Grizzly Vs Delta Table Saw – Make Your Choice for The Proper Woodwork

Woodworkers are often in a dilemma when they have to choose between Grizzly vs Delta table saw. A table saw is also known as a “saw bench.” Our table saw market is full of various brands, so it’s not that easy to find the best tool.

And when you have to choose between Grizzly and Delta, the task gets more twisty!

But let us show you the best saw between these two tables saw to have the best woodworking.

Comparing Grizzly Vs Delta Table Saw

Grizzly Table Saw

Delta Table Saw

Swinging Capability
Non-Mobile Mobile
Medium to High High
Power Source
Pneumatic, electric Electric
Table Saw Styles
Cabinet, sliding, Portable Jobsite, Hybrid  portable, contractor, Jobsite
Table Saw Feature
Benchtop, stationary Stationary
Price Point
Bit pricy depending on different types Cheaper to a higher price depending on the type
Cast Iron Wings
Heavy-duty cast iron wings Mostly no cast-iron wings
Heavier in sliding styles Much lighter depending on different models
 Top 3 Picks
1. Grizzly Industrial G1023RLWX– Table Saw with a Built-in router Table 1. Delta 36-5100 10-Inch Left Tilt Saw -BiesemeyerStyle Fence and Dual-Rip Windows
2. Grizzly Industrial G0623X-Single Phased Sliding Table Saw 2. 5-Hp Unisaw with 52” Biesemeyer Fence– Get a Marathon Designed Motor with This
2. Grizzly Industrial G1023RL-Heavy Performer Work with Dado Blades 3. Delta 36-5052 10-Inch Left Tilt Contractor Saw– Tool-Free Guard Design Here

Features Comparison of Both Brands

Both Grizzly and Delta are two influential saws. Both of them have benefits and drawbacks. For this Comparative guide, let’s take a look at what each of them has to offer.

Comparing The Power of Delta & Grizzly Table Saw

The main goal of a table saw is to cut dense and thick woods. That means the power of a table saw depends on the motor and the blades. If the wood is 2 inches or less, you will need a motor between 1-2 HP. But if your wood is more than 2 inches, you will need engines of at least 3 HP in power.

If you see closely, each Grizzly and Delta model is offering us motors at (3-5) HP. But, after extensive research, we found Delta the most powerful table saw. So, if you are looking through the power, you should move to the Delta table saw.

Best Recommendation Delta 36-L552– Bi-Level Dust Collection with Vibration-Free Cutting

The most conspicuous thing about the Delta 36-L552 is its motor. With 5 HP, there won’t be any wood on this world that it can not cut through. And also, the adjustability on this saw is perfect.

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Comparing in Terms of Blade

The blades are one of the essential features of a table saw. The specialty of the blade depends on the number of teeth. And also on kerf size, application, application, arbor size, speed, and component.

The standard blade diameter is 10 inches, which will grant you almost a 3-½” cut capacity at 90 degrees. Blades are found in 12-inch forms as well.

Both Grizzly and Delta offer us 10” blades capable of giving around a 3” cut at 90°. But, in this case, Grizzly has the right to come forward. It comes with the special riving knife that you don’t get in the Delta saws.

Best Recommendation Grizzly G0697X– Digital BevelCut with Full-Time Riving Knife

It is featured with a 12” blade. With 5 HP, 220V Grizzly saw will provide you a 4” cut at an accurate 90° and a 2-¾” cut at 45°, which has made it an ideal heavy-duty table saw.

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Rip Capacity of Delta & Grizzly Saw

The rip capacity is another vital feature. At first, measure the difference from the saw blade. Then, count the most significant difference, the fence travels to the right of the blade. That’s called rip capacity.

When selecting the best table saw, you’ll need a rip capacity of more than 24″. Some models provide you as much as 35″. If you want to have the west side, unlike the fence, the larger the ability, the better.

Grizzly and Delta both brands are ensuring rip capacity more than 24”. But here, Grizzly comes with 52 inches rip Capacity for high woodworking performances.

Best Recommendation Grizzly G0651– Cabinet Table Saw for Heavy Duty Cut

The Grizzly G0651 table saw is a part of the high-end extreme series line. Its 52″ rip capacity is more than enough to rip to the center of any wood.

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Cutting Accuracy of Grizzly & Delta Table Saws

The advantage of a heavy, stable saw is that it can be exact in how it cuts. Since the saw has a strong motor that isn’t troubled too severely by a reliable, thick wood, its cuts would also be forecasting. When you choose lighter and more portable, you are negotiating accuracy for it.

Bigger, immobile, and heavier saws mean more accurate cuts. Besides, heavy saws reduce vibrations. Vibrations diminish accuracy, and reduced vibrations also mean a quiet operation, which is advantageous when working with saws.

Grizzly table saws offer more solemn features with immobility, and so provide much accurate and smooth cutting.

On the other hand, Delta saws give you an accurate, smooth cut but without vibrations. That’s so awesome. They are not only a heavy functional but also an anti-vibrant table saw. So, Delta is one step forward in terms of accuracy than Grizzly.

Best Recommendation Delta36-L352– Get a Vibration Free Bevel Cut

This Delta table saw is suitable for professional woodworking, cabinet making, etc. This 661 pound 3 HP 230V motor cuts wood and engineered products like MDF and melamine.

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Comparing Price of Both Brands

Getting a table saw within budget and with advanced features is not that easy.Buying a table saw is kind of like buying an expensive bottle of wine. It’s not a matter of how reasonable a table saw you buy, but how to maximize the expense of a whole lot of your dollars.

Grizzly and Delta both will offer you saws within your budget but after a massive study

we gave the Grizzlythe best for the price, not because it’s a budget model but because it grants extreme performance for the dollars.

However, the table saws from Delta offer relatively cheaper in case of price. But some less in features like the cast iron wings may disappoint you later.

Best Recommendation Grizzly G0651– More Power with More Cutting Accuracy

If something is the best value does not mean it is the cheapest. The GrizzlyG0651 table saw has the maximum cutting capacity. And the cast iron trunnions with 5 HP motor provide an excellent smooth cut.

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Top 5 Product list of Grizzly & Delta


  1. Grizzly G0771Z Table Saw– A Precision Maker
  2. Grizzly G0853 TableSaw– Table Saw with Digital Controller
  3. Grizzly G0605X1– Quick-Release Guarde for Blade with This
  4. Grizzly G1023RLW– Solid Cast Iron Wings with a Mirror-Like Finishing
  5. Grizzly Industrial G0623X3– Perfect for an Effortless Cut


What Should Be Your Final Choice?

After looking at our writing, we hope you have made your choice between Grizzly Vs Delta table saw.

If any professional asks to recommend a saw which will be eligible for industrial use and at the same time budget-friendly, then we must suggest Grizzly.

The money you have to spare for it would not be ended in smoke, as it is the most budget-friendly saw in the market.

Delta is also a fantastic choice. This saw will give you smooth and accurate carvings too, but its cost has compelled us to make it a fellow competitor.

To sum up, we recommend Grizzly for professional woodworkers and Delta for domestic use.


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