Eskimo Fatfish 949 Vs 949i – Which One Should You Consider?

When you go ice fishing, one of the very important things to bring along is an ice fishing shelter. Finding a suitable one that obliges your specific set of needs and requirements is a huge blessing in disguise, especially if you’re a fanatic of ice fishing.

Though there are many promising options to check out nowadays, two crazy popular ones are what we’ve chosen to talk about today. To find both the good and bad of these ice fishing shelters there can be nothing better than holding a complete comparison between Eskimo fatfish 949 Vs 949i, yes these are the ones we are talking about.

Keep on reading as we’ll be helping you decide which one will be more favorable in your case.

Dissimilarities Between Eskimo Fatfish 949 Vs 949i

Eskimo Fatfish 949

Eskimo Fatfish 949i

300 Denier IceTight fabric with 59% higher thread countSolid 600 Denier material
Bag Style
30 lbs.44 lbs.
Collapsed Size
65″ x 7.5″ x 7.5″65″ x 8.25″ x 8.25″
Not insulatedFully IQ insulated to keep interior warm and cozy
Fishable Area
Have smaller fishable area compare to 949iHold large fishable area with wide-bottomed design

Our Favorite Pick- Eskimo FatFish 949i Ice Fishing Shelter All-Rounder Pick for Comfort Usage

Ideal shelter for extremely cold weather, the Eskimo 949i Fatfish is super versatile and comfortable. It is best for giving you and your family ultimate warmth and cold out to fish a long way.

Bigger Fishable Area

Fatfish 949i comes with a 61 sq feet fishable area that makes it great for fisherman comfort space. It also allows enjoying a wider and bigger space by storing chairs, fishing items, and other stuff inside.

This shelter for ice fishing also allows more than 3-4 people to join inside comfortably. It as well signified a more fishable area than other shelters in the market.

Insulated Construction

With the latest IceTight or IQ insulated fabric, this shelter gives extra support and a tightly woven high thread feel to cover up cold. It also helps to add a 35% warmer to your body inside the shelter.

The thicker insulation of fabric helps coldness to go away easily. Even if comparing Eskimo 450i Vs 949i, the Fatfish 949i shelter rocks with the finest padding in two layers.

Many Storable Space

The Fatfish 949i is designed with greater storable space to secure fishing items at ease. This shelter contains 2 doors on opposite sides and 6 ice anchors to use well. It also includes 2 ventilation and mesh pockets.

Not only that this ice fishing shelter comes with 6 A-frame windows but also offers 2 gear pockets to add accessibility.

Stronger Hub Design

Amazingly, this shelter features a PowerHub frame that ensures a tough and rough design. It is also made with a strong metal ball and socket design with larger fiberglass poles. The hub as well grants great fishing feel inside the shelter.

But wait, that’s not all. This shelter hub technology helps to create a roomy area for fishing comfort. It also helps to pop and setting up in seconds.

Firm Wind Protection

The Eskimo Fatfish 949i contains deluxe tie-downs and in-skirt grommets to grant protection against harsh weather attacks. It also makes sure solid anchoring in the windy area to fish happily.

Plus, the included unbreakable corner joints and YKK zippers are built durable to avoid flying. These parts grant great protection.


  • Easy to set up and store.
  • Lasts for a long period.
  • The bag is solid and rugged.
  • It is good for all weather.
  • The window and pockets are roomy.
  • Good for snow camping.


  • Sadly, it is slightly heavy.
  • The door zipper is fragile.

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Our Favorite Pick- Eskimo FatFish 949 Ice Fishing Shelter Get More Angling Space with This

The Eskimo Fatfish 949 features a wide bottom design that boasts over 61 sq feet fishable area to angle in frozen area. It also allows putting chairs, fishing items, and other stuff in a good space.

Good Wind Protection

Even if this ice fishing shelter doesn’t come with insulation, it features a higher thread count to defend from the chilly wind. With a tighter weave, the Fatfish 949 ensures resisting the wind and water damage.

It also helps you and your whole squad to fish fine with no breeze. This ice-fishing shelter as well helps to heat the area for fishing relief.

Easy to Setup

The Eskimo Fatfish 949 setup is quite easy and effective compared to others. While others take more time setting up the hooks, anchors, and other items, it takes 5 minutes to do so.

To fit it rightly, this shelter comes with an effective user manual for avoiding silly mistakes. This shelter also offers all the essential tools to use for setting up.


The Fatfish 949 is 30 lbs. that ensure lighter weight to travel or hold at ease. On the face of it, this shelter lightness helps greatly to store in a corner or inside the bag with no struggle.

Besides, the Eskimo Fatfish 949 dimensions are 65″ x 7.5″ x 7.5″ to simply roll or fold when traveling inside a duffle bag.

Reflective Strips

This ice-fishing shelter comes with white reflective strips in the bottom and window panels part for night visibility and security.

Maybe some people will not find interest in reflective strips but it’s handy for night visibility. It helps greatly for you to easily locate.

Strong Body Parts

Made out of solid materials, the zippers of the Fatfish 949 ensure great durability and solidness. It also ensures great security to close and open the door. Besides, this shelter contains Wall vents for controlling wind and water.

And, this shelter includes solid hubs and strips in all directions. In addition, it features a metal ball and socket design with larger fiberglass poles.


  • Simple to roll or fold up.
  • It is travel-friendly and storable.
  • The user manual is written simply.
  • It provides strong zippers and hubs.
  • Trouble-free to control window panels.
  • It is tough and convenient.


  • Unluckily, it is not waterproof.
  • There is no insulation.

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Final Thoughts on Both Ice Fishing Shelters

In the end, the serious battle of Fatfish 949 vs 949i is known by all as both hold exceptional features to use on ice fishing. Yet, we are highly impressed with the Fatfish 949i for its quality.

It’s true, the Fatfish 949 is best at a budget-friendly rate with a light-weighted design, a big fishable area, and storage benefits. For comfortable fishing with up to 4 anglers, this shelter is outstanding. However, you can get all these features in Fatfish 949i.

Thus, the Fatfish 949i includes larger fishable areas, detachable window panels, mesh pockets, and many more. Even if both shelters are good for ice fishing, still the quality & durability of Fatfish 949i is better.

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