Gorilla Wood Glue Vs Titebond – Which Wood Glue Is The Best Pick?

When choosing the best wood glue between Gorilla wood glue vs Titebond, you must be in a dilemma about which one you should select.

Well, while looking for wood glue with strong adhesive strength, the Titebond glue is the best option for you. On the other hand, if you want a clear glue joint with a medium-level glue strength, you should go for Gorilla wood glue.

However, both of the glues are reliable and work best depending on your woodworking project. So, based on your woodwork, you should choose the best one to fulfill your requirement.

Therefore, we are here to let you know the basic differences between them. So, it becomes easy for you to pick the right glue.

Gorilla Wood Glue Vs Titebond- 5 Best Wood Glue Products Comparison

Glue Types Comparison on Titebond Vs Gorilla Wood Glue

When it comes to having the best wood glue, most carpenters usually first consider the glue types. This is because there are several types of wood glue you will find available in the market such as PVA glue, Cyanoacrylate glue, Epoxy glue, Polyurethane glue, Hide glue, etc.

And, based on their types, their work performance is also different. Moreover, their price range also varies due to the differences in their types.

Therefore, before planning to have wood glue, you should consider their types. So, you can understand their adhesive strength and glue bonding system.

However, these glue types of both Gorilla and Titebond are a little bit different. Here, Gorilla wood glue is a Polyvinyl Acetate type of glue. This glue type is reliable, durable, long-lasting, waterproof and one of the strongest wood glues. Yet, the glue strength is not much higher compared to Titebond glue.

On the other hand, the Titebond glue is a Polyvinyl Acetate-based wood glue like Titebond II Premium Wood Glue and also an Epoxy-based glue like Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue.

These glue types are one of the most popular and common glues used for different indoor and outdoor wood-crafting projects. The glue strength and water-resistance quality of this Titebond glue are much higher than any other wood glue.

Adhesive Strength Differences Between Gorilla and Titebond Glue

The adhesive strength of both wood glue is also different. As we mentioned before that their glue types are different thus, they possess different chemical bonding agents. Therefore, their gluing bonding strength also differs.

The Titebond glue has higher adhesive strength and offers stronger wood bonding. And, with this higher adhesive force, it can easily beat the Gorilla wood glue.

The most significant fact is that this glue can set instantly on your wood in a very short time. It takes only 10-25 minutes to set the glue depending on the wood surface.

However, in the case of Gorilla wood glue, it has less adhesive strength than the Titebond glue. Besides, it takes quite a long time, approximately 20-30 minutes to join with the wood surface.

Besides, it’s not as fast-drying glue as the Tightbond. And this glue takes a minimum of 24 hours to cure completely.

Titebond And Gorilla Wood Glue Have Gap-Filling Properties Dissimilarity

The Titebond glue offers you the best gap-filling properties than the Gorilla Wood Glue. If you want to fill a medium to a large gap between two wooden pieces with strong adhesive power, the Titebond glue should be your first choice.

Besides, you will be amazed when you see how fast it fills the gaps. And also, it will be an easy task for you especially when you are working on the wood-to-wood gluing project.

However, Gorilla Wood Glue doesn’t provide great gap-filling properties like Titebond. Yet, if you want to fill small to medium-sized gaps between the wooden pieces where there is required low adhesive strength, then use Gorilla Wood Glue.

Titebond Vs Gorilla- Surface Application Differences

The Titebond is a highly versatile glue and comes with a thick viscosity and easy-to-use feature. Besides, it exceeds Type I and II ANSI/HPVA specifications like Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue -type I (waterproof) and Titebond II Premium Wood Glue -type II (water-resistant).

Therefore, you can use this glue for both your indoor and outdoor regular wood-crafting projects. Not only that but also this glue can be used in heavy-duty and industrial woodworking projects. And, this glue bonds well while using it along grain surfaces.

In the case of Gorilla Wood Glue, it is used also as a versatile glue. It is a water-based adhesive PVA glue that exceeds Type II ANSI/ HVPA specifications.

Thus, this water-resistant glue can be used on any surface like softwood surface, medium wood surface, and also hardwood surfaces. Moreover, it performs well on cross-grain surfaces.

However, many woodworkers claim that the Titebond glue leaves a brownish bonding spot at the adjoining surface while the Gorilla Wood Glue leaves a clear bonding finish.

Titebond or Gorilla Wood glue- Longevity Comparison

One of the great things about Titebond glue is it is super durable and long-lasting wood glue. The overall composition of the glue makes the bonding much stronger. And, thus, it lasts for a longer period than the Gorilla Wood Glue does.

Yet, it also forms a solid wood bond and comes with a fast glue setting feature. Besides, the storage life of this Titebond wood glue is longer, about at least 24 months.

However, the Gorilla Wood glue is less durable compared to Titebond glue. As it doesn’t have that much strong adhesive force like Titebond, so, it can’t create much strong solid bonding instantly and needs time to form a strong bond.

Price Point Comparison of Both Gorilla Wood Glue and Titebond

The price of these wood glues usually depends on the types of glues, their adhesive strength, heat, and water-resistance quality, etc.

However, although the Gorilla Wood Glue provides you less glue strength than the Titebond, its price range is much higher. The reason for being expensive may be due to its multi-purpose easy-to-use feature, invisible bonding color, and its material quality.

On the other hand, the Titebond glue is inexpensive and much affordable while it also provides higher glue strength and longer storage life. So, having this one will be a money-worth glue investment after all.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Gorilla Wood Glue be used for a heavy-duty woodworking project?

Usually, it is recommended to not use Gorilla Wood Glue for your heavy-duty woodworking project. However, you can use this wood glue for outdoor applications if you don’t have to deal with load-bearing.

Is the Tightbond wood glue much stronger than wood?

Yes, the Tightbond wood glue is much stronger and offers the strongest bonding than wood. Its strong initial tack quality and higher adhesive force make the bond stronger.

Is the strength of Gorilla Wood Glue strong enough to adjoin?

Although Gorilla Wood Glue has less adhesive effect than the Titebond glue, its water-based Polyvinyl Acetate formula makes it a more reliable glue. And also, it offers a strong adhesive strength compared to other regular glues.

Final Thoughts

All right, we know, while you have to choose the strongest wood glue from a very renowned brand, you will get stuck between Gorilla wood glue vs Titebond.

If any woodworker or carpenter wants us to recommend wood glue for their woodwork, we will definitely recommend the Titebond glue. This is because it comes at a very affordable price while also having strong adhesive power.

However, recommending Titebond glue doesn’t mean that we are ignoring Gorilla Wood Glue. This Gorilla Wood Glue will be a fantastic choice if you want a strong bond but with a smooth and clear finish.


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