Anzo Vs Morimoto F150 – Which Headlight Will You Put on Ford?

Morimoto has changed the game for Ford truck lightning systems. But Anzo is still getting the preference. Then what is ideal to puck from Anzo vs Morimoto F150 headlights?

Stay with us till the end.We will share some explicit scenarios of these two headlight housing brands to make you take your choice correctly.

Let us do the research done for you and present you a one on one comparison. And by the end of this writing, you can be very sure of these two headlights and make your move for the right headlight housing for the Ford truck.

Comparison of Two Game Changers- Anzo Vs Morimoto F150

Anzo Headlights

Morimoto Headlights

Focusing Beam
Average focusing beam varying model Premium with dedicated high beam and low beam based on different models
A bit outdated appearance Premium, upgraded look
Light Type
HID, Hybrid LED projector, Crystal, switchback,chrome LED Projector with built-in LED, XB LED side mirror light, License plate light, ELite, HID
Lightning Performance
Better Top-notch quality standards than Anzo
Price Point
Good price range Double the price than Anzo
Top 3 Picks
  1. Anzo USA Crystal Chrome Light: High-Tech Euro Style Replacement
  2. Anzo Clear Ambered projector: C- Plank Style LED Light
  3. Anzo USA Projector Headlight: Stunning Looking Halogen Compatible Light
  1. Morimoto XB Projector Fog Light: Wear & Tear Resistant Light
  2. Morimoto XB Hybrid Headlight: LHD Pattern Headlight
  3. Morimoto XB Hybrid LED: DRL Headlight for 09-14 F150

Let’s disclose all the beneficial features of Morimoto and Anzo headlight housing. And to bang your search, some headlight recommendations are aided.

Comparing The Light Type

Both Anzo and Moritmo offer headlights, taillights, signal lights/parking lights, and driver seat 3rd braking lights. Anzohas an exclusive option to choose from a quality range of LED lights, Halo projector, HID, and Xenon lights.

Anzo has the C planks and sometimes comes with U-bar headlights also that can differentiate them from the Morimoto lights. However, some of the Anzo models are directly replaceable for OEM headlight housing.

Conversely, the Morimoto LED F150 has some of the upgraded performance light, such as the first and second generation of XB Hybrid LED headlights that are projector type. However, Osram Les of 5000K, HID lights or Xenon light, Halogen, projector, and even typical reflectors are available. Morimoto provides superior quality headlights with time to time upgrade.

***Best Recommendation for Morimoto XB LED Projector– Fog Light with Powerful Performance

It has 3 Philips Luxeon T-LEDs that is so powerful. It can produce a super-wide beam pattern, and IP67 certification for water resistance makes it a premium choice.

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Comparison Of Headlight Engineering

Among Morimoto and Anzo, Morimoto comes with an upgraded level of engineered housing. High—impact Polycarbonate material makes the headlight housing UV resistant. And some of its model, like the XB Hybrid LED light, has been made with PPS plastic that makes it firmly durable and lightweight featuring casing.

Oh, the 2nd gen of Morimoto XB LED has the cast Aluminum powder coating that is useful for heat-sinking capacity. Also, the IP67 waterproof design lets you take it anytime without worries for frequent replacement.

On the other side, the Anzo lights are engineered in Taiwan using CAD/CAM technology. You get both black and white housing designs with a killer look. The C-plank styling with a C-strap switchback gives a clean and cool look to the truck. And the premium dark or black theme of housing changes the outlook on the truck. Besides, some models with a U bar makes a visible difference in the outlook.

However, the projector headlights are entitled to special LEDs to accomplish that distinct light with minimal power consumption. Anzo headlight’s killer look is sometimes annoying to some users as it is visible even when the lights are off at night. And this does not impact the quality anyhow.

***Best Recommended for Morimoto XB LED Taillight– Replacement OEM Halogen Lights

This is an amazing looking light that can change the look of your Ford truck. Super easy to install. Also, it gives brighter enlightenment.

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Visibility Difference For Anzo & Morimoto

Anzo introduces an innovative lineup of premium-quality lights and lighting components with 35 years of manufacturing experience. The Anzo utilizes CNC technology to recreate lights and lighting accessories in the development, testing, and manufacturing of automotive lighting parts that are both stylish and affordable.

Most of the Anzo’s projector lights come with white color Halogen bulbs. It is a high-powered LED light with dual-beam technology included. And H1 lower beam and H7 higher beam creates a perfect viewing appearance.

The smoked light that other non-branded headlights might have is a worry-free option here with Anzo. However, the noticeable part is most of the Anzo light bulbs are CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) type.

Contrarily, Morimoto Hybrid LED Projector has some premium options to go with. You find Morimoto lights with DRL LED and Amber LED DRL feature that you can use as the turn signal light. Morimoto uses Osram up to 5500K pure white LED around 1200l Lumen of intensity.

In the Morimoto LED projector lights, the dual-beam is backed by quad Kuria projector LED for low beam and Bi-LED for high beam facility. The 4 Kuria projectors increase the lighting by 200% more output and make it fog-resistant.

Moreover, the best part is in the 2nd gen of XB LED, and the light is switch on with 2 staged warm-up system as the European hypercars do. You will enjoy a wider and brighter view without any fading, yellowing, cracking, or even oxidizing that the laser optics may do.

***Best Recommended for Anzo USA Projector Headlight– Industry Leading Halo Lights

This headlight has a prominent look with a game-changing black housing appearance. This plug n play type headlight can be installed within 30 minutes only.

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The difference In Certified Compliance For Security Reliability

The certification from different group builds up the reliability for a security comfort. Anzo comes in the market after following almost 100% street legal standards of local, regional, and international, including ISO 9002 and QS 9000, German T.U.V. quality assurance.

In accordance with the safety reliance, AnzoUSA headlights come to the market after going through several tests such as the temperature and humidity, rain and water, salt and dust, vibration and abrasion, etc. In comparison, the Morimoto comes with IP67 water resistance assurance.

However, Morimoto and Anzo are compliant with the US DOT (Department of Transportation) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s FMVSS108 laws. Sadly, the fog bulb of Morimoto fog light F150 is not compliant with the DOT.

For the testing lab facilities with economical equipment Anzo has stayed a benchmark in the aftermarket industry that manufactured top-notch lighting components unmatched in variation and duration. Aside from various headlights, the Anzo Third Brake Light is also a suitable replacement for your stock components.

***Best Recommended for AnzoUSA Chrome Amber Light– C Plank System Projectors

It is a high-quality standard-compliant projector headlight with a switchback C strip. The innovative manufacturing technology and several approval standards keep it at the top choice for the Fort truck.

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Ease Of Installation

AnzoUSA and Morimoto lights are easy to install, no matter if you are replacing the stock lights. Some Morimoto LED comes with an in-built LED bulb that might give you a headache if you are looking for the bulb replacement only.

Both brands offer lightning stuff that needs no additional harness or wiring, except the Anzo fog lights or tail lights might need some.

Morimoto comes with 5 years of warranty. On the contrary, Anzo USA lights come with only a year of warranty for any manufacturer defects.

***Best Recommended for Morimoto XB Hybrid LED Headlight– Performance Replacement with LED DRL

This LED light is approved by DOT standards and backed by 5 years of warranty service. Polycarbonate lens with UV coating lengthens the lifespan of this light.

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Pricing Gap For Anzo & Morimoto

The price is the point where people might get stuck to go ahead with. Anzo has created a benchmark for its top-notch components with the least and economical manufacturing technology. For this reason, Anzo headlights give a standard quality with an affordable price list.

In the case of Morimoto, it always stays updated and offers something premium quality. You get the classic look within a simple design in Morimoto lights. It’s an unbeatable brand when looking for aftermarket lightning stuff.

***Best Recommended for Anzo USA Third Brake Light– Best Pick for the Money

It is easily installable for the F150 stock lights. SAE compliant light is engineered with maximum user benefits with pragmatic usability.

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Top 5 Picks from Anzo USA

  1. Anzo USA Third Brake Light: LED for Aftermarket Replacement
  2. Anzo USA Tail Light: Red/White Color Light in Black Housing
  3. Anzo USA Halo Projector: Innovative Side Marker & Parking Light
  4. Anzo USA Crystal Chrome Light: High-Tech Euro Style Replacement
  5. Anzo Clear Ambered projector: Plank Style LED Light

Top 3 Picks from Morimoto

  1. Morimoto XB LED Light: Amber DRLLight for OEM LED
  2. Morimoto XB LED Tail Light: Smoke Light Replaces Halogen
  3. Morimoto XB Hybrid Headlight: Top Class OEM Replacement
  4. Morimoto Type T XB Fog Light: Powerful LED Projector
  5. Morimoto XB Hybrid Headlight: Replacement for OE Incandescent Trucks

What Is Your Final Pick?

Think twice before making one the winner. Choosing from Anzo vs Morimoto F150 lights can be challenging if you didn’t know the real facts in between them.

Through this total comparison output, you can decide which one is to brighten your Ford truck viewing experience. Both come with top-notch design and quality, but there have significant differences to differentiate.

Anzo economically offers real-time service with its affordable stuff, whereas Morimoto products are designed to build with a premium feel. If you need a budget pick, Anzo is the best with quality assurance. However, some find Anzo headlights appearance a bit outdated.

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