Cattleman Bumper Vs Ranch Hand Bumper – Which to Protect Your Car?

Hasn’t it been so challenging to protect your car while the Cattleman bumper vs Ranch Hand debate seems to be hovering all around?

No one is perfect, and so it can’t happen that your car never has to deal with an unwanted hit. But you can, of course,give her protection with the robust and sturdier bumper, no matter it’s a hit from another car or wilder attacks. Ranch hand has always been rendering this very well, but recently Cattleman has added its name to the list.

So, what is the significant difference between Ranch Hand and Cattleman? Undoubtedly, Ranch Hand is the legend, but Cattleman is winning over trust for some of their innovative safeguard for the car engine like the Cattleman Bullnose series.

However, the Ranch Hand Legend Series bumper for Ford trucks is a gem to protect your car engine. Well, this is not the end. So, have a visit to the complete comparison for a better buying idea.

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  • Customized look with superior powder coat finishing
  • Punch plate grill is corrosion resistant
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Cattleman Bumper Vs Ranch Hand Bumper

Cattleman Bumper

Ranch Hand Bumper

Black, Glossy powder coat finishing most Black, matte powder coating
Comparing Weight
Lightweight but sturdy Durable & heavy
Standard & wild Sleek design with charm look
Categories for the Front Bumper
It comes in 4 series- Bullnose, Diamond plate, Pipe & Smooth Steel series. It comes in 4 series- Legend, Midnight, Sport, Summit.
Categories for the Rear Bumper
It has 3 rear series- Dually wrapped, Pipe series & Smooth Steel series. It comes in 2 different series for the rear- Sport & Legend series.

Now, take a sip of the detailed flow of Cattleman Bumper and Ranch Hand bumpers. Listen, you will find some selective bumper recommendations also.

Comparison Between Material & Engineering

If you place the Cattleman bumper on one side and the Ranch hand on the other, you find both sturdy and heavy enough to tolerate and handle extreme hit or pressure.

As you can see, the renowned brand Ranch hand brings some quality bumper series made of black metal with powder coating finishing. And in one of the summits in 2020, Ranch Hand bumper has showcased some wondering facts about their bumper handling critical hit. People have witnessed the bumper remain safe and sturdy even after hitting brutally with the metal axle.

On the other side, the cattleman bumpers also claim to be durable enough with solid welding of the bead. Most of the bumper steel comes with black glossy finishing with powder coating for a long life span.

***Our Best Recommendation for: Ranch Hand Bullnose Series– Legend Bumper with Pre-Runner for Dodge

It is a full-width bumper with complete coverage. The bullnose brings a classy look to the car, and the right fit gives no hassle of mounting.

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Differences In Front Bumper Types

Cattleman has 3 different types of front bumpers. Cattleman named them as Cattleman Bullnose series, Diamond plate series front bumper, Pipe series, and the Smooth Steel series front bumper.

The Bullnose series bumper comes as a full front-end replacement. The styling is the pipe series style and pre-runner type wrap-around module. You can keep your truck’s factory lights with this bumper installed and mount with the factory 2 hooks.

The diamond plate series AKA D-plate of Cattleman has the heavy gauge steel entirely welded joints to protect your car’s front end with more security and sturdy protection. More to this, it comes with a punch plate screen design on the top where two vertical bars on the center increase the defense mode. However, the winch mounting option or the receiver hitch features are available with heavy protection to the headlights.

Finally, the Smooth Steel series bumper does not include any punch screen but robust with a CNC laser cut with the 7 gauge outer shell engineered to the last. Here, you get a recessed light pod on 2 sides and around 1”thick chain mounting system for better protection.

Now, let’s move on to the Ranch Hand bumpers. It also has 4 different series of bumpers. And each has a different name and aim to mount. They are- the Grille Guard series, Bullnose series, Winch/Sport series, and the most recent Midnight series with a huge response.

The Grille Guard series of Hand Ranch bumper is quite similar to the Cattleman D-plate series. Here you also get 3 different types with different positioning styles of the punch screen. And all of the Grille Guard series bumpers come with either 2 vertical or 2 horizontal bars for added protection.

The next type is the Bullnose series, where you can find almost similar to the Cattleman Bullnose, though it’s not the same. The Bullnose series front bumper of Ranch Hand is more robust and more substantial than the Cattleman Bullnose. These types are ideal to use for heavy-duty trucks and cars. Most of them do not come with receiver winch.

Finally, the Winch-ready series where the bullnose is an optional part. Here you can get the beneficial receiver winch that is the more significant gain. However, the Midnight series bumper of Ranch hand comes w/o Grille Guard with more tire clearance. That is why the Midnight series with a dark world theme is getting more popular.

***Best Pick for: Ranch Hand Legend Grille Guard– Ideal Safety Fit for Chevy Trucks

It is a lightweight featuring bumper with a grille guard that exceptionally protects the heavy-duty car’s parts. 3A metal used here eliminates vibration maintaining the factory tow hooks.

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Ranch Hand Vs Cattleman Rear Bumper Gaps

While looking for the bumpers, we should not focus on the front-end protection only. Don’t forget; your car can be hit from the back or get clashed by any parking stoppage.So, think about the rear safeguard also.

Both Cattleman and Ranch Hand have some splendid rear bumper sets offering complete protection. Cattleman rear bumpers come with 7”, 8”, and 10” rear drop and the stock receiver in the most. Most of them are made of 40-steel pipe.

Conversely, the Ranch Hand rear bumpers are almost the same as the Cattleman bumper design. Cattleman gives you the option of two different categories of rear bumpers. One is for the P series or LT series of light trucks with ½+ tons, and the other is for the ¾+ tons of heavy-duty trucks.

***Best Recommended for: Fey Deluxe Chrome Rear Bumper– Ideal for Ford with Towing Capacity

This rear bumper is just perfect for the trucks that often tows around. And additional space keeping helps in protecting the back. On top of this bumper is backed by 3 years of warranty.

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Mounting Facilities & Ease of Installation

Cattleman offers some sturdy and heavy bumpers with a black glossy finishing touch. It makes the bumper corrosion-proof. However, the Diamond steel material used on the D-plate series presents some sturdy metal safeguard for your car.

Similarly, the Ranch hand has the authentic Midnight series that gives the highest protection to your car. Either you go off-road or face the deer most often or want to avoid sudden braking damage; Ranch hand bumpers will always stand as a safeguard. And it won’t let a single scratch come to the car.

For headlight and taillight or even fog light accessibilities with full protection coverage, both Ranch Hand and the Cattleman have some awesome bumpers with different vehicle mounting fit and options available.

Oh, another essential thing is you can get both w/o grille guard bumpers from the Ranch Hand Midnight series, whereas the Cattleman bumpers don’t offer such rather, you have to buy them separately if you want to add.

Comparison With Other Features

You will get some additional features, such as the factory hitch or added hitch, depending on the vehicle model. Cattleman rear bumpers offers a 1” shackle mounting option and tag lights for the Toyota. The heavy gauge steel gives a sturdy bumper.

In contrast, the Ranch Hand Midnight series comes with some extra beneficial points that might cost you extra bucks, but it will be worth it for sure at the end of the day.

Final Verdict

This is the time for making one winner win the clash of Cattleman bumper vs Ranch hand bumper. We have tried to present a side-by-side comparison here with a clear view to choose the right pick for greater protection.

If you are brand conscious, then undoubtedly it’s a yes for the Ranch Hand. However if you want to try within an affordable price range for your light-duty trucks, then the Cattleman is not far behind in features.


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