Ford F100 Vs F150– Which Beats the Battle?

The difference between F150 and F100 is noticeable in terms of performance output. While the F-150 can tow heavy trailers beyond 10000 lbs and cover extra miles even on unpaved roads, the F-100 is not made for such heavy-duty.

We value your time so we did hours of research to present the information you are looking for. So, this article on ford f100 vs f150 will let you know which truck can meet your requirements most.

Ford f100 Vs f150 Pickup Truck Comparison

Key PointsF150F100
Engine Typedieselgas
GVW Range6,000 lbs to around 8,000 pounds4,650 to 5,700 lbs
Tow CapacityUp to 12,000 lbsNot more than 3500 lbs
Price Range$30,000 to $80,000$3,000 to $30,000

If you think you need to know about these two wonderful models in detail, move forward as we’re going to describe the features right away:

F100 & F150- from the Origin

The Ford F-series has been serving people since 1948. For the people who want a powerhouse of a pickup truck, this series is America’s one of the favorite choices. 

Again, the F100 was initially known as F1 up until 1953 First Generation. This series lasted for seven generations from 1953 to 1983. After the 7th generation, it started to drop its popularity. 

On the flip side, F-150 has gained popularity over these 14 generations of its services. This lineup was also introduced in 1948. And they were known as the “Ford Bonus Built Tracks.” All its 14 generations have undergone changes to make them more efficient. 

External Design & Look

Because of the suspension settings, the F150 looks a little bit taller than the F100 series. Both these models have been introducing internal and external changes since 1948.

The f100 lineup introduced a sleek and modern look from the second generation. And they also featured sun visors and armrests. Its third generation came up with a four-wheel drive.

Its last generation looks squarer, and it offers five cab styles. However, compared to the F150, the 100 lineup does not present a much-modernized look.

The F150 looks more sophisticated and luxurious from the outside because of the aluminum panels and blunt hood. Also, there have been changes in the wheels. It looks family-friendly, spacious, and comfortable to seat from the inside. Its interior blocks the outside noise as much as possible.

Suspension System- The Bigger Clash

The Ford F150 is configured with heavier struts spring than the light-duty F100 suspension system. The heavier parts are necessary to limit emissions regulations from the heavy-duty F150.

It is easier to improve the ride quality of the Ford F150 with a suspension lift of 2 to 3 suspension inches. A front leveling kit or front spacer from Auto Spring or R.C. is quite efficient to do the job. 

On the contrary, it is a bit challenging to lower the Ford F100 series because of the Twin I-Beam front suspension. But thankfully, there are suspension kits like Crown Victoria and QA1 to save you the hassle. You can install the Crown Vic to lower the pickup by 4 to 5 inches. And the QA1 kits can lower the truck from 3 to 7 inches. 

G.V.W. Range

The F100 pickup has a G.V.W. range of 4,650 to 5700 lbs. So it falls under the defined class of light truck. It cannot tow the heavy trailers beyond 3500 lbs.

But the F150, with its powerful engines, is capable of hauling/towing up to 12000 lbs. Its G.V.W. ranges from 6000 lbs to around 8,000 pounds.


When it comes to pickup trucks, the best and reliable engines are a must to stand the test of time. Though both the trucks feature pretty similar engine options, there are slight differences.  

The Ford f-150 lineup comes up with 6 engine options for different performance preferences. And it has raised the bar higher with its hybrid technology. They have combined Ecoboost stalwarts with a hybrid powertrain (see also ‘What Does Ecoboost Mean?‘). It provides the most horsepower and torque to tow up to 12,000 pounds.

This complete hybrid system is available on every trim level of the latest f-150 series. Its motor doesn’t even make any loud noise when it auto stops and restarts, which is eco-friendly.

The second to the fifth generation of Ford F100 is not suitable for heavy-duty performance as their engine types are gas. But later on, the f100 lineup has introduced a diesel engine. Its standard inline six-cylinder engines are able to make around 150 horsepower, which feels trivial compared to the F150 power boost hybrid engines.


Pickup trucks are usually more expensive than cars. Even the price difference among the Ford F-series trucks is increasing. So we suggest you make some breathing room in your budget.

The advanced materials and features used in the ford f150 raptor to make it more fuel-efficient, lightweight, and versatile make it so pricey. Its latest base XL model costs around $30,635.

But the base trim 2020 ford f150 will cost you $195 less than the XL. Its Limited Super Crew model ranges from $72,000 to $80,000.

However, the sleek and durable F100 lineup is much more affordable compared to the F150 series. The fifth to final generations of the f100 ranges from $3,000 to $30,000. So, getting your hands on one of these is likely to leave you upside down financially.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between F150 and F100?

The main differences between F-150 and F-100 are in their looks, performance, and build quality. The suspension used in the F-150 is heavier, and the engine quality also differs from the F-100. The F-150 is suitable for heavy-duty, but the F-100 is not.

Why did Ford go from F100 to F150?

Ford decided to introduce a pickup in between F-100 and F-250. So, the F-100 transformed into the F-150 when the popularity of the F-100 started dropping.

When did Ford change from F100 to F150?

Ford F-150 has been in the industry for the last 14 generations. IN 1973 Ford changed from F-100 to F-150. In 1983, they stopped developing any more F-100.

What is the most desirable F100?

The Icon’s 1970 Ford F-100 from the second generation of the Ford F-100 is by far the most desirable. Mainly because of its ergonomics and durability, it gained popularity.

What year is the most reliable Ford F150?

The model released in 2018 was more durable and fuel-efficient than any other model released since the 2000s. Also, customers could configure that model as their preferences. And it could maintain gravel roads well. So, 2018 was the most reliable year.

Which One Should You Pick?

It takes several consideration to choose the best pickup truck. Especially when it comes to picking up from the Ford F-series, let’s help you know which one is ideal for you. 

If you prefer a good fuel economy and powerful ride, you should go for the ford f150. Because its rear-wheel-drive versions give a gas mileage of 25/26/25 mpg on city, highway, and combined roads, respectively. And its four-wheel-drive trucks provide 24/24/24 mpg. To break it down, this series can cover approximately 700 miles on a single tank of gas.

If you need to commute through gravel roads and constantly need a power source, then the 2020 ford f150 hybrid is the answer. Because the comparatively low-end torque makes it easier to tackle unpaved roads moreover, its hybrid battery system will power almost all high-end equipment.

Though Ford F100 cannot be ideal for heavy towing, it does a good job at delivering or transporting. And at an affordable price, it provides competent handling, better charging, power brakes, and abundant bolt-on upgrades. 

The f100 series operates quite smoothly at highway speed. And the good news is you can add a lot of horsepower with engine swaps. But of course, that requires a good amount of money and time. So, if you are with a tight budget, you should go for it. 

Hopefully, from our detailed ford f100 vs f150 comparison, you can now gather some ideas to decide your suitable truck.

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