Hx40 Vs Hx35 Turbocharger – Which One Delivers the Best?

HX35 or HX40, which one should you go with? For light-duty vehicles such as cars, and mini trucks the HX35 turbocharger is a suitable unit. And the Hx40 is best for heavier vehicles.

However, both of these turbochargers come with some top-notch features and perform incredibly well in their own spaces.

The debate regarding HX40 vs Hx35 turbocharger has been going on for a while now, and yet it doesn’t seem to settle. This is exactly why we have come up with an in-depth comparison of these two turbochargers that will be enough to help you reach a decision. 

So buckle up and read through!!!

A Quick Hx35 Vs Hx40 Turbo Specs Comparison Chart 


Pressure Offers 35 PSI maximum boost pressure40 PSI max boost pressureAirflow0.46 Kps0.53 KpsOutput Range 100 – 280 output range175 – 350 output rangeEngine Capacity 5.0 – 6.5 liter (see also ‘How Many Cubic Inches Is 6.2l?‘). 7-10 liters (see also ‘How Many Cubic Inches In A Liter?‘).

Durability Can’t withstand abuse as much as HX40Can withstand heavy abuse.
InstallationEffortless to install, thanks to its compact size.Not as easy as Hx35, as it is slightly bigger.
Suitability Suitable for streetcars and light-duty trucks, and drag racingHeavier trucks, off-roading vehicles, aggressive driving
Dimension 224mm x 250mm x 169mm231mm x 250mm x 169mm
Top 3 Recommendations1. BLACKHORSE-RACING HX35 HX35W– Diesel Turbocharger for Dodge Ram
2. Fleece HX35– Turbocharger
3. ADPOW HX35 HX35W– Turbo for Dodge Ram
1. Turbo Lab America Holset HX40– Complete Turbo
2. Turbo Lab America Holset HX40– Turbo Rebuild Kit
3. JM HX40 Turbo– For Dodge Ram

If you are done scrolling through the short comparison chart, let’s dive deeper into the comparison to see which one wins. 

Hx40 & Hx35 Housing Difference 

Housing is a casing that covers the turbochargers. Even though both Hx40 and 35 turbochargers usually come with cast iron or aluminum housing, there is a difference in the size.

Hx40 comes with adjustable housing, and so does the Hx35, but the 40 has a larger turbine wheel than the 35. Not only that, but the compressor wheel is also larger in Hx40. Due to the small components, the HX35 housing is more compact than the Hx40, which makes installation in tight spaces pretty easy.

On the other hand, the installation of the Hx40 is also effortless but not as much as the Hx35. If we put these two turbochargers on the same side, it would be hard for you to find any other turbochargers whose installation process is as easy as these two. 

Airflow Difference

Turbocharger airflow is what fills air into the engine so that it can deliver the power expected. The Hx35 turbocharger offers 0.46 Kps airflow, which is not a bad number at all. 0.46 kg/s is good enough to generate decent power. 

However, Hx40 comes with more, it offers 0.53 Kg/s airflow, and that makes it superior to 35 in terms of airflow. Due to the high airflow, obviously, Hx40 will have the engine deliver more power.

That being said, there are two disadvantages to that as well. Turbocharger that delivers higher airflow also consumes high fuel. Plus, they are usually louder compared to models with lower airflow. 

So it is a trade-off between power and cost. Most people are ready to deal with the cost and noise when they get the expected power. 

Size Difference 

Hx35 turbocharger is slightly small compared to the 40, which is why the 35 is easy to install, as we have mentioned before! The only difference is in length, the width and height are the same. Hx40 has a dimension of 231 x 250 x 169, whereas the 35 has a dimension of 224 x 250 x 169.

Power Difference 

As we have mentioned before, the Hx40 comes with a bigger turbine and compressor wheel, which is why it has a higher max boost pressure than the Hx35. And higher boost pressure means the turbocharger will make the engine yield high power. 

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And compared to the Hx40, the 35 comes with a smaller compressor and turbine wheel, which can’t produce airflow as much as the 40. And that results in less boost power. 

Downpipe Difference

Both of these turbochargers come with efficient downpipe wastegate, and the only difference is in size. The Hx40 turbocharger has a slightly bigger downpipe than the Hx35turbocharger. 

Difference In Suitability

Hx35 turbocharger is designed for light-duty vehicles like streetcars, minitrucks, and drag racing cars.

On the other hand, the 40 is for heavier vehicles like big trucks. The Hx40 can be used in off-roading vehicles as well. 

Hx35 Vs Hx40 Durability Difference 

This goes without saying that turbochargers need to be durable enough to withstand all the abuse. And both of these turbochargers got heavy-duty construction to deliver optimum durability. They are usually constructed with cast iron or aluminum material as they are high in strength and long-lasting. 

However, as Hx40 is designed for larger vehicles, it tends to be a little more rugged than the Hx35, a very slight difference. But if we look from a different point of view, both are perfect in their places. 

Hx35 is durable enough to take all the beating of medium-sized vehicles, and Hx40 can withstand the hard abuse of heavy vehicles. 

Hx35 Vs Hx40 Engine Capacity Difference 

In case you don’t know, lower engine capacity means low power, and vice versa. Having said that, the engine capacity of the Hx35 turbocharger is 5 – 6.5 liters, while the Hx40 comes with an engine capacity of 7 – 10 liter, which makes it outshines the Hx35 effortlessly. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is A HX40 Turbo Good?

If you pick the HX40 turbocharger for heavy vehicles or off-roading vehicles, they are definitely a good choice. However, you might sometimes have to deal with noise and turbo lag, but that’s worth it as it makes the engine yield high power.

What Size Is A HX40 Turbo?

Hx40 is a big turbocharger compared to the HX35, and the dimension is 231mm x 250mm x 169mm.

How Much Boost Will A HX40 Make?

The HX40 turbo makes a heavy boost, and the boost pressure is 40 PSI, all thanks to the large turbine and compressor wheels.

What Is An Hx35?

Hx35 is a turbocharger which is a device that increases the productivity, efficiency, and power of the engine.

How Much Boost Should A HX35 Make?

The maximum boost an HX35 turbocharger can make is 35 PSI.

Hx35 Vs Hx40 6.5 Diesel Turbo Charger, Which One is Good?

Go with the 40 turbos for heavy use as it is better than 35 in terms of power. Hx35 is perfect for light to medium-weight vehicles.


We have said several times that HX40 and 35, both of these turbochargers, are good in their own space. If you own a lightweight or medium-weight vehicle, HX35 would be a great attachment. On the other hand, HX40 is made of heavy and off-roading vehicles. 

However, this Hx40 vs HX35 comparison should wipe off all your confusion regarding these two turbochargers. Let us know if we can help you with anything else. 

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