Epoxy Vs Gorilla Glue- Choose The Strongest Adhesive For Your Gluing Project

Which one do you think is the strongest glue in the comparison of Epoxy vs Gorilla glue? The Epoxy glue offers you the strongest bonding with so many materials while with the Gorilla glue, bonding of the materials will be an easy task for you. Both also differ in application and composition.

However, each of them has some other characteristic features that make one adhesive unique and different from the other. And, surprisingly both of them provide superior performance as well as the best bond quality.

Yet, do you know what special features they have to compare? Well, let’s have a look at the complete comparison between them and grab the best one that can meet your project requirement.

Epoxy Vs Gorilla Glue- An Expeditious Comparison At A Glance

Epoxy glue

Gorilla glue

Two-part of polyepoxide reactive polymer ingredients Polyurethane
Surface Texture
Soft and flexible Smooth and hard
High shear strength Low shear strength
Hardened epoxy is much stronger Comparatively less strong
Top 3 picks
  1. J-B Weld 8297 Epoxy Putty Stick– Provides best shear strength.
  2. J-B Weld 8267 Epoxy Putty Stick-Delivers strongest bond.
  3. Gorilla All-Purpose Epoxy Putty Stick– Strong as well as versatile epoxy glue
  1. Gorilla 5021801 Glue– Multi-purpose and moisture resistant glue.
  2. Gorilla 5002801 Glue– Offers a wide variety of surface application
  3. Gorilla Clear Glue– Provides crystal clear finish.

Chemical Composition Difference Between Epoxy and Gorilla Glue

The fact that makes one glue much stronger than the other is its chemical ingredients. Therefore, before you choose the glue that is best for your project, you should know about its chemical composition.

By doing so, you can easily understand which one would be more suitable for your surface application. This is because both Epoxy and Gorilla come with different chemical compositions. Thus, you can’t use them on any surface.

Epoxy glue has two reactive polymer polyepoxide parts, one is resin and the other part is the hardener. These two epoxy parts need to be mixed together. And, once, this resin and hardener are mixed, they form a tough, durable, and strong material.

Besides, when this Epoxy glue dries it becomes much harder and offers incredible tensile as well as shear strengths. Therefore, you can use it on not only automotive but also many industrial applications. However, due to having the polymer molecule, it adheres perfectly to polyester resin surfaces.

On the other hand, the chemical component of Gorilla glue is polyurethane. This component is responsible for making the glue texture harder and also foam. It is waterproof and thus, once it dries it won’t be damaged by moisture and heat.

However, polyurethane makes the Gorilla glue as multipurpose glue. So, you can use it on a wide variety of surfaces you desire to apply.

Both Glues Have Surface Application Dissimilarity

Typically, you can use Epoxy glue as an adhesive or a coating material depending on your go-to-gluing project. Well, we have told you before that epoxy can be used for automotive and also many industrial applications.

However, along with these, you can also apply it to metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, concrete, and brick surfaces. Moreover, to coat electronics and wire sets the Epoxy adhesive works great.

But, in the case of Gorilla glue, things are different. You will find that most Gorilla glues are used for versatile surface applications.

This glue bonds perfectly with a wide variety of materials. You can use Gorilla glue on wood, foam, textile fibers, plastics, metals, sands, glass, stone, ceramics, and many other surfaces.

Besides, for small gluing, household, and building repairing projects, the Gorilla Glue is a great choice.

Gap-filling Properties Consideration of Epoxy Glue vs Gorilla

One of the most significant factors for gluing projects that most people avoid looking for is the gap-filling properties of the glue.

Both Epoxy and Gorilla glue forms a strong bond when they are applied on a wide variety of surfaces. However, due to their different chemical composition, both of them possess different structural strengths and also form a great gap-filling bonding.

The adhesive usually fills the gap between two parts and joins them together. For example, construction adhesives are intended for gap filling which reduces the time while smoothing wood surfaces.

In the case of Epoxy glue, it has a strong structural strength such as J-B Weld 8297 Epoxy Putty Stick.  And thus, it can create a super durable bond no matter if there is any angle resistance.

Epoxy glue, as others have claimed, comes in a putty form rather than a regular liquid; epoxy has the best gap-filling properties. Along with these properties, with its shear and tensile strength, the Epoxy putty works great as a gap-filler.

Therefore, it can easily fill gaps, cracks, holes, etc. And, once the glue is cured, it sands down to give a smooth coating finish.

Well, in the case of Gorilla glue, it doesn’t have much strong structural strength as Epoxy glue has. Besides, it also shares low shear strength.  Therefore, if you want to pull apart two bonded parts, Gorilla glue won’t let it happen as it will resist pulling directly. Yet, some of the Gorilla glue adds fibrous filler to enhance its shear strength.

However, to fill the gap of smooth and porous surfaces such as sanded wood surface, certain plastics, and metals, glass surface, etc. Gorilla glue is the perfect adhesive and filler.

Gorilla Vs Epoxy Glue- Ease of Use Comparison

Gorilla or Epoxy glue which do you find easier to use? Well, although Epoxy is an excellent adhesive most people don’t like to use Epoxy.

This is because, while using Epoxy glue, the resin and hardener parts need to be mixed, which is a quite troublesome task. Besides, while gluing a lot of Epoxy glue is being wasted therefore some unnecessary costs go up.

In this case, Gorilla glue has a plus point. With this adhesive, your gluing project will be much easier. Besides, with its liquid form, it helps to complete the gluing task in a very short time while also some of them provide a crystal clear finish like Gorilla Clear Glue.

Price Point Comparison of Both Epoxy and Gorilla

Both Epoxy and Gorilla are the best adhesives depending on their proper use. However, we mentioned before that they have different chemical compositions. Therefore, you will also find a difference between their properties.

In the case of Epoxy glue, it provides high shear and tensile strength and thus great gap-filling properties. Not only that but also, it features quick-drying properties. On the other hand, with low-shear strength, the Gorilla glue takes more time to cure.

So, considering their properties and bonding quality, it appears that the Epoxy glue is better than the Gorilla glue. And thus, it is considered a very expensive adhesive that costs you more than the Gorilla. Therefore, you can have Gorilla Glue at a very affordable price like Gorilla Clear Glue.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Does the Epoxy glue last forever?

Usually, how long your Epoxy glue lasts well entirely depends on the surface condition. Well, if you apply the glue on the surface properly, there’s a chance that it can last forever as the bonding quality of the glue is super strong.

How strong is Epoxy glue?

Epoxy glue is considered one of the strongest glue compared to any others available on the market. However, due to having the strongest structural length, it can form a strong bond. It is high temperature and impact resistant.
A single component epoxy has a shear strength of about 41 N/mm² approx. while the tensile strength of two-component epoxy is 20-30 N/mm² approx.

What type of Gorilla glue is expanded?

The Gorilla glue with Polyurethane component would like to expand its thickness about 3-4 times. This is because, when it cures, the glue foams and thus it expands.
Therefore, the 2-pieces should be clamped together otherwise; they will be pulled apart by the glue.

Final Verdict

In the end, it is up to you to decide which one you should choose between Epoxy vs Gorilla glue comparison. As you may already know that Epoxy and Gorilla, both are the strongest glue yet, their performance and bonding quality depend on your gluing project requirement.

However, Epoxy glue provides the strongest and also the best bonding quality with higher shear strength than the Gorilla glue. Therefore, Epoxy is considered the winner in our glue’s debate.

Yet, the Gorilla glue isn’t legging behind also as it is easy to use and provides a long-lasting and durable bond as well.

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