Halo Projector Headlights Vs Stock – Which Enlightens Your Way More?

What enlightens more with a vivid view from halo projector headlights vs stock reflector type? Squeeze out the gist now with a side-by-side comparison.

Since the invention of projector headlights, stock reflector types seem to be backdated. But there is a saying that old is gold, and so people don’t choose to leave the stock headlights- the reflector ones with highlighting preferences.

So, what’s the difference between Halo projector and stock reflector headlights? Factory stock headlights come with a single beam design and user-friendly bucks. Contrarilythe halo projector gives you an enhanced focus with single beam light.

For example, the DNA Motoring Halo projector lights with black housing give a stunning look, a clear view too.But the battle still goes on for stock reflector type. Want to know why? Read this comparison with showcasing the highlighted points of the two.

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Halo Projector Headlights Vs Stock Reflector

Halo Projector Headlights

Stock Reflector Headlights

It takes up more space. Smaller in size needs less space.
Beam Type
Single or dual beam Single beam only
Focusing Capacity
More focus Less focus
Very sharp with cut-off edges Scattered
Brighter going far Average
Price Range
Bit pricy Cheaper

Disclose all the differences between these two headlights and decide which you think should go for. Oh, some crazy demanding recommendations are awaiting ahead.

Appearance And Casing

If you are still thinking about what are projector headlights then, let’s clear your basics first; later on, continuing with the differences.

Projector headlights stand for the housing with halogen molecular-based light- where Argon and Nitrogen gases are trapped inside the light housing with a tungsten filament. When the filament comes in contact with the electric source- the vehicle’s battery, it ignites with its maximum heat production, resulting in the light beam outside.

Halo LED Projector headlights are sleek and simple to look at but brighter in the long run. They take more space than the stock LED bulb headlights but are effective though. Since 1980, the use of this halo projector light has been increasing with time. It was first used in luxury vehicles only, but it became increasingly popular for beneficial features.

And the stock headlights of different vehicles mostly come with the standard LED reflector light. Almost all the vehicles from older to new come with the reflectors type of headlights. This type is much smaller in size comparing to the projector lights. Also, it takes less space either for the brake light or under the bumper (see also ‘What Are Bumper Covers?‘).

Both projector and reflector headlight bulbs come in cup-shaped or bowl-shaped steel with a mirror that works as a reflector. And some aftermarket reflector headlights like the Torchbeam reflector for Silverado exactly replaces the stock.

Light Source Between Stock Reflector and Projector Headlights

In the standard stock headlights-the reflectors, the light bulb (LED or Xenon HID or Halogen) is placed in the middle of the spherical housing with the headlight reflector cup. The multiple mirrors in the housing work as the reflector and scatters light.

Unlike the reflector headlights, the projector headlight has the same reflecting mirrors. There is a lens that centralizes the light sources into a point. Here, to understand this, think of a magnifying glass; it consolidates light rays and creates a thin and more focused light source.

Similarly, in a halo projector headlights, the lens works to focus the light sources in a point and provide a more even and precise enlightenment that you don’t get in the stock lights.

In Terms of Brightness

As we know, the Projector headlights come with an additional lens (also known as condenser lens) that helps to enlighten with a brighter light source. The brightness here depends on another thing that is the solenoid inside the projector lights.

Yes, the solenoid helps to benefit you with either a single beam or dual-beam light source resulting in a high or low beam light. For this part of the projector lights, you can get rid of blinding the drivers at night ride that many get with the stock LED reflector headlights.

Moreover, here you get a cut off shield also. It gives a finely sharp cut off edges light towards down the roads and a brighter edge up to a longer distance. For example, the Recon super-duty halo projector headlights for Ford give a much brighter output than the stock lights.

Well, in the stock headlights, you don’t get this type of benefit. Instead, most of the stock lights seem to scatter the light source. While analyzing for this comparison, we have heard about lots of cases of the stock LED reflector headlights that are too bright to blind the drivers.

Also, most of the reflectors come with a single beam light source only. So, in the case of brightness, halo projector headlights win over the stock headlights.

Usage & Maintenance

As the halo projector headlights are relatively bigger and take more space than the stock reflector lights, it takes more time to install than the reflectors. Yes, it can give you a brighter beam of light, no doubt, but it takes more time to install also.

On the other hand, the reflector headlights are compact and come in the standard size of all types of vehicle’s suit. These are relatively easy and quick to install.

Earlier, the stock headlights used to come as such that you can’t change the bulb in case of bulb fuse. Rather, you had to replace the entire headlight housing. But now, both the stock LED headlights and the projector lights’ bulb is replaceable without replacing the casing.

Nowadays, the hybrid headlights come with both halo projector and the reflectors like the Anzo black headlight with reflector for Nissan is quite popular among the riders.

In terms of maintenance and ease of installation, LED reflectors beat up in comparing halogen projector headlights Vs LEDstock reflectors.

Price Differences

Halogen projector headlight uses halogen creating intensive energy that results in brighter headlights. And so, the price is higher here. However, these lights also consume more power than a stock reflector headlight bulb.

On the contrary, if you consider a stock reflector, it will cost a very minimum. Also, it consumes less power as the light bulbs create a bit less energy need less power. The Gohati Parking Reflector Headlights for GMC come within a reasonable price range.

Top 3 Best Stock Replacement Reflector Lights

1. Autosaver88 Reflector Headlight– Chrome Housing Light for Dodge Ram

This reflector headlight comes with OEM quality high-grade ABS plastic material that ensures the light’s durability and weather resistance. Easy to bolt-on style makes it fast and easy to install within minutes. For those who are looking for quality within reason, it is an ideal pick.

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2. Spec-D Tuning Reflector Headlights– Pair of Lights for Dodge Ram

It has clear LED lenses that give brighter enlightenment. And the best thing is these headlights come after many quality tests (SAE & ISO certified) to ensure durability quality. Of course, these headlights are easy and quick to install.

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3. DWVO Replacement to Stock Headlight– Dim Alternator for Chevy & Chevrolet

These headlights come as the alternator to yellowish or dim headlights. The more exact lens provides brighter dim enlightens the way brightly. And the lights are weather-sealed so, no tension for fogginess or smokiness in the lights.

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Top 3 Best Halo Projector headlights

1. Amarilite Projector Headlights– Direct Replace for Chevy & Suburban

It is a great fit for replacement headlights that come with weather-sealed technology. They make the road quite bright and easy to install with the factory harness.

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2. DNA Motoring LED Halo Projector Headlights– Brighter with Both High & Low Beam

These headlights are very easy to install though the other projector lights need time. The H7 bulb works with a low beam, and the H1 bulb works for the high light beam. No extra wiring and cutting needed headlights are brighter on the road.

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3. Spyder Projector Headlights– OE Quality Lights for Chevy & Silverado

These are OE and ISO certified headlights that you can directly install to replace your stock LED headlights. H1 bulb works both in low and high beam lighting. And the damn impressive look gives your car a dashing look.

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What Will You Choose?

To sum up the battle of halo projector headlights vs stock headlights, we can suggest you go with the headlights that meet your demand. Both the halo projector headlights and the stock reflector headlights are quite brighter with specifics except for minor differences in brightness.

Halo projector headlights come with an extra lens and solenoid for quality brightness and single to the dual-beam. And the reflector headlights can offer brightness with a single beam and kind of scattering the light.

However, people mostly go for the reflector for its less power consumption and cheaper price range. Now, what your demand and budget let you go? Decide now after reading this comparison.

Moreover, nowadays, a reflector to projector conversion has been easier so, you can opt to choose for any time you want.

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