Garmin Striker 4 Vs Lowrance Hook2 4x – A Complete Set Of Comparison!

Garmin Striker 4 Vs Lowrance Hook2 4x

Which fish finder will you prefer from Garmin Striker 4 vs Lowrance Hook 2 4x? Feeling puzzled as so many reviews and opinions around? Then, without wasting time, check out this comparison with a detailed guide.

Finding the best fish finder not only eases your fishing but adds flexibility with fun to your fishing journeys. But Garmin and Lowrance nowadays seem to clash for minor to major specs. And for that people are getting confused about which one they should go for.

So, we are here with a detailed comparison between Lowrance Hook 2 4x and Garmin Striker 4. By the end, you can have a one on one battle with the final output to get the best one acc to your needs.

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Garmin Striker 4 Vs Lowrance Hook2 4x

Key FactsGarmin Striker 4
Lowrance Hook2 4x
Display SizeAvailable in 3.5, 5 , and 7 inches4.3 inches
Display TypeHVGA color16-bit Color TFT
Sonar TypeDual-beam sonarTraditional 2D sonar
Sonar FrequencyDual-frequency- 50/299 kHz200kHz
Screen Resolution480 x 272 pixels480 x 320 pixels
Transmit Power200 W RMS500 W RMS

Garmin Striker 4 Fishfinder Review- User-Friendly Bang for Bucks Unit

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This fish finder comes with a dual-beam transducer with a dual-frequency rate. And traditional chirp view with the availability of various modes makes it choosable by many. With a rugged design, you can use this fish finder safely in any environment.

Featuring Display

Garmin Striker 4 fishfinder comes with a diagonal-shaped display. The best part is you can choose any one size of display from the available 3 sizes- 3.5”, 5”, and the largest 7”.

Smooth Scaling graphics of the screen lets you switch different depth range scales without any imagery interruption. You can store up to 5 thousand waypoints to mark and get back if ever lost. And to save the locations, Striker 4 lets you use certain icons for excitement in fishing.

Striker 4 fish finder uses the ClearVu technology. Not only the location, but you can track your boat speed from the Striker screen that is really amazing to use. HVGA (Half Video graphics Array) color display helps to see clearly even under the brighter sun.

Dual-Beam Transducer Sonar

Garmin Striker 4 has a dual-beam transducer built-in system that is ideal for showing a crisp image with a higher level of clarity in view. Dual-beam sonar of 77/200 kHz of transducing capability can help you spot fishes with details that you may not find on other typical transducers.

Wait a minute. ItsCHIRP (Compressed High-Intensity Radiated Pulse) technology makes it more preferable with the authentic transducer. The transducer in Striker 4 sends continuous frequency sweeps ranging from low to high. And it helps you with a quick spot by creating a crisp image of fish arches. And this sonar system lets you separate the target easily fora better fishing experience.

Easy Navigation System

Garmin Striker 4 comes with a built-in system GPS that is highly-sensitive, you know.  You can use this GPS system to track your fishes, mark them, and the things like docks, brush piles, etc. And the amazing part is you can also track your location back to the boat ramp using the Striker GPS.

That is way too ahead with no worries about losing the fishes or the waypoints that might be missing. We can bet this feature really keeps the Striker 4 a step ahead of the Lowrance Hook 2.

Sonar Capabilities

The sonar system in Striker 4 plays the character role here. With 200W RMS of power transmission capabilities, it can transmit data so fast with a crystal clear view of the spotting. The maximum depth range is up to 1600 ft in fresh water and 750 ft in saltwater.

Another featuring part is the ultra-scrolling capacity. Yes, Striker 4 has the high scroll speed power that even flashes the fish targets when the boat is at high speed. Don’t worry. It shows the real-time display of the passing fish on the instant.

Ease of Use

The Striker 4 has a convenient keypad type interface for operating it, making it much easier to use. You can dip Striker 4 inside freshwater up to 1 to 3 meters that won’t cause significant harm as it has been tested and comes with an IPX7 waterproof feature. So, there needs no saying to stay worry-free for any splashes of water or rain.

And don’t think about the battery backup. It is quite enough to stay with you for a day-long fishing adventure.

More again, the display features several modes to operate the device easily with much comfort. Several modes are such as- The Traditional mode with a traditional bottom flashing screen with the obstacles. Flasher mode shows a narrow and wider screen at a time on two sides. Split frequency mode shows both transducer frequencies, and Waypoint mode shows the waypoint marks and location. Ultra-scroll mode features high-speed scrolling.

Garmin fishfinder Striker 4 also features multitasking options with the split-view screen. And you can carry it with the portable kit available from Garmin. However, the mounting options are ideal for mounting on your kayak, canoe, or using it for ice fishing.


  • CHIRP sonar with a clear view
  • Highly recommended
  • Sealed with IPX7 waterproof formula
  • Clear display with good contrast
  • Great unit for boaters


  • Expensive

Lowrance Hook2 4x Review- Compact Sized Fish Finder with Brighter Screen

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Though Garmin Striker fish finder comes with a dual-beam transducer, Lowrance Hook2 4x gives you an opportunity for enjoying the best with budget coverage. On top, the transducer with different shots availability helps to provide CHIRP image and mount-ability for the compact-sized kayaks.

Brighter Display with Horizontal Screen

While Garmin, Hummingbird, Marcum are on the verge of tough competition, Lowrance tries to cut out some of most features within the mid-range series. And the Lowrance Hook2 series surprisingly comes with some fantastic features within your budget pricing list.

The most featuring part is its 4.3 inches wider screen display that beats most flagship models of fish finders. Brighter 16-bit color TFT (Thin Film Transistor) display that is another variant of LCD gives a clear view with brightness.  Do you know Lowrance Hook2 uses the SolarMax technology? And it lets you use this device under brighter daylight of hot Summer. Also, you can change the brightness according to your ease.

Auto-Tuned Transducer

This compact Lowrance Hook2 4x comes with a transducer system that is auto-tuned. The Bullet Skimmer type transducer with 200 kHz sonar frequency gives a proper 2-D image of the fishes you can find in the traditional fishfinders.

However, it might claim a 500 W RMS of speed transmission, but it can provide a wide-angle of cone ranging up to 200 RMS with its 200 kHz transducer that does not let you miss any fish to spot. Here, Lowance hits the beat with Garmin Striker 4.

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Though Hook2 4x comes with single sonar, the auto-tuned system automatically adjusts the settings with the condition changes and provides peak performance, indeed. What is more, the Hook2 4x series includes the triple-shot 3-in-1 and split-shot 2-in-1 sonar transducer.

With the triple-shot, you can enjoy a wide-angle CHIRP view, side-scan and down-scan imaging facility. And in the split-shot, you get to use the traditional CHIRP imaging view with down-scan imaging. Whatever sonar beam you get to use, you can track fish, mark spots, and even track the structure under the boat.

GPS System with Preloaded Maps

Lowrance Hook2 4x comes with the GPS where you find and mark your favorite fishing spots, save the waypoints and follow trails adding ease to your fishing.

Some Hook2 series comes with the preloaded C-MAP® of US land map and the C-MAP® with US coastal mapping that proves to be so useful for marrow search. With that, you can enjoy great social mapping. Sadly, the ‘models do not come with this preloaded mapping.

User-Friendly Keypad

Hook2 4x is not only a gem for its friendly price, but the most user-friendly that any younger to elder with less tech knowledge can use correctly. The settings buttons for quick switching are easily identifiable.

Suppose you need to use the deeper functions. In that case, you can use that much more conveniently using the trackpad navigation button on the screen. Wow, that’s wonderful.

And here is not the end. With 1 touch operating feature, you can also check the water depth and temperature rating with this fishfinder.

Convenient Ease of Use

Lowrance Hook2 4x function is simple and easy to use. And from the installation, in the beginning, it gives you no more hassle to carry or mount in your boat. Its versatile mounting options keep you at peace without worrying about taking additional mounting brackets or others.

So, you can mount with the gimbal bracket mount, quick-releasing mounting bracket, or even in any trolling motor or ransom. You are getting too many options to mount it anywhere you like.

The best part of Hook2 4x is it’s backed by one year of manufacturer’s warranty and warranty for software upgrade up to 5 years with discount price. That is so cool and updated.


  • Easy to use 1 touch keypad interface
  • Budget worthy unit
  • Auto-tuned ideal for ice and water use
  • Larger & brighter display with CHIRP sonar
  • Versatile mounting options


  • Power transmission is less than Garmin.

What Should Be Your Final Pick?

So, summing up the battle for Lowrance Hook2 4x vs Garmin Striker 4 and hoping for the best pick you can now find for your fishing trips. Striker 4 comes with a dual-beam transducer and higher transmission speed but expensive though. Contrarily, Hook2 4x gives you the maximum facilities with the most accessible features and mid-range budget.

Now, you decide whether you need the expensive one with a wide range of options or the budget pick with significance and flexibility.

Don’t let your weekend ruin with the wrong fish-finding tools. Happy angling!

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