Delta 40 690 Vs Dewalt Dw788- Which One is Best For Wood Work?

When choosing the best scrolls out product between Delta vs Dewalt, we need to understand that both work the same, but differences lay in different brands and their quality work. However, both Delta and Dewaltcut best for making an excellent craft.

Some of the excellent wooden crafts only depend on these devices’ speeds and cutting capabilities. You can now make your choice clear by memorizing the reviews backed by experts’ choice on Delta 40 690 vs Dewalt Dw788.

The Basic Comparison on Delta 40 690 Vs Dewalt Dw788

Delta 40 690

Dewalt DW 788

90 Pounds-heavy weight 56 Pounds -lightweight.
Tilting Table Performances
Delta’s cutting performance is better than that of Dewalt. Dewalt doesn’t fit for perfect cut or angle.
Storage Capacity
Delta’s works best as they have two blades. Dewalt works better.
Manufacturer Guarantee
5 Years Three years
Stroke Length
3/4” 20”
3 inches x 20 inches x 13 inches 29.5 inches x 19.5 inches x 12.1 inches
Price range
Affordable to mid-range price Costlier than Delta

Our Competitor Pick- Delta 40-69045⁰Table Tilt Scroll Saw

Why Should You Consider This?

Delta 40-694 table tilt scroll saw made for significant characteristics and a powerful potentiality tool. We can’t deny its benefits and working capabilities. People praised it so much as it is essential to do more heavy projects. You like it for some superior features. It is easy to install and consummate for any work.

A Great Build Quality

Delta 40-690 has obtained its fame by the excellent build quality. It has a durable miter saw as you’re having a fully assembled saw during delivery time. The brand has designed the saw with the right quality materials. For this reason, you didn’t face any vibration and problems while using it.

If you’re a beginner, you should watch some YouTube videos and tutorials before cutting the paddies. To attach the table, you need to fasten and slide two bolts. It doesn’t hold any thin pieces. You can shift the machine’s blade, and it won’t return you to a non-cutting area periodically.

Variable Speed Functions

you’ll find the second behind delta 40-690 has a 400 to 1750 Spm wide array cutting application. The saw mounts adequately to the base. You didn’t need to re-drill it. The tools have quick-releases that work much, as do the tension knobs. It has minimal vibrations when working. You’ll like the stands that let you elevate the back leg giving you a better look at a cut.

An Oversized Woodworkers Table

The table is dead-flat. Delta 40-690 models have come across an oversized woodworkers table. It provides you excellent material support. And it also has bevels 0-45⁰ left and right. The flexible work light manufactures the work surface for better visibility. It has a heavy-duty all-metal stable that gives you a reliable workstation for the saw. It keeps workbenches clear for the users.

In contrast, the hole attaching to the table has perfectly aligned to the tensioner out of the box. The Delta 40-690 has a lock to hold the arm up.

Functions of Changing the Blades

Delta has the function of changing the blades rationally. Changing the arm’s blades can elevate on both saws to allow more room to put the sword through the hole in your wood for your next cut. It is a crucial device to confirm your perfect amounts.

Cutting Speed of Delta 40-690

Cutting speeds of Delta 40/690 are more sustainable than DW 788 as the scroll saw ratings are vigorous to use. The moving capacity of this tool is about 1 to 16 inches. Suppose you have a vertical plane the blade and a horizontal plane of the table. These two different things don’t match each other sometimes. The cutting speed of this model is super speedy. The tool cut better than any other scrolling saws.

Cutting Abilities

Delta 40-690 has extraordinary fixing abilities. It’s a saw that is used for great speed and deal. The cutting skills of a Delta 40-690 are outstanding compared to others.

It has a unique speed control knob. With the help of this knob, you’re able to control the switch and handle the hand too smoothly. This scroll saw has a maximum thickness capacity of 2” inches. You are not able to cut the material thicker than 2-3” inches.

The Saw with an Affordable Price

Many of us are becoming confused about whether Delta or Dewalt is the one to pick?But the budget and money minimize our wishes to buy the best products at a time.

The Dewalt is undoubtedly a top product for a professional carpenter, but sometimes you would stop for their high-end prices. But the Delta 40-690 is considerable for its affordable price you can pick yourself. It’s super light and handy. The 40 690 scrolls saw comes with a five years warranty.


Dewalt might be the versatile saw, but Delta is no less. You can find this within an affordable price range that is a good point to look at. This saw table might seem less polished mostly, but it gives you a fine cut with the ideal cutting depth.

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Our Recommended Pick- The Dewalt DW788 20 Inches Flexible -Speed Scroll Saw

Why recommend this as a first one

Dewalt is a great brand in power tools. They have provided high-quality products for years. And no doubt, DW 788 also maintains these rules. Dewalt DW 788 has an excellent 20 -inches widespread blade that features smooth cutting abilities. Again, it’ll provide full control while you’re working.

It Gives You Superior Control

The authorities designed the DewaltDW 788 with electronic switches conveniently situated right on the upper arms’ front. The on-off switches, variable speeds, sprinkle blower, and a blade tensioning lever is the most relevant features for reaching both accessibility and extreme finishing. You feel full comfort to handle the machine while working.

It will make for heavy works like 3 to 4 plywood tops and 1 to 2 plywood bottoms. It has a comprehensive ability to cut any weight of wood as anyone wished. Think if you don’t find any comfort while working so, its necessity to buy a tool like this! Dewalt includes well-furnishings and solace. That guaranteed you on this purpose.

It Has Two-Part Parallel-Joint Arm Designs

The machine has a two-part parallel joint arm design that snatched your attention. These features help to give you accurate cuts instantly. The machine cutting abilities were vibration and noise-free. It gives you more breathable work than other scrolling tools. “It is very well-built, good and solid. It has a quite impressive upper arm that would be nice, easily adapted with kits or simply workaround. I’m going to highly recommend it to others.”-said one of the users.

Dewalt DW788 Has Reduced Unnecessary Movements

The machines have come with a short arm. For this reason, this arm will pivot the saw from to and fro. As we insist, you can move it from the back to the front quickly. This ultimate feature helps to achieve a smoother and quieter finish while you’re in operation.

Hence, there you find lots of scrolling tools that kill time for changing the blade. The DewaltDW 788 offers you an exclusive tool-free blade clamp that can make coinage within a second.

 It’s Easy to Adjust for Inside Cuts

With a 2-inch depth cut, Dw 788 has promised you to provide the best cuts on wooden materials. Indeed, you’re going to be able to make innovative inside cuts with this scroll saw. The machine has no problem, such as arm lifts so that the blade can thread through your material approximately.

Cutting Speed ofDewaltDW 788

Dewalt Dw788 is a prominent feature to cut the wood at a particular size. But some reviews claimed that Dewalt is not designed the same as a scroller machine. You can move the wood at the bottom of the wood, clamp it quickly. DewaltDW comes off a high configurational design that can cut out 20-30 cutting plywood at a time.

Blade of DW 788

DW 788 scroll saw’s speed control depends on the electron variations. In that case, the scroll saw allows you to make quick adjustments towards the wood. The machine is manufactured with a high-speed blade that ranges from 4,00-1,750 strokes per minute.

The saw individually relies on a dependable 1.2-1.3 AMP motor power which anyone expected. Again, the power you need is able to vary stroke length between ¾ inches upward and downward. It takes up to 1-2 inches.


Bearing a flexible dust blower DewaltDW 788 is a versatile saw with a unique arm design. Its cutting style reduces the chances of overcutting though edges are too short. More to this, this saw is easy to handle for its variable speed control technology.

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Final Consolation

Well, I know while buying any scrolling tools of rec-known brands, we’re struggling to purchase the Dewalt or Delta. They are crucially the same tools, but we recommend the DewaltDW 788 as the first priority for its sharp blades and changing knobs.

The tool is super handy and gives you an okay atmosphere for work. Dewalt doesn’t have any unnecessary vibrations and has magnifying features. Although it was too costly, you can consider the best services behind this tool.

With a small budget, if you want a great tool, it would be wise to choose the Delta 40-690. Do your research to find out the suitable scrolling tool between Delta 40 690 vs DewaltDW 788.


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