Delta 36-725 Vs Ridgid R4512 | Guidance For Your Ideal Table Saw

If you have never used Delta 36-725 or Ridgid r4512, you must be in a dilemma about choosing. These two products cannot beat each other. Those two are pretty much similar in capability for you to be confused.

Again, before buying a table saw, one has to be very smart to considerate. Here we help you find your solution after reading the differences between Delta 36-725 Vs Ridgid r4512.

Comparison of Delta 36-725 Vs Ridgid R4512

Delta 36-725

Ridgid r4512

Blade speed
3600 RPM 3450 RPM
205 lbs 267 lbs
13 Amp 15 Amp
Cutting depth

3-1/2″ at 90 degree

2-1/2″ at 45 degree

3-1/4″ at 90 degree

2-1/4″ at 45 degree

Best Application
Medium to heavy-duty projects Not ideal for heavy-duty works
Warranty Service
5 years of warranty Lifetime Servicing
Table Dimension (Lx WxH in Inches)
27.13x 20.24x 32 46.3 x 30.6 x 37.2

Our Recommended Top Pick Ridgid R4512 Table Saw– Works Easily And More Ably

Why We Recommend This One
With lifetime durability, a wide range of size, motor capability, and much other versatile ability, Ridgid R4512 has won first over Delta 36-725. This table saw also offers you a dust management system that many of the tables saw don’t include.

Best with Weight and Size

While working with a table saw that if it keeps vibrating when cutting the materials, it is a nuisance and distracts the stability. But, when the saw is heavyweight with a large size, the saw will vibrate less, and you will find more strength in it.

Ridgid r4512 is 100% ready to fill this requirement for you. Because Ridgid is a high weight table with 267 pounds weight, also it will give a wide range table with 37.187 inches in height and 27 inches in length.

Motor Capability and Blade Speed

R4512’s 13 amp induction motor with 110v can produce speed without any load of 3450 rpm. At this speed, you can easily cut any wide range of cards or thick stock. Also, you can adjust the motor speed as per your need.

If you compare Delta 36-725 and Ridgid r4512,it is a plus point for Ridgid to have power adjustment. For this reason, Ridgid r4512 can cut soft materials like plywood or plastic too.

The Cutting Capacity

The central part about a table saw is its cutting aspect. If you are about to buy a table saw, you must check its cutting capacity. Ridgid r4512 table saw will give the materials 3-1/4″ inch at 90-degree angle and 2-1/4″ at 45-degree angle cutting depth.

However, the rip capacity for the right of the blade is 30′, and the blade’s left is 15′. Most of the table saw does not offer that much cutting depth you will find in Ridgid r4512.

Wheel Based Mobility

Sometimes we need to move the table saw according to our need. But the table saw are very heavy to move by lifting. Don’t worry, Ridgid r4512 has that moveable ability. Ridgid r4512 is heavier than delta 36-725; despite this, it is also moveable.

It is two-wheel based that is stable and easy to move. Other than this, Ridgid r4512 has a feet paddle system to move the table saw by one-step.

Fantastic with Safety Features

While working with a table saw, we must look into our safety. But most of the table saws don’t give protection features with the table that this pro-Ridgid r4512 has included. Ridgid r4512 protects with a riving knife. This riving knife is tool-free and attached to the arbor.

Dust Collector

Ridgid r4512 brought for you a dust management system. You can connect its dust port with any vacuum cleaner or dust bag because it has a 4-inch dust port compatible with a maximum vacuum.

Warranty Service of Ridgid R4512

We need to look at the warranty for the table saw before buying. Because we cannot afford a table saw frequently. When it offers you a lifetime warranty, you don’t need any second thought. Though it’s challenging to differentiate Delta and Ridgid,you can easily find it at this point. Here, the R4512 model offers the consumer a lifetime warranty.

Altogether, we can say Ridgid r4512 is the best product for the home project. You can find all your requirement on it.


  • Fine dust collector
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Motor power adjustment system
  • Stable with more power
  • Cast iron table with aluminum fence


  • Costly

Available On Amazon

Fellow Competitor Delta 36-725 Table Saw – Great With Rolling Stand

Why We Recommend This One
We have kept Delta 36-725 in the second option, but it does not mean fewer features. Delta 36-725 is best with its high motor power, zero clearance, and comparatively low price. Where Ridgid gives you high profile cutting performance, Delta can offer you some within your pocket limit.

Weight and Size

The weight of Delta 36-725 is 205 pounds. This weight makes the table saw more flexible. Delta 36-725 is 35 inches in height and 27.18 in length.

This 10-inch contractor saw provides you with light-duty work comfortably. For its low weight, you can carry it from job site to job site.

Motor Capability and Blade Speed

The Delta 36-725 can cut dense material or thick stock easily. Because delta 36-725 has a 13 amp induction motor that generates 3600 rpm. That means it can cut thick stocks without any hassle. Delta can run off a standard 120 volts outlet.

The Capacity of Cutting Materials

Delta 36-725 table saw’s cutting depth is 3-1/2′ inch at 90-degree angle and 2-1/2″ inch at 45-degree tip. At this point, we can identify the difference between delta 36-725 and Ridgid r4512. But this is very little comparatively.

Because the rip capacity of the blade is the same for both Delta and Ridgid table saw. Rip capacity for the right of the blade is 30′, and the blade’s left is 15′ inch.

Wheel Based Mobility

Delta 36-725 has two fixed wheels with a tubular stand to move the table saw. And one swivel wheel in the front to move the saw quickly; it also helps to keep stable. Delta 36-725 is the best one for your workplace. You can move it quickly at your job site despite its heavyweight.


One of the best facts about Delta 36-725 is its fence. You will find the best fence at a low price on delta 36-725. The alignment is perfect, with 0.005-inch space. You will get an accurate cut with the T-square locked rip fence with 3 stage locking options.

Warranty Service from of Delta 36-725

You will get five years of warranty on the delta table saw. Though it is less than Ridgid R4512, you cannot get everything at a low price. They provide you with five years of guarantee, but they last even more years.

Price Aspect

If your budget is low but wants a quality product, then you should go with Delta 36-725. This model table saw from Delta offers you a reasonable price.


  • Budget-friendly table saw
  • Cast-iron tabletop reducing vibration
  • Wheel mobility enhances usability
  • High motor speed
  • T-square fence with riving knife


  • The Riving knife is out of alignment

Available On Amazon

Which Should Be Your Ultimate Pick?

There are so many variations on the table saw you would find in the market. Delta 36-725 and Ridgid r4512 are two of the best products among them. But the problem is they both are best in quality that we cannot apart easily.

So we reviewed some features on Delta 36-725 Vs Ridgid r4512 for you to differentiate them. Their working quality is likely the same, but some features are different. Based on the mobility, warranty, price, Ridgid r4512 would be the best pick for you if you often need heavy-duty woodwork.

However, if your purpose is not daily high-duty working, rather on an occasional basis, go for the Delta 36-725. It comes with so many features without crossing your budget limit.


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