Incra Miter V27 Vs V120- Which One Is The Best Pick?

Incra Miter V27 Vs V120

You may have the best table saw, but you will not get the best result from it without a perfect miter gauge. INCRA manufactures the miter Gauges, which can produce gap-free accurate glue joints.

Many miter gauge options are available in INCRA suitable for doing multi-angle wood projects without having errors.

Today we are going to compare the most popular two INCRA Miter V27 and V120. Here the review of Incra Miter V27 vs V120 is given that will help you to pick the suitable one for your project.

Comparison For The Incra Miter V27 Vs V120

Incra miter V27

Incra miter V120


The V27 is for table saw, band saw, router table, disk sander, belt sander This v120 can fit in band saws and disc sanders where others can not.


Its weight is about 2.71 pounds Its weight is 2.55 pounds

Product dimension

Product Dimensions 17 x 6.9 x 3.5 inches Product Dimensions 17.3 x 4.2 x 2.2 inches

Available slot size

Available slot size is 3/4″ x 3/8″  Slot Size is 3/4″ x 3/8″

Construction material

It is a durable metal made It is steel made

Angle stops

It has 27 precision angle stops It has 120 angle stop


The price of V27 is on budget. The price of it is not too high.

Review For The Top Pick: Incra Miter V27 – An Accurate Cutter With A Simple Design

V27 is suitable for its best budget pick. It has a very compact design with multiple angles stops for a budget-friendly price. This miter gauge is also a good pick for beginners as it is effortless to understand.

Slot size

The V27’s has a miter bar that can adjust as needed. That fits in the standard miter slots that have a square side. The slot width measurement is 3/4 inch, depth is 3/8 inch. With or without a T-slot of 15/16 inch at there is the bottom of the miter gauge. This adjustment range fits the slot widths within 0.740 inches to 0.760 inches.

Angles Stops

INCRA’s V27 miter gauge has 27 angle lock stops. Those features as incremental. Angle lock stops available with 5degree increments that range across 180 degrees.

At +/- 60 degrees, this miter gauge is able to have miter cuts. And also, at +/- 22 ½ degrees, the miter gauge comprises two unique stops. It allows the V27 to have precision and accurate control while cutting the edges.

Strength of Stop Point

Four expansion ports are available within the guide lock bar, which will adjust on both sides. This enables eliminating play, and non-frictionally move in a table saw. That also keeps the bar sturdy when making cuts. The gauge featured dual rotating flip arms of the miter for making it handy during repeat cuts.

Design and Material

V27 gauge features a steel made body. This body construction gives it a long-lasting life. The compact, straightforward design makes it extremely easy to understand.

The small size of the miter gauge gives it a comfortable hold. That is very useful for those who are experiencing it for the first time.


The V27 miter gauge of the Incra brand weighs only 2.71 pounds. Despite having a durable steel-made body, the tool is a low weight that makes it easy to carry when and where it is needed.

Universal Mounting Brackets

As the miter V27 does not have an inbuilt fence. It features a universal mounting bracket. That means the unique feature allows it to use with any border that a user needed. This makes the miter gauge to connect the saw easily.


This miter gauge is not just only for the table saw; it also works well with band saws, disk sanders, and router tables. As having a versatile model that is very easy to use for anyone. Achieving incredible precision accurate cuts as anyone wanted is very easy.


  • Highly durable metal made
  • User friendly
  • No-nonsense design
  • Versatile


  • Have no fence

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Other Best Alternative: Incra Miter V120 – A Laser Cutter That Provides Repeated Accuracy!

We also recommend INCRA miter V120 because it provides significantly little error to use and handle accurately. While cutting woods, this gauge makes work very simple. It comes at a reasonable price for its small size that makes this gauge handy. It is the best pick for the experienced woodworker.

Slot Size Specifications

INCRA miter V120’s features a miter bar that can adjust easily. This gauge will fit in the slots with a square side. The miter slots have 3/4 inch wide with a depth of 3/8.

The bottom of the miter gauge comes with or without a T-slot of 15/16 inches wide. The miter bar can adjust in a range that fits the slot widths from 0.740 inches – 0.760 inches.

It comes in a small handy size. The Miter V120 gauge size doesn’t affect its performance. This tiny size makes this tool easy to handle and helps create an accurate cut with the repeated angel.

Angle Stop Points

For woodworkers, the angle stop points are much more vital for a precision cut. V120 gauge consists of 120 Angle stops. The Incra V120 is more adjustable as this model has angle lock stops at each degree to adjust.

Into the steel protractor, the V120 has 120 Angle LOCK stops that are laser cut. Also, at +/-22.5°, it has two stops. These unique stops are for cutting molding & frames accurately, which has eight sides. This gauge gives a wide range of angles because it has stops at every 5- degree interval. It is preferable for those who need more precise angle cuts.

Construction Quality

Product durability is another concern while choosing a miter gauge. INCRA V120 is a miter gauge builds with high-quality steel. The robust construction of the body gives durability and holds up for a long time. This strength makes it an excellent long-term investment.

Stop Points Strength

The miter bar is equipped with four patented points so that the glide lock can adjust. This glide lock Miter bar of the gauge provides a perfect fit for as per require sharp cuts to the edges. They also give low-friction fit in a different range of miter slot.

INCRA includes T-slot retaining clip that is removable. For a quicker set up the adjusters of the gauge are accessible from the top. This angle tops make this gauge stop on every surface with a stronghold on capacity.


  • Adjustable
  • Glides over any surface to make the work easier
  • Provide a wide range of angles
  • Strong building materials


  • For skillful workers

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Final Thoughts

Here we compare Incra miter V27 Vs V120 to make your choice easy. You may choose the miter gauge depending on your requirements.

V27 miter gauge of Incra provides high performance in every type of saw as it is versatile. On the other hand, the V120 miter gauge is preferable to the experienced one for a more accurate and repeatable cut with 120 angle locks.


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