Gator Trax VS Retrax Pro MX Tonneau Covers Comparison 2022

You have done a great job looking for the perfect covers for your pickup truck, and we can tell since you’re struggling to decide between two of the very hyped cover provider series, Gator Trax vs Retrax pro MX.

However, the whole point of this piece of writing is to make that confusion go away and give you some notes on both of the great tonneau cover lineups. Based on the most needed factors that a pickup truck cover must have; we will try to differentiate these two series. There will be our recommendations here and there as well.

Hopefully, by the end of this friendly clash, you will have some sort of idea on which series would have the perfect cover for you to go and get. If you feel hurry, can check the 5 top picks listed below:

Product Name

Key Benefits


RetraxPRO MX 80232 Tonneau Cover
  • Easy To Place On
  • Protects Tools From Harms
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RetraxPRO MX 80852 Tonneau Cover
  • Epic Outline That Improves Truck Look
  • Last A Long While
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RetraxPRO MX 80373 Tonneau Cover
  • Roll Down & Open Smoothly
  • Simple To Setup
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RetraxPRO MX 80481 Tonneau Cover
  • Secured & Comfortable To Use
  • Good Quality
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RetraxPRO MX 80473 Tonneau Cover
  • Strong Body Structure
  • Watertight & Weatherproof
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Comparison Points Of The Gator Trax Vs Retrax PRO MX Series

Despite the fact that both GatorTrax and Retrax PRO MX truck beds are the best in value, they have big variations. If you put them together, they will give unlike experiences in real life.

So, without wasting any time, let’s jump into all the facts that pole them apart:

Gator Trax

Retrax PRO MX

Leakproof and weatherproof Watertight, UV protected, rustproof, & scratchproof
Lasting Ability
Made from polycarbonate stats to last 3 years Aluminium body with a lifetime warranty
Ease Of Usage
Takes only 30 minutes to setup Fitting seems tricky
Weight Capacity
Carries not more than 300 lbs. weight Supports up to 500 lbs. weight
Not as good as RetraxPRO MX Noiseless, windproof, and smooth bed access

Let’s look into some points that make the GatorTrax and Retrax PRO MX tonneau covers different from one another.

Difference Between The Protection

The protection of a tonneau cover is an essential factor. Both GatorTrax and Retrax PRO MX stand on the top for their protection skills. Yet, they do vary when trying in real.

For sure, GatorTrax tonneau covers are great in safety. They are most likely top-notch to shield from serious leakage when the weather is upset.

We as well love their great protection that works fine on most weather. Yet, a few users find them a bad choice for snowy areas. They may work great on other weather but may outflow if it rains heavily. That makes them weaker compared to others.

On the flip side, Retrax PRO MX tonneau covers are top-notch to use in any weather. They have a fine finish with a black coating to resist UV rays on sunny days. And, most people love their great protection while using in snowy or heavy rainy weather.

We also find them good to shelter items from water on the truck bed. Besides, they work nicely to cover dirt or leaves well. Even if Retrax PRO MX tonneau covers have a high rate, they worth the price for excellent protection.

In general, a tonneau cover that has a better shield facility will serve well. And so, Retrax PRO MX wins the race.

***Best Recommendation- RetraxPRO MX 80383 Tonneau Cover With Matte Finish***

The RetraxPro MX 80388 is one of the finest best retractable tonneau coveroptions. It is sleek, tough, and nicely sealed to use well. This tonneau cover secures stored items on the truck bed very well. To sum up, it is safe and user-friendly thanks to its nice outline.

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Gaps Between The Lasting Ability

Most people will wish for a long-term usable tonneau cover instead of a short-term choice, right? Both GatorTrax and Retrax PRO MX series have good longevity. But one owns the crown.

GatorTrax tonneau covers are made out of polycarbonate stats. We all know polycarbonate stats is good for resisting heat and impact. They have great stability to stand a good while.

And, the majority of people love them for durability. But they are protected for only 36 months in promised warranty from Gator. That indicates GatorTrax tonneau covers will last not more than 3 years. A few users don’t like them for their short-term service.

Then again, Retrax PRO MX tonneau covers are built out of solid aluminum. They are tough, flexible, rustproof, and recyclable. We also love their lasting ability to resist the surface from harm. They as well endure on high winds with no hitches.

And, most users find the legendary lifetime warranty a big profit. Retrax also promises to repair and restore any material or crafting defects. On the face of it, they are fine to use daily without causing peels or rusts over time.

If comparing both series, we would likely choose Retrax PRO MX for their excellent lasting ability with no hassle.

***Best Recommendation- RetraxPRO MX 80461 Tonneau Cover Featuring Durable Body***

The RetraxPRO MX 80461 is an ideal pick for long-term usage. It is made out of solid aluminum material to stand for a good time. By and large, this tonneau cover is fine in worth and layout to use on long drives.

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Comparing The Ease Of Usage

Avoiding the ease of usage is like inviting stress. Both Retrax PRO MX and GatorTrax series have different usage options. But most users find one better compared to another.

GatorTrax tonneau covers are classy and handy when it comes to user experience. They are very simple to deal with compared to others.

And, we love the fact that they don’t need extra time to set up. Most users also didn’t find hard fitting the nuts or aligning them evenly. Besides, they only need 30 minutes to attach on the truck bed using simple tools. That makes them in the upper position.

On the other hand, Retrax PRO MX tonneau covers are built in a nice design. Unlike GatorTrax, they have a fine instruction guide to learn easily how to attach rightly. And, we find them good to use on the long journey driving.

Yet, a few people find the fitting tricky and time-consuming. We as well find it confusing to align rightly by attaching the screws on the holes. Apart from these issues, they are very good to fit on the latest trucks available on the market.

A tonneau cover that is simple and effortless to set up will be a good choice. Based on it, most people find GatorTrax better for comfort usage.

***Best Recommendation- GatorTrax 6.4” Electric Tonneau Cover With Remote Operation***

Unlike others, the GatorTrax tonneau cover is handy thanks to its keyless remote. It is light, practical, and lasts for 3 years. Most users find this tonneau cover super safe for keeping items on the truck bed. In short, it is easy to work with that takes 30 minutes to fit.

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Disparity Between the Weight Capacity

Tonneau covers do need a good range of weight capacity to distribute loads evenly. When it comes to GatorTrax vsRetrax PRO MX series, they both hold great differences.

GatorTrax tonneau covers have good weight capacity for up to 300 lbs. We find it very handy for small loads to carry while traveling on one place to another.

For its unique sizing option, you may get good space to carry more loads consistently. But, GatorTrax tonneau cover problems occur due to their low weight capacity for big items coverage. When it comes to protecting a huge number of items from water or snow, they fail.

Conversely, Retrax PRO MX tonneau covers are made solid and stable. They can carry up to 500 lbs. in weight of loaded items. We love them for their sweet point to carry more items without causing imbalance.

They also hold loads nicely even if driving on bumpy roads. Plus, Retrax PRO MX tonneau covers carry items evenly to avoid damaging truck surfaces. They also ensure no wear and tear. For that reason, most people like them for carrying big loads.

Among these two series, most users find the Retrax PRO MX tonneau covers best in both worlds for their unmatchable weight capacity.

***Best Recommendation- RetraxPRO MX 80842 Tonneau Cover With Fine Carrying Weight***

This tonneau cover has a cool matte finish with aluminum panels. It also has a fine weight volume that carries up to 500 lbs. That is more compared to others. Plus, most people like the RetraxPRO MX 80842 for its evenness and shake-proof design while driving on road.

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Variation Of Their Performance

The performance of tonneau covers is an important factor. If taking about the performance of both GatorTrax and Retrax PRO MX series, they hold big contrast.

GatorTrax tonneau covers are good in appearance and supportive. Most people find them good for their handle lock or remote access for good security against thieves.

Also, we love their solid and care-free ball bearing that allows easy entree and closure. They as well have low profile canisters to resist external harm. Yet, a few people don’t like its ball-bearing sealing. Other than that, they are a good choice.

In opposition, Retrax PRO MX tonneau covers have solid aluminum ball bearing rollers to ensure smooth bed access. Most people love their good length and space benefit. They also have a nice finish and color to improve truck looks.

With noiseless working, we find them very handy for big tasks. But wait, that is not all. They also perform very well in windy areas to avoid causing damages to tools. And, most people find them fully sealed for easy entrance.

Based on most people, the Retrax PRO MX tonneau covers are good for their functions and comfortable key locking.

***Best Recommendation- RetraxPRO MX 80374 Tonneau Cover With Silent Performance***

Made for 2015-2020 Ford F-150 trucks, the RetraxPRO MX 80374 is quiet. This truck bed cover is not only safe but also offers a fast entree. It also has a key lockable option with a low-profile layout. In brief, this tonneau cover is great in performance.

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Wrap Up

So, the battle of the two cover series, Gator Trax vs Retrax pro MX almost is in its final stage. Time for us to give you some short summary on actually which series is more impressive compared to the competitor.

If you have paid attention to the whole comparison, you already know it’s Retrax Pro MX. From better scores on protection levels to serving superior weight handling capability, covers from this series are going to be a keeper.

Then again, GatorTrax is still a pretty decent series that shows the ease of usage in its provided covers. If you find an option that seems like a great option from this series, go ahead.

Both of the series show some fabulous construction that provides a good amount of durability as well as gives access to compatible accessories.


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