Fabtech VS BDS Lift Kits – Latest Comparison of 2021

Apart from being really good, the maximum of the lift kits that come from these two brands is also highly comparable to each other. We are talking about the fabtech vs bds lift kits that are on a roll right now.

If you have come to this point, where you’re barely a few steps away from making a choice on the right lift kit to get from your vehicle but can’t because both brands seem to give some promising options, then a comparison is all that you need next.

And today, we will be serving some notes on both of these brands based on their lift kits’ performance on various criteria. Also, there will be some of our favorite lift kits recommendations that we feel need some shout-out.

On that note, which brand seems to be the better bet for your money, let’s try to find things out…

Comparing Fabtech Vs BDS Lift Kits

Fabtech and BDS suspension lift kits are count as one of the best choices for trucks. Both brands have fine points to serve well. Yet, if you put them on one side, they will vary.

Let’s jump into all the aspects that make both brands lift kit different below:

Fabtech Lift Kit

BDS Lift Kit

Lifting Ability
Lifts Lower For Stable And Even Ride Lifts Higher For Off-Road Riding Feel
Not As Good As BDS Lift Kit Rustproof, Quiet, And Protective
Fitting Process
Takes Lots Of Time And Patience To Setup Easy To Adjust
1/4” Steel Frame With 5 Years Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty On Wearable Items
Needs Low-Maintenance Compared To Others Require Care To Ensure Good Working

Let’s move to all the comparison points to decide one winner of Fabtech vs BDS lift kits for your truck fine clearance:

Dissimilarities Between The Lifting Ability

The lifting ability is the main reason why people get a lift kit. And, both Fabtech and BDS lift kits have a great lifting ability to amp up easily on track. Yet, they do differ a lot.

Fabtech lift kits have a good range of lifting ability that helps to ride in a stable position. And, we love their great lifting that allows trucks to climb better without causing imbalance.

Also, they help smooth riding on rough or bumpy terrains. But, one weakness of Fabtech lift kits is they work badly if your truck carries bulky items. They usually give good looks thanks to their lower lifting.

On the flip side, BDS lift kits are made unique that own a higher lifting facility. Besides, we find them ideal for getting off-road riding on the gravels or stone paths. Plus, most people like them over others for their nice lifting even under heavy loads.

And, they perform great to ensure trucks run well without ruining handling. In fact, BDS lift kits gives stable riding over bumpy rides thanks to their nice outline.

A lift kit that can rise your truck in a good height is a good option. And so, most people find the BDS better for its quality lift kits that provides the exact thing precisely.

***Best Recommendation- BDS 4″ Lift Kit With High Lifting***

Out of all, this BDS lift kit is an ideal pick for Jeep Cherokee SJ trucks. It contains anti-friction pads, high-end springs, and quality nuts. This lift kit is also tough to stand for a long while. On the whole, it is functional and easy to fit on trucks for high lift riding.

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Differences Between Their Functionality

The functionality of lift kits is a fine point that ensures better comfort as a user when using. Speaking of that, both Fabtech and BDS lift kits have dissimilarities in functionality.

For sure, Fabtech lift kits are good to use that comes at a very friendly rate. They as well have good benefits to improve riding stability when trying in real life. And so, for most parts, the kits are pretty options to go for.

But we find one big issue that is Fabtech lift kit parts can peel and scratch easily after some time. A few people also find them noisy when using over trucks. Apart from these, they are a good option for trucks to ride stable.

Then again, BDS lift kits are functional and handy for most users to use on daily life. They as well have decay-free surfaces that don’t peel or scratch even after years of use. And, we love their tough outline that ensures good performance when using on gravel with no noise.

Besides, they are compatible with the latest trucks such as Jeep, SUV, and many trucks. And, BDS lift kits are decent to perform well on bumpy roads with no hard vibration struggle.

A lift kit that offers better benefits to improves truck ground performance is a good pick. For that reason, most users find the BDS lift kits better compared to Fabtech.

***Best Recommendation- BDS 6” Lift Kit With Good Protection***

This 6” lift kit is one of the coolest choices for riding protection. It gives great lifting on the rear and front. This lift kit also has top-notch tools to fit on the trucks easily. In short, it is a solid and safe lift kit that improves off-road performance.

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Gaps Between The Fitting Process

Another thing that favors people when picking a lift kit to use with no hassle is a fitting process. Both Fabtech and BDS lift kits have different fitting experiences based on users.

Fabtech lift kits have all the tools you’ll need for fitting. Plus, we love the fact that they are not weld installed to fit. Also, most users find Fabtech crafted lift kits handy. And that deserves some praise.

Yet, they are very tricky to install on trucks due to the parted tools. But the good news is that they can be fitted easily on the truck if getting help from an expert. You can hire someone for flexible rate and they’ll do the task effortlessly. Other than the complex installation, they are a nice alternative.

Conversely, BDS lift kits are simple to work with. Thanks to their unique layout, they can be fitted to many different truck models. Also, BDS lift kits are easy to adjust and customize that most people liked. The brand also offers an instruction guide with technical help.

On the face of it, they offer all the tools in the package to fit on trucks using the handy instructions. Besides, BDS lift kits are comfortable to fit. And so, it makes a great pick for those who are not very used to vehicle modification projects.

Depending on the fitting process, you can go with a lift kit that ensures ease of usage. And, that makes BDS lift kits the winner.

***Best Recommendation- BDS 6.5″ Long Arm Lift Kit Featuring Space To Flex***

The BDS 6.5” is a good pick for Jeep Cherokee XJ trucks. This lift kit will fit fine on 12.50 inches wheels and 33 inches tires. Most people find it very handy to ensure good handling by reducing road frictions. In brief, this 6.5” lift kit is an all-rounder for trucks.

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Comparing Their Longevity

Everyone would wish for a long-term usable lift kit for their trucks. Both Fabtech and BDS brand created their special lift kits differently to stand a good while.

Fabtech lift kits are mostly built out of 1/4” stainless steel. Depending on Fabtech lift kit reviews, most users find them stable to last a very long period.

Also, we find them easy to use that won’t cause serious damage over time. Not only that they have a solid body frame but also ensure 5 years of reliable warranty support. That indicates the surface and parts can be repaired and restored if any defect occurs within the period.

In contrast, BDS lift kits are made with strong steel material. They confirm good durability and resistance against scratch and rust. Also, we find them good for using on a daily basis that won’t get damaged easily.

But the brand offers a limited warranty on only wearable items. That means they won’t last a very long while with weak assurance.

The lift kits that are durable and well-made will be a good pick to use properly. Based on most users, the winner is Fabtech for its great lasting ability.

***Best Recommendation- Fabtech K1178DL Performance Lift Kit With Solid Steel Body***

The Fabtech K1178DL is designed to ride both on and off-road. It has steel 5” rear lift blocks, crossmembers, and Dirt Logic 2.5 coilovers. We find this lift kit solid against rust or decay to last longer. To sum up, it is a great alternative for Chevy and GMC 1500 trucks.

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Disparities Between The Maintenance

Giving no attention to the maintenance of lift kits will give pain in the future. When it comes to Fabtech and BDS lift kits maintenance, they will give you different experiences.

Starting with Fabtech, they are handy and convenient to use well. Besides, most people liked their simplicity and comfort of usage that doesn’t need extra care.

And, we find them light yet strong under trucks that won’t cause issues. Yet, they do need low maintenance to weekly clean the parts. Apart from that, Fabtech lift kits don’t cause a big hassle for daily riders.

On the other hand, BDS lift kits are an all-rounder and easy to use. We love their parts that are made solid to avoid trapped dirt or rock. And, they help trucks to ensure healthy fuel usage with no waste.

But, one thing a few users don’t like about them is they need higher maintenance. Other than that, we find it very efficient and high performing.

The lift kit is counted user-friendly if it doesn’t require extra maintenance or care. If we have to say one winner out of Fabtech vs BDS lift kits, then it would be Fabtech.

***Best Recommendation- Fabtech K3000MS Performance Lift Kit With Great Resistance***

With IPS tech, the Fabtech K3000MS is a perfect lift kit for daily use. It has nice resistance, stability, and functions. Most users find this lift kit good as it doesn’t need extra care. By and large, this lift kit is an affordable choice for DODGE 1500 trucks.

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Top 7 Picks

Product Name

Key Benefits


BDS 4.5″ Lift Kit
  •  Safe & Handy
  • High In Quality
Check Price
BDS 6.5″ Lift Kit
  • Lasts A Long While
  • Silent & Needs Low Maintenance
Check Price
BDS 6″ Lift Kit
  • Lifts Tires Well
  • Grants An Off-Road Feel To Use
Check Price
BDS 8″ Long Arm Lift Kit
  • Good For Ground Clearance
  • Easy To Work With
Check Price
FabtechK1150MSLift Kit
  • Simple To Maneuver
  • Effortless To Fit
Check Price
Fabtech K3086MLift Kit
  • Functional & Tough
  • Nice Finish
Check Price
FabtechK1150S Lift Kit
  • Lifts Well Even Under Loads
  • Improves Ride Quality
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Overall Thoughts

We are almost by the final chapter of this fabtech vs bds lift kit comparison. Gladly, we do have a preferable choice. But please keep in mind, both of these brands are doing pretty good based on different models. We are just trying to sum things up and pick an overall best provider that seems to be the better choice from our perspective.

And it’s the BDS lift kits we feel are one step forward than Fabtech ones. That’s because lift kits from BDS are really well-rounded options with excellent lifting capabilities and overall functioning. Also, the pricing sounds much more practical from general views. Not to mention the warranty policies they provide.

Then again, fabtech is also not an unwise choice if you are someone who prioritizes good ride quality afterward with better maintenance flexibility. So, if a lift kit from Fabtech seems really worth it to you, go for it without hesitation.


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