Epson LS100 Vs ViewSonic LS820- Choose The Best Projector For You

Cannot choose between Epson LS100 vs ViewSonic LS820? We may need a projector for professional work or entertainment. But different types of projectors are available in the market nowadays.

Many people suggest many types of projectors, but we fail tochoose the best projector according to our needs.If this is the case then this comparing discussion is just for you.

So let’s take a look at the basic features of these two projectors keeping side by side.

Epson LS100 Vs Viewsonic LS820- Comparison At a Glance

Epson LS100

ViewSonic LS820

HD (1920×1200) HD (1920×1080)
Exceeds around 5000 lumens with claiming 4000 only 3500 lumens
Contrast ratio
2,500,000:1 100,000:1
Aspect Ratio
16:10 16:9
Laser light source: 20,000 hours;30,000 hours (Eco mode) Wheel light source: 15,000 hours; 20,000 hours (Eco mode)
Price Range
High Low

Our Recommended Pick: Epson LS100- Experience the Transcendent View

Why Do We Recommend This One?

The ultra-short-throw digital laser display makes the Epson LS100unique from any other projector in the market. For this reason, any shadow or glare view will not interrupt your enjoyment. You will get a complete HD picture in this Epson LS100 laser projector.

Transcendent View

If you place the projector just at a bit of distance from the wall, it will still give you a sharp image. The full-size HD resolution image will enhance your enjoyment. Epson LS100 gives the brightest image up to 10’ diagonal

Its image throw distance is about 0.4m to 0.8 m. You will get a 177 cm to 331 cm clear image by Epson LS100 home cinema laser projector.

A bright and clear image will extend your viewing experience. Image quality with outstanding laser technology of Epson LS100 touches the heart of every customer.

Laser Technology

Epson LS100 has the power of 4000 lumens for the brightest color. Even you will be able to ensure 100% color brightness by Epson LS100.

Size and Weight

With 11 kg weight, Epson LS100 is about 19 cm x 49 cm x 44 cm. So, Epson LS100is very easy to transport from anywhere.

Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio of Epson LS100 is about 2500000:1. That’s why its deep black contrast ratio is a very remarkable feature. Epson LS100 will give you a vivid color with this brilliant contrast ratio.


You will get all the single hub unitedly. The versatile connectivity allows you to connect the projector with cable/satellite, Xbox, PlayStation, etc. Very interestingly, you will able to connect this projector with your gaming devices.

At the same time, Epson LS100allows you to set up with other streaming devices.So, it provides a flexible and easy installation everywhere.

With the excellent remote control system, you will be able to control your projector remotely.

Other Features

Epson LS100 has a horizontal and vertical digital keystone. This home cinema projector will run with very little noise than any other projectors.

There is 16.0 Watts mono in internal speakers. So, it requires 448 watts’ power at 100V-240V. You will not get any optional lenses in the Epson LS100 home cinema laser projector.

Then again, the capability of 100 degrees diagonal of Epson LS100 makes your home theatre more cinematic, brighter, and marvelous looking.


Undoubtedly, Epson LS100 is a better option for gaming to business use, entertainment to educational purposes. HD and ultra short throw feature with outstanding image focusing adjustment keep this projector at the top list. However, the brightness might be noticed a bit noisy at ambient light still worth dealing with.

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Our Fellow Competitor: Viewsonic LS820- Get the Perfect Image withina Small Space

Why Should We Consider This?

The ViewSonicLS820 is excellent for a dark home theatre. It can create 150” pictures for you from only 30” distance. If you choose for entertainment and enjoyment, ViewSonic LS820 will give you perfect image quality. Here you also get a duel Integrated Speakers With 6 Segment Color Wheel.

Ambient Light Rejection (ALR) Screen

ViewSonic LS820 has an ambient light rejection (ALR) screen that can work throw a short distance. The brilliant color panel (BCP) helps create a perfect and clear image from this short distance.

That’s why you will be able to enjoy any video, image, or cinema within your little space room easily. This technology creates a 100” diagonal image from a very short distance.

The latest laser light technology makes this projector unique from any other home cinema projector.

The optional black screen increases the contrast color. This black screen also helps to reduce the fadedness of any image and increase image or video quality.

Security Features

In ViewSonic LS820, you will get a security lock slot. It means ViewSonic LS820provides the cable lock separately for you. With this security system, any other unknown person will not able to unlock your project. In this way, all your data along with the projector will remain safe.

Video Interfaces

ViewSonic LS820 provides you composite and component video. HDMI and the VGA technology make the video interfaces more engaging and acceptable.

The laser Phosphor Technology of ViewSonicLS820 will provide you an immersive experience on viewing any video. It gives the highest contrast ratio. The integrated secure MHL/HDMI port allows you to connect your projector to any streaming device you want.

Other Features

ViewSonic LS820 gives the perfectand full HD 1080 pixels’ resolution. With this projector, you can get an ultra-high contrast ratio. Even you will be able to run your favorite movie for a long time with this ViewSonic LS820 projector.

Most importantly, the dual integrated speakers attract the customer incredibly. ViewSonic LS820 is the well-equipped projector you will ever get. Accurate, stunning, and sharp image delivery is an essential feature in the ViewSonic LS820 projector.


Though the Viewsonic projector is not portable with its dynamic contrast ratio, it can give a mind-blowing image view. And the stereo speaker can help to make a home theatre with your dream home technology improvement.

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Final Words

Both the Epson ls100 and ViewSonic LS820 are most demandable in today’s market. In this situation, differentiate between Epson LS100 vs ViewSonic LS820 is very difficult. After doing so much research, we can say that most people like the Epson LS100 projector.

But if you want a projector that is reasonable in price and will possess all the features you want, you can choose the ViewSonic LS820.


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