Clam Vs Eskimo Ice Fishing Shelter Providers – Product Comparison

When the sun is out there shining bright enough on a beautiful summer day, the fishing lovers have no trouble grabbing their gears and sitting aside the water waiting for a catch while enjoying the season.

But during the cold winter, the whole idea turns numb. But thanks to ice fishing, hardcore fishing enthusiasts still have something to do for fun. Now when you decide to go ice fishing, getting all necessary winter attire becomes a must. And the next thing you need to focus on is buying a proper ice fishing house or tent.

Today we would be comparing two of the most famous ice fishing shelter providing brands that come with some up-to-the-mark options you can surely rely on. We are talking about the complete breakdown for Clam vs Eskimo ice fishing tents or shelters. Keep on Reading…

Difference Between Clam Vs Eskimo Ice Fishing Shelter

Calm Ice Fishing Shelter

Eskimo Ice Fishing Shelter

Super durable 600 Denier insulated fabric Insulated quilted IQ or 300 Denier IceTight fabric
Number of Anglers
Not more than 2-6 people Up to 2-7 people
Fishable Area
Approximately 36-64 sq feet About 25-75 sq feet
Weight Point
Not light in weight Light-weighted compare to others
Storage-friendly & roomy 60-seconds setup and stronger hub design
Top 3 Picks
  1. CLAM 14478 C-890– 5-6 Anglers Ice Fishing Shelter With Wide Room
  2. CLAM 3-4 Person Lightweight Ice Fishing Tent– Compact &Light Option To Try Out
  3. CLAM 14475 C-360 Portable Ice Fishing Shelter– Durable Option For Long-Term Usage
  1. Eskimo QuickFish 2i Series Ice Fishing Shelter– Accessible Option For Easy Usage
  2. Eskimo QuickFish 3i Series–  Weather-Friendly Ice Fishing Shelter For Full Freedom
  3. Eskimo QuickFish 6 Series– Travel-Friendly Ice Fishing Shelter

Difference Between Clam & Eskimo Construction

The creation of an ice fishing shelter shows stability, heat retention, and comfort. If putting both Clam and Eskimo on one table, it would be different for sure.

Clam comes with quality tents which are crafted with solid 600 Denier insulated fabric compared to others. The material chosen for Clam ice fishing shelters is high in resistance against wind, water, and coldness.

On the flip side, Eskimo offers tents made with insulated quilted IQ or 300 Denier IceTight fabrics. These fabrics are versatile for reducing coolness and wind but not like Clam ice fishing shelters.

***Best Recommendation- Clam 15497 C-720 Series With Toughest Tent For Extreme Weather***

Built to last long, this Clam outdoors ice fishing shelter is weather-friendly and waterproof. It’s also made with 600D fabric to use in any climate with a more heated feel on wintery areas thanks to thick insulation.

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Dissimilarities Between Both Clam & Eskimo Space

Another big point that makes Clam and Eskimo apart from one another is the space or room. Many people like to fish with family which requires a big tent for everyone to find space rightly.

However, Clam designed tents are slightly weaker in space. The shelters from the Clam brand are good for 2 to 6 peoples to angle comfortably. But, some series of this brand offers up to 6 people.

Alternatively, Eskimo ice shelters are very good for more than 2 to 7 people with fishing items. Eskimo produced shelters offer good breathing space and comfortable wideness to fish well. And so, you want to go with one that offers more space.

***Best Recommendation- Eskimo Outbreak 650xd Series Big & Wide Tent For Up To 7 People***

With plenty of space, the Outbreak 650xd offers a 6-sided hub and lots of headroom to use at ease. It also allows 5 to 7 people to rest with heaters, chairs, equipment, and kids for fishing comfort in a wide area.

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Contrast Between Both Brands Ice Fishing Shelter Fishable Area

Basically, shelters for ice fishing will require wider space to fish by putting chairs and other stuff. Among Clam and Eskimo brands fishable areas, there is a huge gap we notice.

Clam brand comes with shelters that are capable of giving 36-64 sq feet fishable areas. This brand also ensures giving more stuff to use for angling facilities. Compared to its rival, this brand shelters lack.

Conversely, Eskimo offers shatters that contain 25-75 sq feet fishable areas which are higher than others. This brand as well focuses on wideness and storage so that one can fish inside with good areas. For that reason, most people get attracted to Eskimo.

***Best Recommendation- Eskimo Outbreak 450I Series Provides Flared & Wide-Bottom Design

The Outbreak 450I series is made to offer more fishable area for up to 75 sq feet to catch fishes. It also features a wide bottom and flared design to fish in a more fishable area comfortably. This ice-fishing shelter also provides great accessibility.

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Variation On Weight Point Between Calm & Eskimo

The weighted point actually indicates shelters ease of handling and portability. And, both Calm and Eskimo contain different weight points.

As you can guess, Clam designed many shelters that contain a bit heavier weight compared to Eskimo. But this brand offered shelters are travel-friendly for you to comfortably use and store with no hassle.

On the other hand, the Eskimo brand offers lightweight and compact ice fishing shelters. This brand also focuses on portability and easy-grip to wear at ease.

***Best Recommendation- Eskimo FatFish 949 Series Lightweight &Wide Bottom Design***

Unlikely others, the Eskimo Fatfish 949 is designed with light materials that make this ice fishing shelter weightless. It also allows good portability to fit into any oversized cinch duffle bag and travel at ease.

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Comparing Both Brands Ice Fishing Shelter Convenience

A shelter that is easy to use and setup will be perfect for ice fishing. Consequently, among both Clam & Eskimo brands, you will notice big gaps in their expediency.

Clam comes with shelters that hold great storage and rooms with wider pockets. Not only that this brand offers great storage but also ensures good functionality. However, Clam shelters do take time to setup.

Then again, Eskimo offers great design and storage in most products. This brand designed shelters are the finest in quality and take 60 seconds to assemble.

***Best Recommendation- Eskimo FatFish 949i Series With Fully Assembled And Pop-Up Design

The Eskimo 949i is a wide and stronger hub design with a pop-up design to install at ease. It as well takes only 60 seconds to set up in a wintery area. This ice-fishing shelter also offers detachable hook and loop window panels.

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Top 5 Product List of Clam & Eskimo


  1. Eskimo Evo1 Series– Heavy-Duty Ice Fishing Shelter
  2. Eskimo Evo2it Series– Easy to Install Ice Fishing Tent
  3. Eskimo Outbreak 250xd Series– Get Many Mesh Pockets with This
  4. Eskimo Outbreak 450xd Series– Trip-Proof and Solid Option to Try Out
  5. Eskimo Quickfish 3– Portable Ice Fishing Shelter


  1. CLAM X600 X Series– 6 Sided Outdoor Ice Fishing Shelter
  2. CLAM 10947 Stealth Series– Perfect For Sight Fishing
  3. CLAM 14474 C-360 Series– Lightweight Ice Fishing Shelter
  4. Clam Corporation 114270 Nanook XL– Simple & Handy Ice Fishing Shelter
  5. Clam Corporation 109710 Kenai Pro– Convenient Ice Fishing Shelter

Your Final Choice Among Both Brands

Both Clam and Eskimo brand comes with many excellent ice fishing shelters. They do offer great features and facilities but one has better functions than another.

Most people find confusion when mentioning the winner of Clam vs Eskimo. Yet, you want to go with one that offers great facilities, rooms, fishable areas and other beneficial features like Eskimo. Not only Eskimo ice fishing shelters are tough but also handy and light-weighted.

Eskimo brand made ice fishing shelters are storage-friendly and easy to usage. But that doesn’t mean, Clam brand grants bad quality ice fishing shelters. You can pick Clam ice fishing shelters as your second-best pick.

Clam provides budget-friendly ice fishing shelters that hold more rooms, flexibility, and good points. Sensibly, you want to choose Eskimo over Clam for quality. But your final decision is what matters the most, so choose wisely.


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