Tesla White Interior Vs Black: Should You Go For Lighter Or Darker Interior?

Which Tesla interior is the best? White and black interiors both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Interiors in white Teslas are softer and more opulent than interiors in black Teslas. A black interior, on the other hand, is standard. So, the finest Tesla interior is always determined by the person that uses it.

When you go for ordering your Tesla, you will always get options between black and white interior. So, it can be a confusing decision to choose between Tesla White Interior Vs Black.

If you are in a dilemma about which Tesla interior you should go for in your Tesla white interior Vs black model or any other model, our guide should help you decide.

Tesla White Interior Vs Black: Key Differences

 Key FactorBlack InteriorWhite Interior
Hand feelTraditional leather feelSoft like pillow
PriceStandard packageHigher
MaintenanceEasy cleaningRequires special cleaning
Material TypeVegan leatherVegan leather
Seat TemperatureIt becomes hotter under sunlightIt remains cool even under sunlight

The two most common options for Tesla interiors are white and black interiors. Model 3 from Tesla is one of the most famous models of it, and not to our surprise, tesla white interior model 3 was one of the highest sold cars.

But, which interior is the perfect choice for you? Read below to know more.

Comparing the Color Burning Clash

Some people like the white interior, and some like black. But, there is something unique about Tesla’s white interior. It also appears to be rather lovely. The seats are in excellent condition (see also ‘How To Remove Seats From A Car‘). There’s no doubting that a white interior adds a level of refinement to an already refined premium vehicle.

The white is available in two colors: basic white and cream. It adds a touch of elegance to the vehicle’s overall appearance, making it stand out.

On the other hand, the black interior has the stylish aesthetic that dark leather is known for. Furthermore, for many people, black is always elegant and fashionable.

Best Usability

Tesla recommends a white interior over a black interior because black absorbs more heat in direct sunshine. It is also supposed to be stain-resistant. However, it is still more prone to dirt and debris than the black inside.

When it comes to black interiors, direct sunshine makes them warmer. However, it is less likely to attract dirt.

Interior Difference

Many people often feel annoyed with the white interior, and it is mostly because white surfaces tend to get dirtier. But, the white interior is much superior to the black interior. Both of these interiors are made from Vegan leather, but the feel is what makes them different.

White Tesla interiors are softer and more opulent than black Tesla interiors, and they were designed to be even softer, making your seat more comfortable in every aspect.

We’re not saying the black inside isn’t plush; it is and also has a quality feel to it. However, the feel is more like traditional leather, with nothing unique.


Tesla never puts low-quality materials inside their car. No matter what finish you are choosing for your interior, both of these finishes are made from quality vegan leather.

Thus, you can stay assured that whether you go for a white interior or black, they won’t get damaged easily and will serve you for many years.

Maintenance Difference

The white interior can get stained due to blue jeans, which means the blue color of jeans can stain the seats. Also, white materials attract more dirt. So, the white interior requires more maintenance than the black interior.

But, with a black interior, you will be saved from extra maintenance as it is very easy to clean, and it gets less dirty in the long run due to its darker color.

Any Price Difference?

The white interior is a premium package, so you will need to pay more if you want it. But, the black comes as a standard package.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Does the white interior get dirty Tesla?

We did a few tests on the tesla model 3 white interior 2021 and also on the black interior, and we saw that it is more sensitive to stains and will get dirty more often. The same can be said about other Tesla models with white interiors too.

Is black or white interior better?

White interiors are much softer, and you will need to pay extra for them. So, to compare tesla model 3 black with white interior, the white interior costs more, the same applies to other models like model S, Y, etc.

Do Tesla white seats stain?

Yes, Tesla’s white seats do stain more than the black seats. The white seats can also get stained from jeans.

Are black car interiors hotter?

After a few hours, the black interior will get somewhat hotter, but just a few degrees. A light-colored interior, on the other hand, will be significantly cooler.

Who makes Tesla interior?

Most of the interiors for Tesla are manufactured by China’s Yangfeng Company. It is a well-known firm that manufactures dashboards, door panels, and consoles for automobiles and trucks all around the world, and it has significant roots in Michigan.

What Should Be Your Pick?

Tesla white interior vs black, which should you choose? Before choosing the perfect interior for your Tesla, consider a few factors before choosing the perfect interior. The white interior does look more classy and has a soft pillow-like feel to it. But, do keep in mind that you will need to pay extra for it.

On the other hand, the black interior comes as a standard package and is also made from vegan leather; it feels soft too but doesn’t have that elegancy as compared to the white interior.

Hence, if you ask our opinion, we will suggest you get the white interior. Since you are already buying the car for so much money, it wouldn’t hurt to pay extra for this great addition.

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