A Complete Guide to Choose Between IoTaWatt Vs Sense?

What’s the difference between IoTaWatt and Sense energy monitor? If we present the first difference here, then it will be the price. The Sense energy monitoring gadget is a bit expensive compared to the IoTaWatt.

Well, there are some other key facts that you should consider between IoTaWatt vs Sense energy monitor devices. Therefore, we will provide you with authentic information about these two types of home automation devices below.

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IoTaWatt Vs Sense

Key FactorsIoTaWattSense
MechanismMeasures circuit using the passive sensor.Uses a computer sense monitor.
Installation DifferenceEasy to install.Pretty much a straightforward installation.
Protection FeaturesFully certified.Ensures safety standards.
PricingAffordable price.Expensive than the IoTaWatt.
MonitoringHas the most accurate voltage reading.A robust power meter tells real-time energy uses. 

Does the above table make Sense when discussing the two types of energy monitoring devices on your car? However, what if we take a deep dive into the mentioned comparison factor above?

Both IoTaWatt and Sense ensure the highest quality, but the narrowest differences will play a big part when choosing one.

Mechanism Differences Between IoTaWatt and Sense

A perfect mechanism system always provides you with more incredible benefits. However, these energy or power monitoring devices have a robust mechanism.

Therefore, the essential thing about the IoTaWatt is that it comes with 14 circuits. Having many circuits means an accurate reading of the current or voltage transmission will occur. Besides, IoTaWatt has a passive sensor essential for real-time energy reading.

On the other hand, your car’s sense energy monitoring device measures the real-time voltage using machine learning technologies. Besides, it has its monitoring smartphone apps that help you get the car’s energy consumption patterns.

The main fact is that Sense has superior software.

Installation Difference between IoTaWatt and Sense

It doesn’t matter what type of device you use; you should have found the ease of easy installation. However, a complex installation process may increase your irritation when you talk about the energy monitoring device.

IoTaWatt installation is super easy. Hence, you don’t need to install the firmware as it is pre-installed with the device. You have to go through 3 steps in the overall installation process. You should connect some components, like the USB power supply, AC transformer, etc.

However, installing the Sense energy monitoring device is also very easy. You will be able to set the sense monitoring device with your car’s energy panel. Besides, it takes around 30 minutes to install.

You will have the IoTaWatt app to track real-time energy consumption. Therefore, talking about the installation of the IoTaWatt will beat Sense. The Sense needs a 240v circuit bracket to measure voltage.

Protection Features Comparison of IoTaWatt and Sense

As you will use an electronic device, it is super important to ensure the safety and protection features. Therefore, both these energy monitoring devices in your car come with good protection features.

IoTaWatt is safe to use as it maintains all the safety measures. However, the energy monitoring device is thoroughly tested as well. It follows the standard of low voltage safety for the US. Besides, the Components of the IoTaWatt are UL listed.

On the contrary, Sense has strong paneer instigate, ensuring protection issues. Therefore, the sense energy monitoring device is ETL/Intertek certified, protecting the vehicle floor.

Monitoring Differences

IoTaWatt is prevalent on the internet because of its perfect monitoring abilities. It is an open-source energy monitoring device that helps users provide accurate monitoring data. You will be able to know real-time energy consumption status with the help of an integrated webserver.

Besides, it interprets the electrical signal to measure the current power used.

On the other hand, Sense usually lags when there are individual circuits. However, Sense will provide you with the remote energy monitoring advantage. To be more specific, the sensor works prominently, connecting with the panels.

Pricing Differences between IoTaWatt and Sense

When comparing two same products, pricing comes into play naturally. You have to pay more money to buy the Sense than the IoTaWatt. The price is around  $299 if you want to buy the Sense energy monitor device.

It will be bare enough for you if you are willing to pay about $149 to buy IoTaWatt for your vehicle. So, the IoTaWatt also wins here compared to the price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How accurate is the sense energy monitor?

The sense monitor sensor is almost very accurate. It uses machine learning to read any device’s actual power/voltage. Moreover, Sense is far better at measuring overall devices and is messy with individual devices. But, if you tend to buy Sense based on accuracy, it is not a wrong choice either.

How long does it take for a sense energy monitor to work?

It depends on the power consumption or the voltage level along with devices. It will start its proceedings just after the installation. However, it may take a couple of days to measure the energy consumption correctly. The sampling number of senses is far better as well.

How Do I Set up IoTaWatt?

The installation process of IoTaWatt is pretty simple and easy. You can more often consider it as a plug-and-play procedure. What you need to do is to connect the USB power supply of the IoTaWatt first. Once you have done this, you need to connect the AC transformer. Finally, plug and play the power supply with the AC transformer, and connecting with the Wifi will end your task.

What Should Be Your Pick?

We have completed our important decision about  IoTaWatt vs Sense energy monitoring sensor here. You now have information comparing these devices, especially for your car. Nevertheless, you must choose the facts.

Budget or pricing is one of the key things when buying anything. So, if you think Sense costs too much, going with the IoTaWatt won’t be the wrong choice to make either. Then again, we want you to decide according to your circumstances.

There are some cases where the two devices perform pretty the same, as shown above.

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