes them popular and reliable compare to others. Also, the stability of LEER truck covers is on top.

On the other side, ARE truck covers are designed in low profile and a solid frame to use in most trucks. Most of the models of this brand hold good facilities yet lack waterproofing.

***Best Recommendation: LEER HF650M 6.6” Bed– Toughest Truck Bed Cover***

The HF650M is a durable, weather-friendly, andreliable cover to use for high-quality performance. It also offers a great folding design to easily secure and use within time.

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Dissimilarities Between Both Brands Of Installation

Both brands have different types of security and safety to install. Even if both brand truck covers installation is easy, they take specific time.

LEER tonneau cover lock is secure and protected with great fitting. All the truck covers of this brand usually take not more than 15 minutes to install in the truck. Amazingly, one person is able to install with no expert help due to the no-drill design of LEER truck covers.

Then again, ARE truck covers have a solid and helpful setup that allows you to install within 30 minutes or less.

***Best Recommendation: LEER ROLLITUP 6.4” Bed– Truck Cover With Fastest Installation Process***

With a no-drill setup, this truck cover is designed to be fitted on the truck for up to 15 minutes. It also offers maximum water management and minimal bed space intrusion.

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Diversity Between Weight Points Of Both Brands

The weight points of truck covers are handy to support well. And, when it comes to LEER or ARE, the weight points pole them apart.

LEER truck covers are basically lighter in weight and tough to withstand bumps and shocks. All the models of the LEER brand ensure giving good support on the truck without ruining anything. And, this brand invents greatly to offer light-weighted truck cover.

On the contrary, ARE truck covers are heavier in weight yet super solid to use. Even though truck covers of this brand are bulky, they are great on trucks to secure items. But we find LEER truck covers better.

***Best Recommendation: LEER Latitude 5.7” Bed– Sleek & Light Truck Cover***

Finished with vinyl, this LEER tonneau coveris super light and sleek to use on most trucks. It also offers a user-friendly design, strength, and a custom fit for accessibility.

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Variation Between Quality Assurance Of Both Brands

Quality assurance is one of the finest points of truck covers. Among LEER and ARE, we notice huge gaps in quality assurances.

LEER brand usually made truck covers with great protection with a limited lifetime warranty. This brand also focuses on truck covers lifespan so that users can use a long while. But LEER is lacking in quality assurance compare to others.

Yet, the ARE brand designed most models with 3-5 years of warranty for users to use a good time. This brand also grants return and repair benefits for user’s comfort.

***Best Recommendation: A.R.E AR12022L-50 5.8 Bed– Including 5 Years of Warranty***

Containing 5 years of limited warranty, this truck covers offers full bed access and supportive arms to drive securely. It also ensures no-drill setups and a waterproof design.

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The Price Differences Of LEER & ARE Truck Covers

The pricing of both brands is worlds apart. Both LEER and ARE truck covers hold different pricing depending on quality and features. Yet, we find LEER truck covers reasonable.

Leer truck covers offer many good points, quality, and structure still comes at a friendly rate. And, this brand created most models is solid and beneficial compare to other truck covers. But some models have higher pricing.

In opposition, ARE truck covers offer different quality and advantages which come at a higher price. Even if they are unique, functional, and quality, ARE truck covers cost more. And so, most people prefer LEER truck covers.

***Best Recommendation: LEER SR250 5.7” Bed– Economical Truck Cover***

The LEER topperis solid and simple to install to protect your truck cargo. It as well offers a CYNC latching system, reinforced triple-ply vinyl, and a limited lifetime warranty to use well.

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Top 5 Best LEER Truck Covers

  1. LEER Latitude SC 6.6” Bed– Solid Truck Cover For Long-Term Usage
  2. LEER ROLLITUP 5.8” Bed– Convenient Option To Try Out
  3. LEER Latitude SC 5” Bed– Dent-Free Truck Cover
  4. LEER Latitude SC 6.9” Bed– Safe & Secure Truck Cover
  5. LEER HF650M 6.9” Bed– Stylish Cover For Most Trucks

Top 5 Best ARE Truck Covers

  1. A.R.E. AR12019L-G1W 6.6” Bed– Easy To Install Truck Cover
  2. A.R.E. AR42014L-1G3 5” Bed– Light-Weighted Truck Cover
  3. A.R.E. AR42015L-1D6 6” Bed– Find Universal Tailgate Operation With This
  4. A.R.E. AR22019L-UG 5.6” Bed– Functional Truck Cover
  5. A.R.E. AR22020L-YZ 6.6” Bed– Hard Folding Truck Cover

Overall Thoughts On Your Ideal Choice

Clashing of LEER Vs ARE is still a huge topic that people find hard to decide on. To be honest, both brands rock in different ways. Yet, the best will come if you go with LEER truck covers.

You see, most models of the LEER brand have paintable, light, security, and weather-friendlybody finish. All the truck covers of this brand are quite easy to install within 15 minutes. Even if LEER truck covers have limited quality assurance, they are good for long-term usage.

In contrast, ARE truck covers are solid in construction with a low-profile design. All models of this brand are protected with 3-5 years of warranty. Yet, ARE truck covers are lacking in weight point, takes time on installation, and expensive compare to LEER.


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