Fluid Head Vs Gimbal- Which Tripod Head Is for You?

Fluid Head Vs Gimbal

A tripod or monopod head impacts much in your photography to videography. And most often, professionals fall in a dilemma between fluid head Vs gimbal for the perfect shoot.

Are you also one of them? Then, scroll down and discover the ultimate comparison we bring out here for you. Our in-depth comparison will help you to pick the right video assistance that your camera needs.

Let’s dig into the deep!

Fluid Head Vs Gimbal – Comparison At a Glance

Fluid Head


Basic Built Module

Works on the base of hydraulic fluid used inside Works based on 3 major points like the human hand

Mounting Accessibility

Mountable with a video camera and digital cameras Video camera, digital camera, mobile, and even without any tripod


2-dimensional balancing with the gravity 3-dimensional movement creating its center of gravity


Wildlife photography, videography Best for cinematography and vlogging


Little heavy Comparatively lightweight

Pricing Point

Expensive Reasonable

Features Comparison For Fluid Head And Gimbal

Let’s explore the details of the features for a better understanding. And yes, there are sweet recommendations too!

Comparing Build Design of Fluid Head & Gimbal

The fluid head tripod is considered one of the best tripod heads for its build module among different tripod heads. It uses liquid grease or oil inside two slide pans within the head that creates a hydraulic system. It is the key factor of this tripod head that allows you an easy movement of your device.

A fluid head comes with a handle for a dampen-free movement of the head as user requirements. However, the longer the handle is, the better the movement range you get.

On the other hand, a gimbal is unique in its build technology. A gimbal is made with the basis of the 3-dimensional rotation. It has been made with the working formula of human hand structure-arm, elbow, and wrist defining the tilt, roller, and the pan of the head.

In the fluid head, the handle lets you control the movement, whereas the gimbal head’s movement works, combining all of the three parts working as the axis of 3-dimensional output.

Both fluid head and gimbal come with rubber armor and finely weather-friendly features. Though it varies from brand to brand and other qualities,Movo GH700 professional gimbal with fluid panning is quite popular.

Manfrotto MVH 502 AH– Wider & Longer Panning with Built-in Counterbalance Lock

With a weight capacity of 15 lbs, this fluid head tripod is a masterpiece. The panning is quite extensive sliding system for the camera mount. Panoramic 360° of rotation power and other dragging capability will bring a splash to wildlife photography.

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Comparing The Working Functions

Fluid head works well in dampening movement and friction. It mainly works with a two-dimensional axis-the tilt and the pan. The pan might seem a little smaller but works excellent in movement dampening.

And the tilt can smoothly work, preventing any friction from letting you enjoy an aesthetic camera movement.If you are looking for a fluid head with complete 360° movement Neewer Fluid Drag Pan Head is considerable.

However, the fluid head comes with a perfect counterbalance locking system to quickly stabilize it at the angle you need. As a result, you don’t feel any jerkiness and dive into your shoot.

Another amazing part of the fluid head is the tension control properties. Most of the fluid head comes with 2 tension controlling wheel knobs-one underneath the pan and the other on the side. These knobs help to make the movement left to right, forward to backward, and vice versa faster or slower.

Movo GH-700 DSLR Tripod Head– Professional Tripod Head with Superior Weight Capacity

It is another professional gimbal tripod head for those who need some extra within budget. The best part is Movo gimbal head can support up to 30 lbs easily. And it is super budget-friendly with so many cool features.

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On the contrary, a gimbal works using 3 major parts here that feature 3 axis- the pan axis, the roll axis, and the tilt axis. The pan allows moving the gimbal up and down from underneath. The roll on the middle helps to move the gimbal forward and backwards. And finally, on top-the tilt helps to move the gimbal left to right.

With these 3 axis stabilization points, including 3 vibration-free motors, the gimbal head makes a perfect camera head. It brings an adventurous twist to the videography and cinematography world. And for this, people were longing for centuries.

Oh, how can we forget the main attraction of a gimbal- the performance against the center of gravity? Sounds shocking, right? But it is the truth. Gimbal uses an IMU (Internal Measurement Unit) with a tiny gyroscope that uses its center of gravity.

What is the benefit here? Well, if you somehow move or shake the camera, gimbal won’t let it miss any capture of even mili second of timing. So, here gimbal gets the thumbs up for its vibration-free spotting capability. People are also falling in love with the Neewer professional 360-degree gimbal that is winning every heart.

Have you played PUBG ever? Then you may know how the triggering point remains at the center no matter in any rotation you move the device. Gimbal works with the same technology.

Pangshi VT-1510 Fluid Head– Smooth Consistent Rotation for Videography

Pangshi fluid tripod head is ideal for the videography and outdoor photoshoot. It is precisely compatible with the Nikon, Samsung, Sony, or Canon DSLR cameras. With other beneficial features, the tripod head assists you with quick releasing and mount-ability.

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Weight & Weight Capacity for Fluid Head & Gimbal

Both the fluid tripod head and the gimbal head have a standard weight capacity of mounting a general camera such as a digital camera, video camera, or DSLR. No matter how big size of lens you attach, you can have a great mounting option. Not only this, but you can enjoy an accurate jerk-free movement opportunity with the fluid head.

Are you thinking about the weight of this tripod head? The most fluid head comes with a portable weight that you can easily carry for hiking, birding, hunting, or other photography to videography actions.

Are you looking for a professional head? Then, the Magnus VT-4000 tripod that comes with an unremovable fluid head is recommended. This is pretty preferable for microphotography and commercial videography purposes.

On the contrary, a gimbal head is relatively lightweight and portable than a fluid head. It features super cool and handy to take for outdoor videography shooting and others. However, the gimbal head also comes in three different categories for different device compatible mounting options.

Neewer Metal Heavy Duty Fluid– User-Friendly Shoots with DSLR &Camcoder

The Neewer fluid tripod head is quite durable and budget-friendly. It can load up to 11 pounds and allows you to use it with not only tripods but monopods, sliders, and light stands. Versatile usable featuring fluid head is perfect for any photography and videography.

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Performance Benefits – Fluid Head or Gimbal

Both the fluid head and the gimbal head are best with their performance. With the fluid head, you get a fine vertical movement with fluid resistance motion that is quite quick as any gimbal head can do.

You might not get the quickest and 3-dimensional movement with a fluid head. But the complete bend-able movement range you get from a fluid head is as good as any gimbal.

However, in the case of choosing a tripod head for wildlife photography, none can beat the Manfrotto 502 head that is preferable by the professionals for any wildlife photography or shoot.

A gimbal head is no less. It lets you the chance to experiencing lavish photography with minimal hardship. You can even rotate your camera with your one finger quickly and fast.

However, the gimbal head does not let you completely bend the camera you get with a fluid head. But when you want to try some cinematographic shoot, a gimbal can give its best.

For your kind information, the gimbal has been introduced with so many categories compatible with HD (Heavy Duty) DSLR camera, smartphones, GoPros type action camera, mirrorless model, etc.

And the vloggers today love to use a gimbal for its incredible movement capabilities, versatility, and tripod less handy features. Zhiyun Smooth 4 gimbal stabilizer is such as for the YouTubers, vloggers for filming with a phone.

Neewer Professional Gimbal Head– Heavy Loading within Budget

It uses high-quality metal that makes it durable. You can enjoy 360° panoramic movement with this gimbal head and that too without crossing your budget. The newer gimbal uses an Acra-Swiss plate design and can load up to 30 lbs that are so high enough.

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Cost Comparison of Fluid Head & Gimbal

Both come as costlier and pricier in featuring some points. However, a gimbal gives the best with a vibration-free photoshoot. On the contrary, a fluid head brings some additional benefits too.

In terms of pricing, fluid head costs you a little extra for its bigger panning and user benefits. Well, the gimbal saves your budget a lot. It features different quality points based on performance and gives you a budget-friendly tripod head.

However, some expensive gimbal heads, such as the Wimberley Gimbal Head II, costs far more than the fluid head due to its commercial user appliance features and built-in high quality.

So, what is your choice? You may now decide for sure. By the way, the young generation has a robust corner for the gimbals.

Wimberley WH-200 Gimbal Head– Highly Made Compact Design

This gimbal tripod head is made with high-quality Aluminium that makes it sturdier. And it features a wide range of movement with a bigger lens. 10 years of warranty you get here for this tripod head for the serious photographer.

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Which One Should You Pick?

Are you a wildlife photographer or a vlogger? The most buzzing debate over fluid head Vs gimbal head will remain sonorous always. But in the end, you are the one who needs to decide your pick.

Let us help you a bit here. If you are a professional wildlife photographer, the fluid tripod head meets your needs. However, the generation longs for the cool featuring gimbal nowadays indeed. A gimbal is best when your purpose is cinematic video shoot or filming with mobile.

So, you may now decide what is for you after going through the entire discussion.

Have a hindrance-free shoot with the right tripod head!


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