Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser Vs Gentle Skin Cleanser- What Is Your Skin Type?

Are you confused about choosing the best cleanser between Cetaphil daily facial cleanser vs gentle skin cleanser? Then you are at the ultimate destination to find your most desirable solution.

Cetaphil is one of the best brands in today’s market, producing the best cleanser for you. And Cetaphil daily facial cleanser and gentle cleanser both are quality ensuring cleansers.

Then, what is the difference between Cetaphil Daily cleanser and Gentle cleanser? The daily facial cleanser is ideal for oily skin. The gentle skin cleanser is ideal for sensitive to dry skin.

Here, you will get a comparative analysis between these two most demanded cleansers that will help you to judge them sincerely. So, without wasting time, let’s move on to the side-by-side comparison.

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser Vs Gentle Skin Cleanser

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser

Gentle Skin Cleanser

Skin Type
Best for combined or oily skin Best for dry or sensitive skin
It gives a healthy and refreshed skin It gives a hydrated and clean skin
Fragrance Quality
Strong fragrance No fragrance
Usage Area
Only face Face, hands, or body
Needs rinsing Needs no rinsing
Foam production
Makes foam It does not make foam
Price range
Comparatively low Comparatively high
Soap Availability
Effective with cleansing elements Soap-free formula
Number of Ingredients
14 ingredients 8 ingredients

Our Top Choice: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser– Dermatologist Recommended Non-Irritating Face Wash

Why Do We Recommend This One?

The gentle skin cleanser is a mild cleanser that cleans your skin deeply. With this excellent facial cleanser, you will not feel any irritation in your skin. Cetaphil Gentle cleanser works to nourish the skin tissues. Importantly, you can also use this fabulous skin cleanser to remove the makeup, which is not possible with the Cetaphil Daily facial cleanser.

Texture or Consistency

You will get the gentle skin cleanser in a liquid form. More specifically, this gentle skin cleanser is like gel. So, you can mention this cleanser as a lotion. The Gentle skin cleanser is not so rough. Instead, the Gentle cleanser is a soft and smooth gel.

Surely you will love this cleanser as you will get a lipid consistency in this skin cleanser. It allows you to take a little pump of Gentle skin cleanser to clean your skin.

Interestingly, you can use this Gentle skin cleanser with water or without water. If you use it without water, you have to take a little more amount of cleanser.

Performance Results

When it turns to the performance quality of the Cetaphil Gentle cleanser, it is excellent. It will not cause any irritation problems in your skin. At the same time, if you have any dehydration problems with your skin, these may also clear up. After every wash, you will get a fresh touch.

Most importantly, besides the face, you can use this cleanser to clean your hand or body. It hydrates the skin by removing dirt and pollution. The Gentle cleanser will also remove the oil from your skin.

For the non-comedogenic formula, dermatologists always suggest this gentle skin cleanser. It also gives a non-allergenic performance. So, this gentle skin cleanser will fit your skin without any doubt, whatever your skin type is.

Cleanser Making Formula

Manufacturers use mild ingredients to formulate the Cetaphil gentle cleanser. You will get this gentle skin cleanser without any soap. This cleanser has a non-irritating soft formula. That’s why it is very effective on any sensitive skin.

We know those who have sensitive skin cannot use all types of cleansers. Gentle cleanser’s ingredients are very friendly to solve this issue ever.

If you see at the label of the product, the gentle skin cleanser contains 8 ingredients. Among these, Water, Propylene Glycol, Cetyl Alcohol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is mentionable. Besides, the Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser also has Methylparaben, Stearyl Alcohol, Propylparaben, and Butylparaben.

The soft and mild ingredients balance pH to keep your skin soothe. As it does not contain any soap ingredients, it does not let your skin be dry. If you use this cleanser to remove the light makeup, you will not feel any irritation.

User-Friendly Packaging

You need not worry about the packaging system of the Cetaphil Gentle cleanser. This renowned brand will offer you four different sizes of this cleanser.

If you need a large amount of cleanser, you can go with the 16 fl oz or 8 fl oz. But if you think that you are satisfied with the small size of the cleanser, you can choose the small sizes that are 4 fl oz or the mini size 2 fl oz.

The Gentle Skin cleanser comes with a beautiful eye-catching white plastic bottle with a pump system. This pump system allows you to get your desired amount of cleanser at each time.

The tight cap of the cleanser bottle keeps the cleanser well for a long time. If you do not use it for a particular time, it will not worsen within the expiry date.

Other Great Features

The Gentle cleanser Cetaphil does not produce any foam. Also, it does not matter whether you rinse it with water or not.

Many of us do not tolerate the excessive smell or fragrance of any beauty product. Almost all companies use scent in their beauty product. But Cetaphil does not use any fragrance to this gentle skin cleanser.

As it does not contain any fragrance chemical, it does not formulate any chemical-caused problem in the skin.

Bottom Line

With a balanced pH and gently touch up to your skin, Cetaphil Gentle cleanser cleans your skin without harshening it and keeps your skin hydrated. One of the drawbacks you may find is the presence of Paraben. But its fragrance-free and harsh-free cleansing procedure help make your skin feel pampered all the time.

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Our Second Choice: Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser– Mild and Non-Irritating Formula for Oil-Free Nourished Skin

Why Should You Consider This?

Cetaphil Daily cleanser helps you to keep your skin oil-free. This cleanser is best for normal or oily skin. It can remove dirt and acne from the skin. You will get the non-irritating formula in this daily facial cleanser as the gentle cleanser.

The Daily Facial cleanser Cetaphil will keep your skin healthy and pollution-free after every wash. But it may dry the skin after a specific time.

Effective Ingredients

Unlike the gentle skin cleanser, Cetaphil Daily cleanser consists of 14 different ingredients. Some ingredients with a strong scent are mentionable here. For these ingredients, this daily facial cleanser possesses a beautiful smell.

It will leave a fresh and beautiful fragrance after every use. The Daily cleanser Cetaphil contains glycerin that keeps your skin moisturized and helps to eliminate the oil from your skin.

Foamy Face Wash Like Consistency

The consistency of the Cetaphil Daily Foaming cleanser is like the lotion. That is, you will get the cleanser in a liquid form. That’s why you need not worry about the wastes of it. You can get the required amount of cleanser before every use.

You have to only massage with the cleanser to get the best result. This gel-type cleanser easily mixes up with the skin and cleans the dirt deeply. But you must have to use this facial cleanser with water.

Performance Output

The Cetaphil Daily Foaming cleanser is an excellent cleanser for normal skin. But those who are irritated about their oily skin will get the best result from this cleanser that is not possible with the gentle skin cleanser.

So, if you have normal skin or combined skin and looking for which Cetaphil cleanser is better for acne, the Foaming Cleanser will be the best choice for you.

Simultaneously, suppose your face gets red because of the excess oil. In that case, a daily facial cleanser will work better than any other cleanser. The Daily Foaming cleanser removes the extra oil from the skin, which gives you a refreshed feeling.

With this cleanser, you can expect healthy skin. Most dermatologists suggest this cleanser to avoid any skin problem. The non-irritating ingredients do not you to feel any irritation after every wash.

Variance in Packaging

Cetaphil Foaming cleanser has 4 different size packs that are 16 fl oz, 8 fl oz, 4 fl oz, and 2 fl oz. You can get your desired size pack daily facial cleanser from Cetaphil. The protected plastic bottle keeps the cleanser well for a long time.

At the same time, the pump system of the bottle makes usage easier. So, you can maintain the ultimate hygiene with this packaging system.

Other Highlighting Facts

Cetaphil facial Foaming cleanser produces foam during usage. For this, it can remove the dirt from the deepest layer of your skin. You will get the cleanser in a white color bottle.

You will not face any rash problems in your skin with this cleanser. But you have to rinse while you use the cleanser. For this purpose, you can use only a cotton pad or soft tissue.

Suppose you compare Cetaphil daily facial cleanser vs gentle foaming cleanser for a total cleansing. In that case, the Daily foaming cleanser is suitable for removing dirt, oil, and even removing makeup.

You will never get the pores clogged for the mild ingredients of the Cetaphil daily Foaming cleanser does. The excellent formula of the Cetaphil daily foaming cleanser balances the pH also. For all these reasons, you can use this cleanser on a regular basis.

Bottom Line

For oily and acne-prone skin, nothing is beneficial than the Cetaphil Foaming cleanser. Many a time, dermatologists suggest this cleanser for oily skin. It will not clog your skin pores, and neither does it make the skin feel any itchy. Also, the valuable part is it is much budget-friendly than the gentle cleanser.

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Final Verdict

You surely want to choose the best one between the Cetaphil daily facial cleanser vs gentle skin cleanser according to your skin type. Though these two cleansers are almost the same, we find some main differences after a lot of research.

After this decisive comparison, we can say that both contain hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic ingredients that neither leave any chance of irritation nor let the pores become clogged. Though the Gentle cleanser is a little expensive, it will be the best one for those who possess sensitive skin.

But if you want a less costly cleanser that can remove oil, you can choose the Cetaphil Daily Foaming cleanser.


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